Sunny and Warm

I love crazy Virginia weather.  One day the high is 22 degrees, and a few days later we hit 60.  Larkspur and I had a really nice afternoon explore and the air was literally buzzing with honeybees doing the same:  just what we all needed.  Larkspur picked up a praying mantis egg case and carried it home.  We may bring it inside this spring and let them hatch in an aquarium.  We always have lots of these in our yard and garden, but I don’t think we’ve ever brought one inside.  Watching the babies literally pour from the case is pretty fantastic if you go for that sort of thing! (there’s a pretty cool photo of a praying mantis egg case hatching in this post.)

I hope you all had a nice weekend!


  1. Oh Ginny, I love these pictures! They show all the beauty of winter mixed with early spring. The soft colours, the delicacy of dry weeds and the noverbal harmony of cat and girl. You make me smile. I came to you through Caro from Naturkinder who takes part in your Yarn Along and have been a silent reader for a while. Thank you for sharing your life and thoughts! Lena

  2. I really like the tunic and leggings she’s wearing. Maybe it’s because I love kangaroo pouches. The weather in Canada (Southwestern Ontario) has been weird. It’s like spring today but will get back down to freezing temperatures in the next few days. Craziness.

  3. beth lehman says:

    this is exactly why i love virginia, too. sunday was just brilliant. also, my first year of teaching a student brought in a praying mantis egg case unbeknownst to me….. until the middle of winter!!

  4. I love the pictures with the black cat. 🙂

  5. What a treasure this blog will be to your kiddos when they grow up! I think that every time I come by. Beautiful pictures, as usual, Ginny. And as usual, it makes me want to move to your part of the country!

  6. Your backyard is so great! I loved seeing the praying mantis babies!!!! Thanks so much for posting that. Once we had a huge praying mantis who lived on a morning glory vine that went from our stoop roof to the ground. We stood at the window and watched him everyday. Or her. Those big eyes seemed to be conversing with us. I have never seen a nest or babies though. So cute!

  7. Oh she is growing up so fast! We had warm temps here in PA and it was crazy! I was ill equipped for my visit with my sister and ended up borrowing spring jackets and umbrellas for a city outing 🙂

  8. we had that same crazy weather last week… praying for you daily.

  9. Lucky you…for the beautiful weather. Also, beautiful pictures as always. I enjoy reading about your families adventures. I have three children of my my own , who keep me quite busy…winter weather can be hard when your stuck inside. You’re lucky to get out this day.

  10. This reminds me so much of my childhood 50 years ago except that would have been my dog, Sandy.

  11. Fun praying mantises! My mother always told us the same story whenever we brought one home – when she was young, she found one and took it into school for show and tell, where it hatched that day, filling the whole room with little bugs and hysterical children!

    Have fun!

  12. Oh, the pictures are lovely!!! How I long for warm adventures outside! With our abundance of snow, ice and below zero temperatures frolicking outside in the sunshine seems like a dream. I’m so happy that you and Larkspur enjoyed this adventure together. You needed it!

  13. Such a beautiful adventure. We are still buried in snow, but are seeing warmer temperatures so may go out for a snowshoe adventure this week. Oh – I *love* cats that go along for walks!

  14. Kansas weather has been a bit of the same. I love having 4 seasons, but smelling the 60 degree air yesterday made me want it to be March so badly!

  15. ws wanderings says:

    And such brilliant ways to transport the treasure! Beautiful moments.

  16. Gosh I miss winter in Virginia.. We lived in Charlottesville for a few years and loved it. Looks like a wonderful day!

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