a very good fifth birthday for bea


Beatrix turned five on Saturday!  I worried so much that I wouldn’t be able to make her day special enough with all the new baby chaos.  In fact, I bought most of her gifts (and too many of them at that) several months ago.  Last year, Beatrix had what we called her “handmade” birthday.  Seth suggested to me that I call this year’s celebration her “commercial” birthday.  Rather than making Beatrix gifts like they did last year, the boys bought her candy.  Larkspur did make her a card and some hair barrettes, but bought her a Snickers bar as well.  I didn’t stay up till the wee hours of the morning sewing her a birthday dress the night before (last year’s handmade birthday dress is lost now anyway.)  This year I ordered her a dress from Land’s End, only remembering to at the last minute.  Thankfully It arrived in time for her birthday (and I think it’s really cute.)  Last year I made Bea a rag doll complete with clothing.  This year I gave her the American Girl doll that I’ve had stashed up in my closet waiting for her birthday.  I don’t point all this out because I am bothered by it, I just think it’s kind of funny, the stark contrast between last year and this one.  The important thing is that Beatrix was thrilled with her birthday.  I think she felt very loved.  In fact, Jonny and I burst into laughter hearing her whisper to Job, “Today is a very special day, because it’s my birthday.”  She doesn’t seem to be struggling in the self esteem department.  She knows she’s special.
And while I didn’t spend hours making gifts ahead of time, Jonny and I did spend much of the day in the kitchen, preparing all the foods that Beatrix requested, starting with biscuits and jam for breakfast.  Birthdays have evolved over the past couple of years to really revolve around food at our house.  It seems that decaf coffee is becoming a tradition as well.  I didn’t realize that Jonny was brewing decaf for the kids, so when I saw him pouring coffee into Silas’ sippy cup, I gasped, “Jonny!  Why are you giving that baby so much coffee?!!”  He just gave me a weird look and reminded me that it was the birthday decaf.  It’s funny, these little traditions that evolve.  Some years we’ll have handmade gifts, some years the gifts will be store bought, but I guess we’ll always have decaf.  It adds to the feeling of being oh so grown up, because five, that’s a whole hand after all.

(Here’s a link to the pink playsilk Bea is wearing.  Larkspur insisted Bea needed a new one for her birthday.  And here’s a link to last year’s birthday photo tribute to Beatrix.)


  1. So nice pictures!!

  2. Lovely post- many happy returns to the birthday girl. I love the princess in wellie boots pics! 5 is a lovely age, same as my grandson Master H!

  3. Helen Gibson says:

    Hi Ginny, Congratulations on giving your Bea a beautiful birthday, especially so soon after baby’s birth. I see baby’s name has settled down as Job, but after I read your name saga post I thought maybe you could spell it phonetically to make it clearer on forms etc. So it could be Jobe or even Jove (though that is a differnet story) …. Just a thought. And I love the name Silas, we have one too, though he is now an adult, with his own little one.
    Best regards from Helen in Australia

  4. Not sure if anyone has mentioned this, but I just saw the pic of Jonny pouring the coffee into what looks like a baby bottle. HA! Of course I know better, it’s just that my humor is that. “Birthday decaf, Job?”. These pictures are beautiful. Your kids are going to be so thankful for this blog.

  5. My son Micah turned 4 on Saturday as well. I can relate to the differences from one birthday to the next. When my youngest turned 2 on 9/30, I spent the entire month thinking about and planning for her birthday, knitting, sewing and making little homespun touches. For Micah, I sort of realized ‘oh he has a birthday in a few days, I’d better do something about that”. So no handmades for him, just a handful of Thomas wooden railway trains, which is literally all he plays with anyway, so I don’t feel bad for not making him anything.

    • Thomas the train stuff is pretty much all my boys played with without losing interest quickly when they were small. I feel like it’s been such a good investment because now Silas is playing with them, and the older boys will still sit and put tracks together!

  6. Love, love, LOVE the picture of Bea and the dog dancing, especially her boots. She has got an eye for style!! Ginny, I know you are so busy, but can I ask you if you know where you got your wooden clothes dryer? I’ve been looking for a good sturdy one and I seem to remember one in your pictures sometime in the past. I’ve been through a number of the cheapos and love them, but want one that will last. Thanks!!!

  7. Oh my goodness, I can not believe that Bea is 5 already!!! I remember her being born!!! They grow so fast!!! I love the pictures & that she had such a wonderful birthday!!!

  8. You’ve just shown that it’s truly not the “stuff” that matters, but the traditions, the togetherness, and the celebration. Love the photos, and the coffee tradition! Our kids are always asking for “kid’s coffee” – which would be Dandy Blend (dandelion root coffee, which is really tasty, actually), or some sort of kid’s version of a frappuccino.

  9. happy birthday to your little girl! Seems like yesterday she was born 🙂

  10. I remember posting birthday wishes to Bea here last year, feeling a little kinship as my birthday was only a few weeks ago. It’s great to see her grow. Happy, happy, Beatrix!

  11. Happy Birthday Beatrice! I always remember her birthday as my daughter also has a birthday on Nov. 16th. We celebrated my daugher’s 9th with a first ever friends party! They had a great time playing with our pet bunnies and climbing trees!

  12. Birthday decaf! What a great idea!

  13. This is lovely! I love birthdays and sometimes they are hectic and sometimes relaxed or a bit of both! But, the energy of children on their birthdays is magical. Looks like Beatrix certainly had a wonderful day. Love the pictures, very nice.

  14. Happy 5th Birthday Bea! What a lovely day you had with your family. My youngest son is five as well and your birthday reminded me that he is also a “whole hand” (which brought tears to my eyes). Enjoy all your gifts and candy!

