His big day


Sebastian Job Amadeus was baptized on January 11, 2014.  Welcome to the Church, little soul!

p.s.  Photos by Lori Elizabeth (thank you Lori!!) and blanket, in case someone is wondering,  from G. H. Hurt. & Son  (Thank you Andy and Parveen!–Godparents!)

p.p.s. I think Fr. R likes his mitts! It felt like a knitting triumph, especially because we really love him and I put a lot of thought into what to knit for him, and what color.


  1. Those mitts are amazing. Congratulations Sebastian! Also, that picture of Bea with Fr. R is SOOO precious!

  2. so beautiful!

  3. Welcome to the Church, sweet little one!

  4. Oh such beautiful photos! Congratulations! P.S. I love seeing Fr. R and his new gloves! He holds a special place in my heart…he married my husband and I back in 2004. 🙂 P.P.S I’m new to your blog and have been enjoying it! I always have to go back and start at the beginning for some reason so if you have a stat counter, I’m the one digging through your archives. It’s taken me a while and I’m only up to 2011, but I love it and all your beautiful photos.

  5. I love these precious photos. We are Mormon, and we do have a ceremonial baby blessing that is such a special occasion. I loved being surrounded by family and faith – what a special time it is! And your Job looks so precious.

  6. Congratulations! Beautiful photos. xxx

  7. Oh wow! Tears prick my eyes. The pics of the priest and Beatrix are precious. God has given them a wonderful gift in each other. Beautiful, beautiful. and hmmm… you remind me of my mother in some of the pictures– warm, unassuming and brimming with love. Bless you all.

  8. Oh congratulations! Thank you so much for inviting us into such an intimate and wonderful family experience. Blessings.

  9. Beautiful. God bless your son and the whole family.

  10. Congrats Sebastian- Welcome to the club little man! I have to say that one my favorite pictures was the one of the priest holding Bea-it made me smile. So much to be thankful for! God Bless!

  11. what a blessed day……and that last photo———priceless. (he really ‘gets’ the knitting-thing; definitely knit-worthy)

  12. absolutely wonderful! It looks like it was a beautiful and special day for your whole family. Many blessings for Job!

  13. I wish you many blessings on your little one 🙂 Love the mitts you knit for your priest!

  14. The 12th picture, the one of you and Jonny looking at Job… it makes my heart swell.

  15. Gorgeous photos! I love the Christmas trees in the background, and the obvious connection your family has with your Priest.

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