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We’ve been trying to ease back into some sort of a routine this week.  It hasn’t really worked out.  Tuesday was such a crazy day that it was comical.  At the end of the day, I thought it might be amusing to try to document the day in writing, sort of a “day in the life.”  I was interrupted so many times that I quickly gave up on that idea.  Just know that had I written it, it would have been funny.  Thankfully, Job is proving not to be much of a crier, because Silas, Beatrix, and Larkspur have that department well covered at the moment.  Ah, Adjustment.

My recovery has been slower than in the past due to the difficult nature of the last trimester of my pregnancy followed by a very physically and mentally difficult birth.  But, I have turned the corner and am feeling pretty amazing compared to where I was at a month ago.  Jonny has had to work so hard to keep things going here these past few months between his job, the housework I couldn’t do, and helping me with the kids.  I’m so thankful to be moving towards feeling like my old self again.  Jonny and the boys have done a great job, but I probably don’t have to tell you that they don’t do things quite how I do.  I’m not complaining.  I’m just saying, I’ve got some work to do around here.  I promise that I’ll be taking it slow though.

As far as a birth story goes…I’ve never been one to write birth stories.  I wrote Silas’, but that was a first.  I guess we all have certain things that we hold closer and more privately than others.  If I could sit down with you and tell you the story face to face, I would.  But to pour the story of Job’s birth into this blog, I just can’t.  Maybe someday, but not now.  Jonny and I will be processing all that happened for a long time yet.  Some have asked if having a ten pound baby is normal for me.  No!  Before Job, Silas was my biggest baby at 8 lbs 12 oz.  My others have been closer to the eight pound mark.  Trying to figure out just why Job got so big, I think that it’s possible that I ate too much protein–to be specific, too many scrambled eggs!  They were my late night snack of choice, replacing my old pregnancy standby:  Cheerios!  If I were to examine my diet during each of my pregnancies, I would say it was healthiest while I was pregnant with Job.  I didn’t experience cravings.  I didn’t eat a bunch of dessert.  I thought I did really well.  Too well, evidently.

I’ve been getting outside a bit this week, walking around my yard and wondering what happened to fall.  I kind of feel like I missed it.  I don’t feel sad about that, I was just too caught up in the pregnancy to really notice it happening all around me.  I’m looking forward to a cozy winter with a little (big) baby in my arms.


  1. I have been following your blog for about a year now and, although I have no wee ones to raise anymore in my home, I totally love to hear about you and yours. I just finished reading THE QUEEN MUST DIE: And Other Affairs of Bees and Men, that you were reading some time ago and mentioned in one of your Yarn Along blog posts. Your enthusiasm for the book and bees is what prompted me to read it and, I must say, it was a fascinating read. William Longgood reminds me a lot of Henry David Thoreau. I must admit that I was surprised to read that the book was published in 1985, because it reads as if the author could have written it recently — with his insights and comparisons between the bees and our society. Thank you again for indirectly suggesting this book. It was a good “summer” read. And congratulations on your newest blessed bundle. God is so, SO good! — Robin

  2. Hello Ginny,
    This is a beautiful post. Don’t know why, but I liked reading it even better than your usual ones.
    Job is gorgeous. (Just lifted my eyes and saw that Lori Ann’s post started the same way as mine, but I promise I did not copy it.)
    Usually (we all know there is no set rule here), they say that big babies feed better and sleep the whole night through faster than smaller ones. Maybe with number 7 you knew deep inside that this baby had to give you sleep and peace, hence be big …
    I am glad your are recovering well. This was something I did enjoy after my babies : having my body back to myself, (selfish me!!)

  3. Job appears to be an especially happy and alert newborn (and amazingly cute!) although both of mine were just under 9 lbs, he seems a healthy weight for his birth. I get the feeling that you did nothing wrong at all but that Job took his own time and that I can only imagine how difficult the birth was because of that- I pray you heal completely. I feel unless you schedule a C-section, babies come at their own time. Oh, love the story of Bea’s birthday and her whisper to Job!

