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a very good fifth birthday for bea


Beatrix turned five on Saturday!  I worried so much that I wouldn’t be able to make her day special enough with all the new baby chaos.  In fact, I bought most of her gifts (and too many of them at that) several months ago.  Last year, Beatrix had what we called her “handmade” birthday.  Seth suggested to me that I call this year’s celebration her “commercial” birthday.  Rather than making Beatrix gifts like they did last year, the boys bought her candy.  Larkspur did make her a card and some hair barrettes, but bought her a Snickers bar as well.  I didn’t stay up till the wee hours of the morning sewing her a birthday dress the night before (last year’s handmade birthday dress is lost now anyway.)  This year I ordered her a dress from Land’s End, only remembering to at the last minute.  Thankfully It arrived in time for her birthday (and I think it’s really cute.)  Last year I made Bea a rag doll complete with clothing.  This year I gave her the American Girl doll that I’ve had stashed up in my closet waiting for her birthday.  I don’t point all this out because I am bothered by it, I just think it’s kind of funny, the stark contrast between last year and this one.  The important thing is that Beatrix was thrilled with her birthday.  I think she felt very loved.  In fact, Jonny and I burst into laughter hearing her whisper to Job, “Today is a very special day, because it’s my birthday.”  She doesn’t seem to be struggling in the self esteem department.  She knows she’s special.
And while I didn’t spend hours making gifts ahead of time, Jonny and I did spend much of the day in the kitchen, preparing all the foods that Beatrix requested, starting with biscuits and jam for breakfast.  Birthdays have evolved over the past couple of years to really revolve around food at our house.  It seems that decaf coffee is becoming a tradition as well.  I didn’t realize that Jonny was brewing decaf for the kids, so when I saw him pouring coffee into Silas’ sippy cup, I gasped, “Jonny!  Why are you giving that baby so much coffee?!!”  He just gave me a weird look and reminded me that it was the birthday decaf.  It’s funny, these little traditions that evolve.  Some years we’ll have handmade gifts, some years the gifts will be store bought, but I guess we’ll always have decaf.  It adds to the feeling of being oh so grown up, because five, that’s a whole hand after all.

(Here’s a link to the pink playsilk Bea is wearing.  Larkspur insisted Bea needed a new one for her birthday.  And here’s a link to last year’s birthday photo tribute to Beatrix.)