Archives for January 7, 2014

Knits for J.H.W.

20140102-DSC_3977 More baby knits!  My sister Abby is having a baby tomorrow, her sixth little boy!  (Would you mind whispering a quick prayer for Abby and baby?) Over the past few weeks I have managed to knit a few little things for him and I got them in the mail just in time.  There is a hat, a pair of booties, and a sweet little vest.  I can’t wait for the news of his arrival and hopefully some photos of him wearing his little knits soon!

p.s.  The blank note cards I purchased from this shop.  She sells lots of great little seals/stickers as well.  I bought a few different sheets to stash away for Larkspur’s March birthday.  She’s my art and office supply fiend and I think she will go nuts for the cute little stickers that she can color if she wants to.