  4. Congratulations Ginny! Job is beautiful.

  5. Congrats! Your family photos are lovely! I appreciate all your posts! Thanks for your candor and your bravery to share the vulnerable times! I love reading about your family! We reside in VA, rural area outside of Richmond do I often recognize places you photograph around the state. We have yet to have children and I so
    appreciate the stories you share!! God Bless!!

  6. Goodness. I can’t imagine having such a big baby, especially when planning a home birth (although I’m not a mummy so I have no idea how hard it is). I was a tiny baby though, 6lbs 1oz at full term and 4 hrs of labour, but my mum taught aerobics until she got too big to keep her balance and then swam for the rest of her pregnancy. My younger brother is 14 months and a week younger than me but was born at 36 weeks weighing 9lb 11oz. He brings both collarbones and dislocated a hip during delivery. Her doctor’s and midwives theory has always been that he was so big because she got pregnant again so quickly and was much less active with a cuddly newborn that he ended up getting far more calories than I did.

    Although my mum’s dad was absolutely enormous. My greatgrandma was big they thought she was having twins And placed her due date about 5-6 weeks earlier. One completely unexpected c-section later and she had a 13lb 2oz baby. Thank God we’ve invented ultrasound since then, I very much want to avoid unexpected surprises like that!

  7. What a beautiful, precious baby! I could look at him all day :-).

  8. Ginny and family, Congratulations on the birth of Job! He certainly is adorable and It’s amazing that you can already see his personality developing.

    All the theories about birth size are quite interesting. i have to wonder if it isn’t just like personalities each child is different, having had 3 children 1. 9lbs 14 oz 2. 8lbs5oz and 3. 9lbs 7 oz My 3rd child was born a full three weeks earlier than the first child, the ultrasound at that point estimated him to be 10lbs 11 oz. My first delivery was so difficult that I was adamant that she would be the only one but thanfully God had other plans for me:)

  9. Dear Ginny,

    I just found your blog and I can’t tell you how much I appreciated this post. I have a very sweet and precious 3 week old baby girl that arrived after a week of labor, 12 hours of really intense labor, 3 hours of pushing, and then finally a C-section. Ironically enough, the C-section was the best part. But, my precious girl is here and I am so happy and grateful to the Lord. Our three little boys love her so very much!

    But, I have to say that I just appreciate so much how you seemed to express my heart in just trying to recover from this birth. My dear husband has been so very wonderful in doing everything but it just made me well up with tears that someone understands. Thank you so much!

  10. Kate Talley says:

    Oh, Ginny! Job is so beautiful! What a woman you are! I know first hand how hard a difficult pregnancy can be on a family. Hooray, it’s done, and your sweet, handsome boy is here! I think some babes are big, and who knows why? My husband was a huge baby and grew into a stout, muscular boy and a giant of a man. He was 10.4# at birth and a gentle giant at 6’5″ and 225# he is so tender hearted and generous to a fault. He is perfect, just as Job The Gentle Giant is! Congratulations! Sending lots of love, Kate Talley

    P.S. I can’t quite tell if your kids look like you or Jonny, but they sure look like each other! They are beautiful!

  11. I’ve had two 8pound-8pound 6 and two ten pounders, and one of each size was a lovely birth and one of each size was horrible. It took time to move past the horrible experiences but I know they made me the mummy I am and I can’t argue with God…. It just happened that way….. Be kind to yourself and be patient Ginny if you can….. Sending love and prayers xxxx

  12. ps: he is absolutely completely fantastic. perfection.

    but you know that.

  13. What beautiful pictures of your family! You can practically feel the newborn love radiating out of them! I , personally, love seeing this, as I am nearing the end of a stressful pregnancy, and it is so very good to be reminded of the magic that awaits us in the next month or so!
    Enjoy every moment!

