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Because it’s the word of the year

(photo by Silas)

Last week, my friend and midwife, Parveen visited.  She, Jonny, and I were sitting on our bed fussing over Job, when she pulled him next to her and held up her phone to take a photo.  She said to Job, “Let’s take a selfie.”  For some reason I just died laughing.  I’ve heard the term “selfie,” and I know what it means, it’s just not part of my vocabulary.   To hear my British midwife use it and then make silly faces with my baby for photos was just hilarious to me.  Jonny, who is much more aware of what is going on in the world than I am, said, “You know, ‘selfie’ is the word of the year.”  Really?

A couple of days later, we took a trip to, you probably already figured it out, Big Meadow.  I needed to go.  We spent nearly the entire day getting ready to leave and ended up only having about an hour of daylight there (in exchange for about five hours total driving time which according to my oldest son, wasn’t worth it.)  A few minutes after stepping onto the meadow Jonny grabbed my camera and held it out in front of our faces for, yes, a selfie.  I think that these must take practice to get the angle right.

The kids ran around playing hide and go seek in the tall grass, their favorite thing to do on the meadow, and Jonny and I took turns with the camera.  We even got some group shots, telling the kids, “Try to look happy for at least one or you don’t get a treat on the way home.”  You know how hard it is to get group photos with children.  They just don’t cooperate.  One day we’re going to be so happy to have these photos.  Even the kids will be glad.  I think that Jonny and I will especially treasure the selfies we took in the ladies bathroom (we were the only ones left in the area) across the street from Big Meadow.  Those are really nice.  Ha.

In all seriousness, that place is healing for me.  I’m so glad we went.  The hour was worth it to me.

(Knits in this post:  Bea’s sweater, Silas’ sweater-that was reworked a bit after the photos on Ravelry were posted to give him more room in the hood, Silas’ hat, Jonny’s hat, my scarf, Job’s hat)