getting out

Yesterday, I just had to get out, to distract myself, no matter how hard walking is at this point.ย  We visited a favorite local historic home and the girls gathered leaves for dipping in beeswax.ย  It was a beautiful day, and a perfect distraction.


  1. I have just stumbled across your blog, and I am delighted to have found you! It is always nice to find others of like mind. I am anxious to read more.

  2. Fun! Will you guys get trick or treaters, or are you guys too far out of town? Either way, Happy Halloween!

  3. Looks like a magical day Ginny and I’m sure you feel all the better for it too. Katie x

  4. The thought of you giving birth to a new, sweet bundle amidst freshly waxed autumn leaves is so very lovely. Sending many prayers and lovely thoughts your way ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Oh, it’s so close! How exciting and scary. I was thinking of you today, knowing you were hoping the baby wouldn’t come on Halloween but maybe tomorrow…wouldn’t that be special?!

  6. Prayers for you and your anxiously awaiting family. I always thought God made us so uncomfortable right before so that you actually want to go into labor…at least that what helps me get through the waiting. Hang in, there you are a strong woman and a wonderful mother!

  7. Can’t wait for you to have this baby & some walking relief!

  8. Praying for you and thinking of you daily. Your outdoor fun looks so happy and full of sunshine. I just cannot believe how big your children are getting. Especially Beatrix and Silas. I remember you being pregnant with Silas when we were collecting for the Japan people after the earthquake/tsunami. You were such a blessing to so many people with your generous spirit and caring. ( I read your blog faithfully, but don’t comment much).

    I’m heading back to Japan for another visit next week and will be visiting the emergency shelters again. There are still elderly living there that have no place else to go. So sad.

    Happy thoughts though and those are for that blessed little one you carry. May all go well with the birth!


  9. lovely! thinking of you daily and praying! Hoping and praying… ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. So beautiful. What a peaceful and pleasant walk it must have been in spite of your pain. I hope all ends well soon.

  11. Oh my goodness. Love that last REEEEAACHING picture! So sweet! It looks like you had a wonderful time and I know that your children will appreciate one last outing with a mama not distracted and swooning over a newborn.

    After I read your comment a few blog posts back about ” anytime just not on Halloween” I thought- oh boy. Here we go! She is gonna get a Halloween baby! ๐Ÿ™‚ I said the same words with my fourth as his due drew near and so did his sisters’ birthday “I’ll be happy if it is any day BUT her birthday”. Well, I now have what we like to call around here “almost twins”. Same birthday, just a few years apart! ha!

    Lots of love and prayers for you today!

  12. Well…somehow I accidently submitted an incomplete comment. :b

    I was going to say…So glad that you got out and enjoy the distractions! I remember feeling that way, too. It somehow helps all of the active waiting. That series of pictures of Beatrix jumping for leaves…oh my goodness! Prayers and hugs to you, Ginny! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. So

  14. The pictures are beautiful. Thanks for the beeswax dipping pictures. I’ve ordered the beeswax on etsy so I can make some leaf swags with my granddaughters. I sent my daughter-in-law the link to your site since she’s currently babysitting for some children and doing crafts with her pre-kindergarden daughter.

    You must be a super fast knitter. I knit at lunch and at night since my husband works nights and I don’t accomplish what you do. Thanks for keeping up your blog. It’s such a blessing when I get lonely at night and search around.

  15. I love that last picture!!

  16. looks like a wonderful day with all the beautiful fall leaves and the fresh air
    and lunch outside and brisk cool walks…just love your photos and your family…
    praying for you Ginny and baby and family,

  17. I love that picture of Larkspur in the tree! Also, please tell Johnny it was nice to see him in his regular hair. Hehehe….. that wig still has me giggling just thinking about it!

  18. What a blessing of a day! Keeping you in prayer for a safe and happy birth. Love those ginkos – totally worth jumping for!

  19. What wonderful pictures! That house is gorgeous. Good luck in the final countdown. That waiting part is so hard! Excited via the web to meet your newest addition.

  20. Oh those pictures of Bea leaping are priceless! Love them!

  21. … and you will forever be grateful for that fantastic sequence of Beatrix, leaping for Ginko leaves. I do love gingkos. And Beatrix ๐Ÿ™‚ Captures her spirit perfectly.

    Thinking of you, Ginny,


  22. I know this feeling- I’m glad you got out. It’s hard, the waiting- and distractions are good!
    Thinking of you all!

  23. You have such beautiful pictures, always. They are full of life and that is one of the things that draws me to your blog, I’m sure. Try to relax these few last days, everything will take care of itself if your body and mind can relax before the birth. A good book, a bath… whatever it is that calms you down. At least that is what has been true to me. Enjoy your family, it is a beautiful family!

  24. May God bless you in the coming days with health, happiness, and comfort:)

  25. How fun to have a day out with the family before the next little one appears! Have been thinking of you this week – and including you and your family in our daily prayers! Happy Halloween!

  26. I love the pics of Bea leaping.

  27. I know the feeling of these very last days! This is taking me back to where I was last year. I love that last picture, and the girls on the wall with Silas following behind! Ginny, you’re on my mind and in my prayers! xoxo

  28. just loving those jumping underneath the tree trying to grasp a leave shots…oh, to be a child again!

  29. I love the picture sequence! Hang in there!

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