Most of the day I kept thinking, “I really hate snow.”  I realize that just writing those words could make me really unpopular.  But, I was kind of dreading the mud puddles on the floor, the piles (and I mean big piles) of shoes, socks, gloves, and coats.  The crying.  I hate the way snow days often feel chaotic and messy and wet rather than cozy.  Sometimes they make me feel anxious because I can’t seem to look past the extra work.  I guess I just have a hard time rolling with it.  Finally I put on a coat and hat myself and decided to take a walk while Job was napping.  Okay, I guess I don’t hate snow.  I actually really like, maybe love, it.  It’s a real luxury to take a lonely walk in a snowy forest.  Possibly worth the muddy melting part soon to come and all the extra laundry.

(photos of me and Trudy taken by Keats)


  1. Those are awesome photos of you and Trudy! Nice work, Keats. PS my grandma’s name is Trudy and I LOVE that your dog is named that!

    I totally feel you on the snow. It’s fun while you’re in it, but the puddles and cold… it’s worth it 🙂

  2. Oh, and I forgot to say, Keats did a wonderful job. The pictures are very good.

  3. I remember so well the piles of wet clothes I would dry and the kids would go back out and I would dry it seemed like a million times a day. We have a dairy so wet and muddy clothes were common, but those snow days took a lot of extra. That plus we never really had good waterproof boots coats etc. So many wet socks etc. They sure had fun though.

  4. So nice to see you looking so happy, healthy, and beautiful! Your red coat is charming against all nature’s subdued tones.

  5. I love winter so much and it’s the heat and the humidity that do me in every single year. Love the photos and your son did a wonderful job capturing your happiness.

  6. Complete bliss and beauty!!!! Lovely pictures—- wonderful little doggy too ;p

    Samantha {Wild Maple Wool}

  7. I just came from {in}courage where I read this post, and then onto yours. I think I understand why you’re loving the snow now!

  8. Those quiet walks down winter lanes are so good for the soul! And the crisp feeling of winter nipping at your nose…

  9. With my 7 kids, when I had a front door that opened directly into the living room, I HATED snow. Not the snow itself, but the disaster that ensued.

    The trick is either having them come in through a garage (if you have one) or getting a side door by the kitchen that goes into a mudroom.

    Once all the water and wet clothes were taken care of, I was fully able to love snow again.

  10. Bravo to a positive attitude that got you some beautiful pictures and a lovely walk!

  11. ws wanderings says:

    It *is* worth it. Well, sometimes.

    Beautiful photos, as always.

  12. Wonderful pictures Ginny…so nice to see you having fun in that pretty red coat : )

  13. I’m not sure that I hate snow so much…only that I love summer!
    Lovely post; thanks for sharing Ginny.

  14. Awesome pics! I totally LOVE snow and can’t seem to get enough of it! But then I don’t have small children anymore to traipse the mess inside — nor do I have to shovel it. To me, there is nothing more peaceful then to sit in the quiet of the winter and watch the snow falling. So beautiful & serene!
    I’m glad you got to go out and enjoy it and that it has turned you into “liking, maybe loving” it.:)
    How about—for the wet clothes — do you have one of those wooden drying racks you could set up somewhere in a corner for all the fun wetness?:)

  15. Claudette says:

    I just really love your blog!!!! Of all the many I follow I can’t wait to see yours everyday. Really miss the days you can’t post. Your pictures are so good and Keats did a really good job too! Can’t believe how fast Job is growing and he so looks like the others! When I had lots of kids running around it was a lot of work with all the wet clothes but also kinda fun to have snow. It just seemed to transform everything for a little bit. Hang in there it will be spring before you know it 🙂

  16. <3 <3 <3 this

  17. If I had all the beautiful red coats and sweaters that your family does, I’d never take them off! 🙂

  18. It can be hard with all the extra work; can anything be done (i.e. kids-chores) to help you with it? LOVE the pictures. Magical. Hang in there!!!

  19. So glad you had a nice walk, it’s beautiful. Great pictures.

  20. beautiful photos as always…..miss the snow, grew up in it
    then moved away from it and believe you me when you are without
    it for years you absolutely miss it….it is soooooooo beautiful!!!

  21. I want to take a walk in those beautiful woods! Heavenly!

  22. The laundry and mud and where to hang all those wet things and kids put on all the clothes and go out and want to come back in five minutes later and I already have too much to do – so the only sane choice is to go out and enjoy it myself.

  23. I can’t say I hate snow – I hate the mess that comes along with it. And I’m not jumping up and down about the frigid temps either. But we make the best of it….

  24. Very beautiful!

  25. I so understand! Although we don’t get it nearly as often as you, the mess is tiresome. We didn’t have snow boots for the girls when they were small because snow was so infrequent. We would put large ziplock bags over their shoes! Necessity!

    We seem to get it more often now and are due for some tomorrow . Thank goodness the grandchildren have those boots!

    The pictures of you in the snow are so sweet. Is that a knitted coat or store bought?

  26. I hear ya on the extra mess. Yesterday there was literally wet and mud from the front door, through the kitchen, and into the laundry room. On the other hand, it was so much fun to see them giggle and laugh and play…we just need a snow laundry fairy, ey?

  27. No, it doesn’t look like you hate snow. 🙂 And I have envy. I really love snow, and somehow we don’t get it this year. Maybe sometime soon? In the meantime I enjoy your beautiful photos.

  28. Oh, I so understand your frustration with the piles of wet clothing, the puddles all over the floor, and the chaos that goes along with a snowy day. I know it should be cozy, but the extra work sometimes can be overwhelming to me as well. I’m so glad, though, that you were able to get out and take a walk, taking in the true beauty of the season.

  29. Such beautiful photos you take!
    Snow is an adjustment for sure. And I am glad you found your way over to the love side of it. It really does take getting out in it to appreciate.
    Happy day to you.

  30. I am right there with you, Girl – on all of it! I think maybe those of us moms with small houses do have a harder time of it. I mean we barely fit normally in the house – and when you add extra snow gear to the mix, well, it’s just not good on a mama’s psyche! It does make it more tolerable/enjoyable to get out in it a bit yourself.
    A few years ago I learned to have the kids’snowsuits /coats go immediately on hangers and hung on the shower curtain rod (with the bathroom heater turned up higher) and all the wet extra layers and gloves and such go straight in the dryer (dirty or not), so that all (theoretically) we have out are the boots on towels. Plus, my youngest is now 5 (5!) – so that helps. AND, I also quit worrying if they were warm enough and just let them dress themselves (fewer layers to have to deal with 😉
    I love the pictures of you and Trudy!!

  31. Those pictures are stunning! You will look back on this in the future with happy memories.

  32. Way to go! Way to embrace it! I used to hate snow as well, but in Western PA if it’s not snowing, then it’s nasty, ugly gray the whole winter. The snow brightens it up even though it’s not sunny. And I like the brightness rather than the grayness.

  33. I confess to having similar feelings but not realizing it until I spent the day wrangling three boys into too-small snow pants and wet boots. By the end of the day I was thinking ‘I am so glad we don’t live in Chicago anymore’ as I toted the pile to the dryer for the fifth time. I’m glad you found a way to enjoy the snow for yourself. Overall it was a blissfully fun and cozy day but I won’t miss the mess when the snow (and all its gear) is gone.

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