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a day in the life


We’ve been trying to ease back into some sort of a routine this week.  It hasn’t really worked out.  Tuesday was such a crazy day that it was comical.  At the end of the day, I thought it might be amusing to try to document the day in writing, sort of a “day in the life.”  I was interrupted so many times that I quickly gave up on that idea.  Just know that had I written it, it would have been funny.  Thankfully, Job is proving not to be much of a crier, because Silas, Beatrix, and Larkspur have that department well covered at the moment.  Ah, Adjustment.

My recovery has been slower than in the past due to the difficult nature of the last trimester of my pregnancy followed by a very physically and mentally difficult birth.  But, I have turned the corner and am feeling pretty amazing compared to where I was at a month ago.  Jonny has had to work so hard to keep things going here these past few months between his job, the housework I couldn’t do, and helping me with the kids.  I’m so thankful to be moving towards feeling like my old self again.  Jonny and the boys have done a great job, but I probably don’t have to tell you that they don’t do things quite how I do.  I’m not complaining.  I’m just saying, I’ve got some work to do around here.  I promise that I’ll be taking it slow though.

As far as a birth story goes…I’ve never been one to write birth stories.  I wrote Silas’, but that was a first.  I guess we all have certain things that we hold closer and more privately than others.  If I could sit down with you and tell you the story face to face, I would.  But to pour the story of Job’s birth into this blog, I just can’t.  Maybe someday, but not now.  Jonny and I will be processing all that happened for a long time yet.  Some have asked if having a ten pound baby is normal for me.  No!  Before Job, Silas was my biggest baby at 8 lbs 12 oz.  My others have been closer to the eight pound mark.  Trying to figure out just why Job got so big, I think that it’s possible that I ate too much protein–to be specific, too many scrambled eggs!  They were my late night snack of choice, replacing my old pregnancy standby:  Cheerios!  If I were to examine my diet during each of my pregnancies, I would say it was healthiest while I was pregnant with Job.  I didn’t experience cravings.  I didn’t eat a bunch of dessert.  I thought I did really well.  Too well, evidently.

I’ve been getting outside a bit this week, walking around my yard and wondering what happened to fall.  I kind of feel like I missed it.  I don’t feel sad about that, I was just too caught up in the pregnancy to really notice it happening all around me.  I’m looking forward to a cozy winter with a little (big) baby in my arms.