October Scarf

After working on those little lace repeats for a couple of months, I finally finished my scroll lace scarf last weekend.  The back and forth knitting once you finish the lace works up really quickly.

I love this pattern, and love the Orange Flower Yarn that I used (MCN light sport in Copper.)  I loved laughing while Jonny tried to help me arrange the scarf to cover my protruding belly button while he took these photos, saying “You don’t want anyone asking about your third nipple.”  No, of course not. (Thanks, Jonny!)

As a matter of fact, I did have an elderly librarian recently approach me pointing to my belly button, saying, “They never tell you that’s going to happen…”  I just laughed and said, “No they don’t!” not being the type to discuss things like that with strangers typically and finding it all kind of hilarious.


  1. I am not a big scarf fan (hate the feeling of things around my neck), but this on is stunning!! I think I would even try to wear it! Love the color too. You look beautiful! Can’t wait to meet the next little one, virtually of course! 🙂

  2. You look incredibly beautiful.
    Sending smooth delivery prayers to you,

  3. Oh, Ginny! You’re SO lovely. And that scarf is gorgeous. The color, the pattern…autumnal perfection. 🙂

  4. Oh that scarf is amazing. So perfect for Autumn!

  5. Funny story! (I was shocked when my belly button never went back in afterward!! They really never tell you that could happen, but I’ve never heard it happen to anyone else, so maybe I’m the only one!)

  6. Jenny, the scarf is beautiful…as are you. And it looks simply stunning on your gorgeous bump. I’m praying for you in these coming days and weeks on the arrival of your newest little one. I also love seeing all the new handknits! I love it!
    Blessings to you,

  7. LOVE the scarf! It is beautiful!! And so are you!

  8. You look beautiful! I love the photo of you smiling. Your new scarf is lovely.

  9. SO pretty.
    (You and the scarf.)

  10. What a beautiful scarf! I think that is a great color and it looks lovely on you. Might have to add that one to the eternal never ending to knit list 🙂

  11. Ginny, you look absolutely beautiful! I know it’s cliche, but you are glowing!!!!

  12. I love the scarf! But I have to ask…what kind of shoes are those? lol. Are they comfy? I need new work shoes!

    • They are old pull on leather boots made by Keen. They don’t make them anymore and I truly regret not having bought a second pair when I bought the first!

      • Jenny, have you looked on Sierra trading post? They have tons of previous season keens at close out prices. Your boots may be there…or at least something comparable. I was looking myself the other day and they have some really good deals.

        • And my auto correct loves to change Ginny to Jenny. Sorry.

        • That’s okay–my name gets spelled every which way 🙂 I originally bought those boots at Sierra Trading Post–about four years ago I think, so they are sadly long gone. I do need to check for something similar though! I probably have another year with mine before they fall apart.

  13. Gorgeous scarf on a beautiful model 🙂

  14. An impressive shawl, very beautiful and you look so good!

  15. Beautiful scarf! Beautiful Mama! Blessings to you today!

  16. I always love the photography you post. It’s just lovely! And you look stunning! Thanks for sharing. I’m adding this pattern to my queue.

  17. Ginny,

    You are beautiful! And, the scarf looks perfect for fall.


  18. Your scarf is beautiful. You look so young to have a large family but you are doing a marvelous job. I always enjoy reading your posts. God bless.

  19. oh that scarf is so pretty and it’s funny you mentioned that little bit about your hubby and trying to “hide” your belly, because I was thinking how beautiful you look in these pictures. Can’t wait to “meet” the new little one.

  20. Oh pretty scarf! I don’t know how you do it all! And yep, I remember a friend talking about taping a penny over her belly button when she was pregnant — seem to remember trying bandaids too ;).
    Blessings & angels,

  21. What lovely photos. Blessings upon you as you await the new bundle of joy.

  22. Ginnie, golly! Just LOOK at how gorgeous you are! I love your belly! Blessings to you all.


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