  15. Happy Birthday Bea!! I’m so jealous she got an American Girl doll. I always wanted one 🙂

    That’s too funny you thought Johnny was giving Silas coffee!

  16. Looks like a very happy birthday all around! I’m in the midst of knitting the same sweater that she’s wearing in the top several photos for my daughters upcoming 5th birthday 🙂

  17. Beautiful

  18. oh my goodness those pictures of bea with the birthday cake are PERFECT!
    what a happy day. <3

  19. Looks like she had a very special birthday! Your kids are all very lucky because they are well loved 🙂

  20. Happy birthday to Beatrix! It sounds and looks like she has a lovely day 🙂

    Sarah xx

  21. My little girl is turning 5 in January too, I can’t believe she is so big! I know what it feels like, to watch the little princess flourish. She loves to dress up as well. Every day. About 31 times a day 🙂

  22. Happy Birthday Beatrix! I have been reading your blog for a few years Ginny and I love what you share here. I’ve always felt a special something towards Beatrix because she reminds me so much of my youngest son, who also turns 5 next week. Thank you for the realness and the beauty that you share through your photos and words!

  23. That photo of Bea with her hands to her face is the very picture of gleeful anticipation. What a treasure–the picture and the girl. A very special day, indeed.

  24. Happy birthday, Bea. Fun family time for a precious little girl.

    ps. Congrats on the little one : )

  25. Happy, Happy birthday to dear, sweet Bea!!! Oh how I love the way you always do the birthday cake pictures, the darkness with the candle light and their amazing faces!!! 🙂 Soooo wonderful 🙂
    As for the “whole hand” comment!! LOVE IT, I always say that, it was really cool to hear/read that there are other mum’s who speak my “FUNNY” language!!
    SMiles Sharnee 🙂

    p.s a huge congratulations on the safe arrival of precious little Sebastian!! It makes me soooo clucky, I’ve always thought I’d have 6-8 children…… sadly my last two have not been great sleepers (our youngest just turned 1 and i’m still up 3 times in the night… ON a good NIGHT!!!) so 5 is it for us 🙁 but I love that you have seven and are being the Mum, homeschooler and woman you want to be!!
    God bless you richly dear lady as you serve Him and your family and continue to inspire us all here in your little part of the blogging world!! xx

  26. Happy Birthday Bea! I am laughing at the coffee. My almost 4yr old is the biggest coffee drinker. He loves the stuff. When my parents travel to RI they bring back bottles of Autocrat coffee syrup and he drinks it in milk.

  27. Birthday decaf! Oh, that’s hilarious! 😀

  28. Happy Birthday!

    Love the dress and wellies ensemble that’s exactly what my dd wears 🙂

  29. Such a beautiful girl, with the best smile. 🙂 Happy Birthday!

  30. Those cape photos are so perfect! I really love them…… happy {birth}day to you both.

  31. 5 is the bestest! Happy birthday to your sweet girl 🙂

  32. i love your honesty about the gifts! i know i pressure my self sometimes to have the homemade gift or the “right gift” or the perfectly healthy but still special meal. so good to let it go in the name of celebration!! this makes me happy 🙂

  33. Anne Marie says:

    I wondered about the coffee in the sippy cup when I saw the picture! Then I thought, oh it must be hot cocoa. Funny! You amaze me, Ginny. I wish we were neighbors.

  34. What a sweet girl! Happy Birthday, Bea!!! I love her twirly, polka dot skirt.

  35. Happy Birthday (a little late) Beatrix! You are so grown up now – and you look like your sister! Two beautiful girls! I love your birthday dress and it sounds like you had a wonderful day! (Biscuits with jam is one of my very favorite breakfasts!)

  36. Happy Birthday Bea!
    My Oliwia got 5 on Sunday!

  37. So sweet! Happy birthday, Bea!

  38. Happy 5th birthday sweet Bea, five is a great number!

  39. Bea seems quite pleased with it all! Happy Birthday Bea! Good job mommy!

  40. Wonderful photos, Ginny! Bea is getting so big…where’s that toddler with the bed-head and painted face? Prayers and best wishes for a wonderful year ahead to her.
    And you can tell Jonny: Guys holding babies and wearing scapulars are sexy…

  41. Looks like a lovely celebration. Had to smile at her special day whisper. so sweet!

  42. Beautiful photos as always. Happy belated Birthday Beatrix!

  43. I love it! I am in love with her dress! So cute! I am thiking this is what our Christmas will look like in comparision to years past. I have always done lots of homemade gifts….but we just moved and with baby due in 4 weeks or less I am doing much more buying of gifts:)

  44. So precious! And Bea looks SO happy! I especially love the pics of her with her birthday cake…she is beautiful! Happy Birthday, Beatrix! 🙂

  45. what a wonderful birthday! I love her cake; so lovely! family traditions are wonderful as they are part of the traditions unique to the family who has them. Many many years to beautiful B. and all of God’s blessings! PS: I think food is part of my family’s growing traditions too!

  46. Happy birthday Bea – you look like you had a really fun day! I love the picture of all the children around the table with your husband holding Job and pouring coffee. Its really special and warm. xxx

  47. oh my goodness! I share my birthday with sweet Bea! Beautiful photos….you can see the love.

  48. The dress is perfect, Mama. I’m glad you didn’t attempt to sew one yourself with all that’s going on. I did peek at last year’s dress and it was so dear. Maybe it will turn up still. It looks like a truly lovely birthday with lots and lots of LOVE!

  49. Happy birthday to your daughter!!!!! Each day is a brilliant gift to enjoy. And I hope it is just the beginning of a whole year of fabulous days waiting just for your little B.

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