  14. Ha! So, on the protein + pregnancy front: when I was pregnant with Henry, #2, my doctor was deeply concerned that he wasn’t gaining weight. For the last 3 months, they monitored him closely, and had me on a high protein diet, to try to boost his in utero growth. I mean, HIGH protein. Like 125 grams of protein PER DAY. That worked out to something like 5 cheeseburgers per day, plus some change. CRAZY. And? At birth, he was 6 pounds, 3 ounces. This, following my nearly 9# first babe. This, from a nearly-5’10” mom.

    So I can’t really vouch for the protein-size connection.

    Though, I will tell you? To this day? Henry is the only one of my three kids who absolutely needs protein. Like 2-3 eggs every morning for breakfast. As in, just watched him eat a meatball sandwich AND 2 chicken breasts for lunch.

    Might want to consider a cow 🙂

    So glad to hear you are feeling a bit stronger each day, Ginny. Day by day, bird by bird.


  15. I’m sorry Job’s birth was difficult but it sounds like you’re moving toward a sense of peace. Both of my births were very difficult, it’s all I know. I really hate that. But I’ve worked for a long time and feel some resolution now. I think it’s possible the protein grew him big, but maybe it’s just his natural size. They say that babies often get bigger the more you have. Mine were both on the small side but the second one was about a pound heavier than the first one. I hope you continue to feel more like yourself with each passing day.

  16. I am so glad you are doing better. My third child, a boy, was my biggest, and he still is. I didn’t gain any more weight than with my other pregnancies, and the weight fell off very quickly. I don’t think I ate more or differently. My doctor, my pediatrician and I just feel he was, and is, meant to be bigger than the average bear. He is a dearheart, and very lovable still at six. I had him naturally, much to everyone’s surprise. My first labor and delivery remains my hardest, though my first was a mere 8’3″, as compared with his brother who weighed 11’15” at birth. We were checked repeatedly for diabetes, but nothing came of the tests. Take care.

  17. My last baby (baby #3) was a 10 pounder too and i blamed it on my late night snack of hard boiled eggs during pregnancy. I had a natural birth and although i kind of remember saying I never wanted to do it again at the end, I do not remember much else! It’s amazing what your memory does when it has to! Good luck to you and your family over these next few weeks.

  18. Job is a beautiful, beautiful baby! He looks so wonderfully healthy, too!

    Just looking at all the photos you’ve posted makes me long for that sweet newborn time, even though I have my hands so full at the moment chasing a highly active 14-month-old.

    I wanted to say that I loved reading Silas’s birth story, but of course not every birth can or should be shared. I agree with Chloe that sharing birth stories is an amazing gift to other mamas. It is encouraging to hear stories of women birthing at home, or even processing a difficult birth experience.

    After the very fast but intense and painful birth of my third baby, who was actually smaller than my second, I realized that the position of the baby can make a bigger difference in how difficult or painful the labor is than the size of the baby.

  19. Job is absolutely beautiful (handsome?) and you can tell from the pictures that he is well loved. Rest and recuperate, body and soul…..it’s a great time of year to reflect – and you should do just that – in my opinion, as long as everyone is fed and healthy, over half the battle is won! Housework, schmousework! It will just get dirty again – but Job…Job will only be a newborn ONE TIME! Enjoy it!

  20. Yes, Job is such a sweet looking baby. I gave birth in January to our beautifully big baby girl who was one ounce of ten pound. I was impressed with myself 🙂 I’m glad you’re feeling more like your normal self.

  21. Dear Ginny,
    All my babies have been large but my last was over 2# larger at 11#. I had lots of feelings around this b/c I tried very hard to eat well and walked as much as I could. I ended up weighing less than I normally get to (but only by a wee bit). Anyways, my midwife told me her theory which she says is based on her observations- that we busy busy (homeschooling of many) oldish mamas have less muscle mass than we used to b/c we are always so busy doing repetitive motion/work and usually don’t make/have time for exercise except some cardio. So our calories go to baby more than other pregnancies bc our muscles are smaller- even though our overall weight is as it was. I wonder if this is true for me- I wasn’t challenging my muscles before or during pregnancy with weights. I still haven’t started but I need to figure out how. Giving birth to 11# was not something I hope to repeat! Lord willing. Be good and easy to yourself- my husband kept encouraging me when I felt judged by my baby’s size and other’s rxns 🙂 that is ok to be me in this situation. I didn’t do anything wrong- this is the reality of my busy life- .

