Archives for January 17, 2014

Winter’s bouquet

It might take half an hour or more to get my younger kids dressed and ready to go for a walk in the woods behind our house.  But the hour spent walking and exploring, this day in search of clubmoss, is worth it.  There’s no fighting, no arguing, and very little whining.  And in case you’re thinking I’m a little bit weird to devote an entire post to clubmoss, you’re right.  It’s so interesting though, and so pretty!

Links:  Bea’s sweater, Silas’ sweater, amazing yellow buttons, Field Guide to Ferns, Clubmosses: an ancient and interesting group of fern allies.

(And a reader reminded me that I should add that it’s important not to pick too much.  We have very large patches of clubmoss throughout our woods, so a couple small baskets full doesn’t make an impact on the population.)