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I finished up Silas’ hat over the weekend.  This was a fun knit; the pattern was easy to memorize and quick to finish.  Silas really likes it, but as I type this it is occurring to me that I have no idea where it is now.  I guess I better start looking.  I am pleased with it because it fits Silas well and the folded brim in bulky weight wool (from Brambleberry Yarns) should keep his ears warm.  Somehow I have entered the land of brown hat knitting, having finished one for Jonny and one for Silas, and now Keats has requested one (in the brown yarn pictured above–tosh vintage in Fig) and I have plans to knit another for our priest (also in dark brown!)  I will have to break that up somehow with something bright!

Job is wearing all of the things that I knit for him and it makes me so happy.  The blue gown still has plenty of room, so it should fit for awhile.  I will echo what many of you said, thank goodness I knit things on the big side for him!

I added our Advent and Christmas reading list to the sidebar.  I can’t believe that Advent begins in less than a week!  Are you ready?  I’m not!  I received an email this week asking me what some of my favorite gift ideas are, things that we have that I would recommend.  Of course my mind went totally blank in the face of the question.  I’m trying though.  I may just have to post things as I think of them, but I’ll include a few ideas here:

I think that Keva maple planks are the single most played with toys that we own, and I say this having had them for over five years.  I can’t say enough good things about these very simple blocks that appeal to a very wide range of ages.  The ones that I linked to are actually made in the U.S. versus the pine planks that are imported.

A close second would be wooden train tracks and trains.  I don’t have the set that I linked to here, but they look like a really good value.  I bought all of ours about ten years ago when Seth was a toddler.  Now Silas is playing with them and the older boys will still sit down and build tracks as well.

Pattern blocks are really popular with my kids and have always been.  We recently bought this bamboo mosaic puzzle (in the photos above) and my kids are having a lot of fun with it.

If I had to name the item most played with by my girls it would have to be play silks.  They are always in use it seems.

For the knitter, I always recommend a Yarn swift (I have that one in walnut and like supporting this family business) and yarn ball winder (I don’t have this model, but I can’t recommend the one I have b/c Jonny has had to rebuild it several times.  Were I to buy a new one, I would purchase the one I have linked to here.)** updated to add:  This yarn ball winder is also available on Etsy here’s the link.

And finally, I have the midsize wooden drying rack from Homestead Drying Racks and absolutely love it.  Ours is in daily use, mainly for drying wool items and other things that don’t go in the dryer.  It is really well made and sturdy.  Silas climbs on it like a jungle gym.  My only problem is that even with the midsize rack, I don’t have a great place to store it, because it is really big!

I’ll list more at the end of posts over the next few weeks as I think of things….