    • Sarah, your midwife’s theory makes sense!! I didn’t gain any more weight than usual with this pregnancy either, but was unable to walk around as much as I have in the past. My plan was already to start working out with weights after Job’s birth (something I’ve never done before) so this encourages me to follow through with that!

  22. I’m officially showing up here everyday in hopes of swooning over pictures of Job. He’s just so sweet….. doesn’t Silas seem huge now? That part always amazed me when we added to our brood. I wish we were closer so I could hang out and do some laundry and feed the kids and let’s be honest…. hold the baby 🙂 Go slowly…. the house will wait. xo~

  23. my babies were 7 pounds, I cannot imagine birthing a 10 pounder. If the birth story stays a secret I can only imagine that it hurt just a tad 🙂 Glad you are up and about and breathing in fresh air. My gram was a staunch believer in breathing outside every day no matter the weather. I agree with her!!

  24. My first child 16 years ago was 10 pounds 7 ounces, and just under 23 inches long. It was a difficult birth that with time I was able to move past. I then went on to have four more children. The closest in size was my last, 9 pounds 14 ounces, at 39 years old.

    Beautiful baby. You may change your mind some day and feel ready to share your story. I imagine that right now it is all too fresh and raw. Understandable.

    Is that a mouse in the birdhouse box? I have often opened our bird house boxes to clean them out only to find a mouse and nest…yikes.

    • Not a mouse, but I did discover that a mouse was living under my computer desk yesterday! I think Em already killed the mouse, but it had made quite a mess under the desk. This is what happens when I can’t do housework for four months!
      The problem with sharing difficult stories online, is that not everyone is nice, and I don’t think I could handle any negativity right now! But you’re right, maybe someday.

  25. he’s a beautiful baby and so are the other children
    you are a beautiful family
    I read your blog since a while, and sometimes when life is rough, I found the power to continue, seeing you are so strong and happy with your family
    Thanks, even if you don’t know me, I like your way of living.
    Personally, I’m 51, have 2 grown up kids and worked far too much in a far too business world.
    I’m trying to find some happiness and quietness in a work at home job, it’s not easy but it feels much better, nearer to real life. I’m just so very sorry I didn’t spend more time with my children when they were small.
    No outside job can ever replace the love of your children, that’s why I think you’re doing a wonderful job.
    I’m living in Belgium, and keep following you with lots of gratitude having found your site.
    kind regards

  26. Just to add my twopence into the mix… I find it incredibly interesting to read other people’s birth stories and subscribe to a blog by Mama Birth, who often shares birth stories written by other women and believes that hearing about and sharing these stories fills a gap in our modern & often over-medicalised lives. It can also be very cathartic to release the story of a birth, whether it is a joyous, empowering experience or a physically and emotionally painful journey. Women need to hear these stories! I’m due in a month with my fourth girl and have felt increasingly anxious about the birth itself despite having had 2 very easy home births previously, and what keeps me going, apart from knowing I will shortly be holding my wonderful girl in my arms, is reading about (and sometimes watching!) other births and marvelling at just how damn amazing women are.
    All the best to you and wishing you a speedy recovery xx

  27. My baby was 9lb9oz and lucky to make it through her birth. All you can do is process it over time (and it does strike you out of the blue from time to time) and kiss that big bonny blessing of yours. He is gorgeous.

  28. Nice to hear that your starting to recover. My second child was 9’2 compared to the first one which was 7’9. I couldnt really walk much due to my ligaments being so stretched but thankfully she was an easy delivery. I was told that having natural sugars in your food makes babies bigger too. He looks gorgeous. Get plenty of rest!

