Ordinary Days


  1. Hardly ordinary more like extraordinary. Enjoy!

  2. I adore all of your photos, of course. But my favorite is of Job’s squishy cheeks resting on your shoulder. My very own 10+ lb baby will be turning a year old in just over a month. My how time has flown. I remember commenting on your blog then about the prospects of a new baby in our home. I miss Collin being squishy. He’s a strapping 23 lbs now :).
    Many blessings,

  3. Our days seem much the same… But my baby us 13 months now. Oh, how I miss a tiny one!

  4. Awwww…the baby love!

  5. I have been following your blog for a bit and adore all the lovely photos. Your littles always appear so engaged, calm and happy. Is there a secret. I have five little ones 8, 5, 2, 2, and 2. I had spontaneous triplets and life seems so hurried. I homeschool my older kiddos and I want the stillness I see in your photos. Is there a method? I come here for peace and inspiration and I am so thankful for it.

    • I can imagine that life seems incredibly hurried with three two year olds! We just have one, Silas, and he seems to create so much chaos all by himself! I would say that the secret is in the nature of a photograph. They freeze the motion and there’s no soundtrack to go with them. Our house is very noisy and chaotic most of the time and I just try to accept that that is the nature of having a houseful of children. And I try really hard to squeeze an hour or so of quiet in every night after everyone is in bed, which is getting harder because my older kids don’t go to bed early anymore! I’m sorry that I don’t have an answer for you! But, maybe there is comfort in knowing that this is just how it is for most of us!

      • Thank you Ginny. Thank you for your kind words and this lovely space you have created. I do relish in the calm and beauty I see in your photos. And I do love the houseful of children that we have!!! Thank you so much!

  6. Fabulous post! I love the reality of it.

  7. Great photos …. Love the cat sticking his head into the boots

  8. Oh Ginny! I loved this so…..
    I hope you don’t mind me following your lead and posting something similar in my space….

  9. Ginny,
    I love your “ordinary” days! And, I also love “The Swan”. My daughter recently learned it on the violin also and it has become her favorite piece. Wishing you a wonderful weekend! Aloha, Lori

  10. ugh – SUCH sweet baby pictures… what a loved little boy!

  11. I saw this article about bees and thought of you – hope you don’t encounter them! 🙂


  12. Hi, my name is Natalie. just wanted to ask who is learning Burgmuller? I’m learning it on the piano for my recital 🙂

  13. I love your children’s hair. It makes me feel comfortable with my life. Does that make sense? 🙂

  14. Beautiful, beautiful days!!!!!

  15. Some wonderful photos there, love the project too, looks very interesting 🙂 x

  16. my son, aged 11, wants to know what the water bottles, tubes and battery are about? Can you do a little blurb or send me to a site to see this? Thanks so much! Just can feel the coziness at your home in all of your posts!

  17. Love the experiment.

  18. I love ordinary days!

  19. those kind of days are the best….and a relief, I find!

  20. LOVE.

  21. We like to go to the local library for children’s storytime in the cooler months. They read a few books to the children, then the kids have a snack and a coloring page to complete. It really breaks up a winter day….and I agree, it is hard to occupy children in the wintertime. I can’t wait ’til March…

  22. Ginny, I love your pictures. But what is going on in the last two photos? That looks like something my boys would love to do, whatever it is (it involves a battery, after all!). Have a lovely day!

    • I don’t quite understand it, but I think they are using electricity to generate hydrogen gas. I’ll have to ask Seth what that set up is called….

      • Looks like electrolysis of water (splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen using electricity to break the bonds). I do this with my 7th graders. When you’ve collected enough gas, you can see that there is twice as much hydrogen as oxygen (hence, H2O). If you are careful, you can get the hydrogen to make a high pitch pop sound by introducing a lit match!

        I love this photo collection. Your house looks so cozy and fun!

        • Yes, that’s it!! And yes, Seth does like to make that popping sound 🙂 He’s also been filling balloons with the hydrogen gas. They float!

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