Archives for November 14, 2013

I remember this


Unkempt, uncombed.  That describes our home and family right now.  Little ones with fast moving dirty bare feet come visiting me in my bedroom throughout the day.  I shout for Jonny while trying to keep Silas’ feet from touching the sheets as he comes climbing in my bed to give Job another kiss.  Jonny’s doing his best to hold down the fort while doing extra chores such as chopping wood and cleaning out the chimney, a really filthy business.  My kids are watching way too many junky cartoons on the computer and generally running wild.  Beatrix’s birthday is Saturday, and today Larkspur “baked” her a gigantic mud pie to start the celebration.  Later, she and Bea set up an office under my desk.

I remember that after Silas was born, Larkspur would climb in bed with us and bring her knitting.  This time she’s bringing her embroidery.  I remember that I can’t for the life of me do a decent job of swaddling a baby.  In my case, practice has not made perfect.  I remember that I always seem to sing “Oh My Darling, Clementine” to my newborns while changing their diapers in an effort to stop their crying, despite not really knowing the words.  Today was the first day I caught myself singing it to Job, drawing on my Alabama roots to give it a good twang.  I need to learn all the words and do it right.  Job did get quiet when I started singing, despite the fact that I am the exact opposite of a good singer.  I remember how much I love newborn babies, not that I had forgotten that.