  29. Your children are beautiful – big or not…


  30. He’s just gorgeous 🙂

  31. Dear Ginny,

    I am so glad you are starting to feel better. Continue to take it easy and don’t feel a bit of guilt!! You and your body have worked hard and now it is time to relax and take the time to restore physically, emotionally and spiritually. What a beautiful family. Eventually the routine will come….for now just enjoy your family each day!!!
    Praying for you all
    Love Janice

  32. Ginny, I have five children and they all ranged from 7 lb. 3 oz. to 7 lb. 13 oz.–except the second. He stood alone! At 9 lb. 15 oz.! Wowza. And I still scratch my head at how he got to be that big. He, on the other hand, takes great pride in the fact that he was (thus far!) the very biggest baby of the bunch!

  33. I love that pic of Jonny? holding up Job. His little face is so sweet! And you know, he is still so little. You will look back in a month and see that. I’m glad you got to walk around the yard. I bet it felt good to do that. Sorrel’s birth was so different from my others too. It was a very hard emotionally and physically for me and threw me through a loop.

    My post today was titled a day in the life of a stay at home mom…and well, it shines overwhelming mothering chaos…as most large homeschooling families do. At least the pictures look peaceful and quiet, right?! I think of you lots in this regard…having lots of kids in a small house all day long. Well, anyways, I am sending you lots of happy healing hugs and kisses to your whole clan. I see a teeny bit of Silas in the fourth to last picture…or maybe Larkspur…hmmmm.


  34. I just love these sweet pictures — especially the one out the window. Job is beautiful and I am glad you are feeling better. I totally understand your feelings for wanting to stay private. We all experience things in life to in turn help others and just reading all these posts of other ladies that have had 10 lb babies and how they understand how you feel, is such a blessing. I love the way that the body of Christ lifts each other up. I have 4 children and all by c-section. I won’t go into how I feel about that but I also had a miscarriage at 13 weeks. That experience was hard after getting to hear the heartbeat but when I returned to church, I had so many ladies come and tell me they also had had a miscarriage and understood and it brought me such comfort and peace. So I praise The Lord that He gives us sisters in Christ to come along side us and share our hurts as well as joys. Blessings!

  35. i understand the whole birth story thing. i have told my birth stories to people, face to face, but writing them down… so much harder.
    much love to you and your wonderful family. <3

  36. Well said Ginny. I love the new Job pictures! He is lovely. Just lovely. That is what I kept thinking as I looked over the pictures, again and again. Will I really have a beautiful little baby boy again in a few weeks? It seems more of a dream than a soon reality. God is good to give us these precious children isn’t he? He has been so generous with us!

  37. I have to say that he looks just like…well, one of the kiddos! He is so beautiful, and I laughed a little at the trying to get the hang of things. I’m still working on that with our new one, five months later. Bless you and your wonderful family!

    • He does look like the others, at first it felt like deja vu, because he looks so similar to Seth and Keats when they were babies. And you’re right–it does take months and months to adjust–I’m silly to think that we could have any sort of normalcy already!!

  38. Love to you, Ginny. Everything in time, everything for a reason. Sending love and light to your entire beautiful family tonight. From many miles away, under the same starry sky.

  39. I’m so glad to read that you are starting to feel yourself again…please, do remember to take it slowly. I know the temptation to jump back in and get everything done that we let go…take care of yourself and enjoy all 10 lbs of that precious bundle! I also completely respect your desire to keep the birth private…I, too, tend to keep some moments to myself.

  40. Birth stories are some of my favorite to tell, but I was never able to bring myself to share my Ishmael’s birth story on my blog. I could never figure out how to put it in writing. Sometimes those stories are best shared over a hot cup of tea as opposed to written out. God bless you and yours.

  41. I had a 10. Lbs + baby too over 40 years ago with nothing to help so I understand what you experienced but I also know the joy of a bigger baby so take the time to heal and enjoy that beautiful boy

  42. Never apologize for being private. Birth is a private event and you certainly should have your time to heal. Technology encourages us to put it all out there! I respect your desire not too!

