Archives for January 3, 2014

I need a little mystery

It’s winter.  The little ones are crying a lot.  I’m completely overwhelmed.  I’ve recently knit two brown ribbed hats.  I am currently knitting something brown.  Brown, brown, brown.  Then I saw this:

I did the obvious thing and bought the pattern straight away.  It’s Ysolda, it’s a mystery knit a long (my first!) and there are 32 different shawls possible!  This sounds fun and exciting!  I nearly bought some neutral yarn to knit it with, just to be safe.  But after discussing it with Lori, whom I emailed for yarn advice, I decided on something different, something a little bit wild for me.  She and I, unbeknownst to each other, had both been considering the same color after discussing the pattern.  It’s funny because we were both debating something totally neutral versus something quite the opposite!  We are planning to knit this in Beaverslide 2 ply in the Globemallow colorway (which is strikingly similar in color to the graphic for the KAL).  My yarn arrived today and I love it in all it’s bright cheerfulness.  Anyone else in?

p.s.  It is highly unlikely that I will be able to keep up with everyone else knitting this.  I’m not letting that stop me!