Archives for January 30, 2014

{On a Freezing Day} Frozen Bubble Painting

While our older kids are doing a pretty good job of staying busy this winter, our younger set is struggling.  Our winters are usually fairly mild, but right now we are in the middle of a long cold stretch.  We woke to a fresh blanket of snow yesterday and Silas and the girls were not interested in playing in it.  Our high temperature was in the 20s, very cold for this Alabama native and too cold for my little ones too!  Keats and I, up too late the night before had already poured through the newest issue of Alphabet Glue and were excited to see the Frozen Bubble Painting project.  It was perfect for my younger kids, and for the freezing weather we are having.  When it comes to art projects I find that I typically spend a lot of time setting up, and even longer cleaning up with very little art making in between.  This was a major exception to that rule.  I’d say that Silas and the girls spent more than half an hour painting, and clean up was minimal.  So–huge score for Alphabet Glue this week at my house!   Next I’ll be sitting down with all the great booklists in this issue and requesting them from our local library so we will be sure to have lots of great books to read in the coming weeks as well.

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