    You know my oldest daughter delivered a month before you, her third. Luke was her largest at 9.8lbs. We were in shock! Her largest up until then was 8.6. I think I will ask her about diet although I don’t think it was an issue. She really doesn’t eat that healthy. 🙁

  43. You may be right about the diet. I mentioned to you before that my biggest was 10lbs. 2oz. and that bringing him into this world was the toughest night of my life. I couldn’t talk about it for a long time either, I just wanted to be past it. He’s 6 now, and I managed to have 2 more babies after him for a total of 5, so God did give me the strength to get past my fear of birthing after that. But back to diet; I ate so well with him. My midwife never weighed me, it wasn’t her thing I guess. So I ate very hearty and took a lot of good quality supplements. I think that contributed to the tough birth (as well as the large baby) because my amniotic sack was as tough as leather, it just wouldn’t break! After laboring SO hard for many hours, I finally gave up and went to the ER and the OB carefully broke my water. I really suffered terribly the whole time. And it was also my hardest pregnancy because my sciatic nerve hurt awful. The recovery was my hardest and I spent 3 weeks in bed pretty sick because my body just couldn’t bounce back. I had fevers and mastitis, and I watched my family enjoying summer from my bedroom window. I just wanted to tell you again that I know where you are right now, and that I agree that some things are best left private. They are ours to grieve over and move past. And eventually, we can share with another mom when she may need to hear that someone else understands. xo, Melissa

  44. I love your sentiments and your pictures. Also, I’m so happy you’re feeling more like yourself. Birthing a 10+ lb baby is no easy task, this recovery should be a bit slower. My son was 10 lbs 8oz…my biggest. He was my vbac baby and my all natural baby. His arrival redeemed the birthing process for me, but labor and delivery was still quite the experience. Non of my children came peacefully or without drama :).
    I’m in prayer for you as you continue to feel better and better and get back into your groove.

  45. Adorable group of kids. With them all sitting in the window it reminds me of “The Cat in the Hat” just before “the cat” arrives. Glad to hear you’re feeling better. I gave birth to a 10 lb baby too … 15 years ago … and luckily(?) it was a quick 2 hour birth. If you had a prolonged birth with that size baby … well, you deserve a medal. Job is heartmelting with those serious little newborn eyes. Take care, Wendy x

  46. Job is such an old soul, he’s been here before. little wise eyes

    • this comment impressed me so much. I’m not an english speaker so I took it literally. But it’s just a metaphore, right? a beautiful one, by the way.
      And indeed, Job seems to be a very analytic baby 🙂 He does indeed have wise eyes 🙂

      • Hi Ramona, no it wasn’t a metaphor – I believe in Reincarnation. I do understand I am writing in a community here that may have different beliefs but everyone has the right to understand things differently. In my eyes, Little Job has a soul much older than his human form, one that has lived many stories already.
        Ginny, you have such gorgeous and gentle children.

  47. It is perfectly understandable, good and OK to know what to share and what not to on one’s blog. Respecting what you know is true for you in this is vital. Your pictures are beautiful. I am glad you are slowly feeling better. I am sorry you had a hard go of it but am so glad that God and His Angels were and are with you. Will light a candle for you all again today!

  48. Hi Ginny, I just wanted to tell you how much I love reading your blog. I live in England, am a Christian, and am 35 and married with four children (1 girl -10 – and 3 boys – 8, 6 and 22 months). Your words and outlook and values resonate with me so much; I wish I lived up the road and could sit and knit with you! But as it is I send you my support and best wishes and encouragement. You are a beautiful mama (and I think, a kindred spirit). God bless you x love from Hannah

  49. He sure looks bigger than the usual newborn! He hardly looks like a newborn at all, so big and round face. He’s lovely!

  50. A beautiful post – and great photos. Love seeing all of your children nurturing Job! What a lucky little baby to have oodles of hugs and love! Enjoy the coming holidays – and take care of you while caring for your darlings!

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