Final Days

During the final days of pregnancy I have a hard time focusing on anything else but the upcoming birth and baby.  My mind becomes suspended in a way.  Everyone else though, they are moving right along, busy busy.  Seth keeps himself occupied with projects lately from dawn to dusk, complaining that his schoolwork is getting in the way.  The other boys are getting near the end of their first season of travel baseball and I am still somewhat shocked by the amount of time this new part of our lives occupies.  Much has fallen to the wayside because of the baseball schedule.  Larkspur has planted a garden in the dirt in our front yard.  Some seeds are in egg cartons, some in little peat pots, some directly in the ground, all labeled with little wooden stakes.  She knows that frost is coming soon, but she just can’t help herself.

I am not able to do all the crazy deep cleaning that I usually do before a baby arrives, so I try to just do one small thing each day towards getting ready.  I want my bedroom and bathroom to be clean and pretty.  I can ignore the rest of the house, right?


  1. Silas is looking so big boy all of a sudden! Ready to be a big brother. 🙂

  2. Loving that they are all so busy, you must be so proud of all of them. I am looking forward to pictures of the new arrival – when it has arrived!

    Loving that they are also knitting. Start em early! 🙂

  3. Yes you can! So excited to see Larkspur is knitting… looking forward to your news of bubs! xx

  4. Such lovely pictures of a lovely family and yes, let the cleaning wait.
    Take care of yourself, don’t be too busy.

  5. I love your pictures – your children are always busy. 🙂

    Hope you find enough time to rest during those final days before the baby arrives. All the best!

  6. yes- don’t deep clean! You have plenty of big kids , though….maybe foster some competition and make a list of things that can be done every day (do dishes, dry dishes, put away dishes, sweep, vacuum, feed animals, etc)- give a quarter for each chore done (or more…or less…) to whomever does the chore with a good attitude

  7. I loved the pics. Looking forward to the baby! Can’t wait to hear all about the childrens reactions.

  8. I can sense the low hum of excitement from this picture series. Even I can’t wait to ‘meet’ him!

  9. I have been reading your blog for awhile now, but oh my, it seems like they have all grown up over night!!

    Many prayers for a safe and beautiful delivery. Can’t wait to “meet” your new family member.

    God bless!

  10. Yes, ignore it. You’ll be managing things from your bed with a nursing baby for a good week or two…. you’ll forget how messy the rest of the house is 🙂 Sending you lots of good thoughts and much love…… I can’t wait to “meet” your new little person here in this space. So exciting <3

  11. I used to wake up my kids past midnight by vacuuming under their beds and frantically tidying their rooms when I was pregnant with my sixth baby. I had it in my head that the midwife would wander through the entire house and check on everything! Of course on the day I just needed a tidy bedroom and a clean bathroom so you are ahead of the game and as we all know with a big family house order is neigh on impossible and even if it is sorted briefly chaos soon descends again so conserve your strength!

  12. My youngest has been gone from the nest 3 years, but I still miss the traveling basketball days. The unkempt house still provides job security though… 🙂

  13. Hey Ginny,
    I’ve been having fun reading your pregnancy posts and guessing at your due date. I’m October 30th, but can’t help but feel this one might be any day now. Will be thinking of you and looking forward to seeing your new little one.

  14. Oh, Ginny, you’re so sweet. 🙂

  15. What is the cool creation Seth is working on in the photos?

  16. Oh Ginny! I wish you were closer…..:) my friend and I clean houses and I would love to help you!
    Your site is just so beautiful and simple. I know you appreciate kind gestures, and I wish I could get to you! 🙂
    So if I can’t help you with my hands, I will pray for all good things for you and your beautiful family. Blessings!

  17. You can absolutely ignore the rest!

    Love these photos-that sunrise (or is it sunset?) is beautiful. Also, when did Silas get so big???

    So excited to meet your new little one.

  18. Praying all goes awesome for your birth & healthy baby! Excited for your family and can’t wait to know the name 🙂

  19. So magical and beautiful as usual. Can’t wait to see the new baby. Wishing you peace and health and happiness.

  20. You can do whatever you want! love the photos of just living and life. I am wishing you a healthy birth experience with little to no pain (God Willing).

  21. The cleaning can always wait; children grow so quickly and the time passes fast, also. Do what you can and take care of yourself. Best wishes!

  22. I completely understand, and I pretty much give up on everything except my bedroom and bathroom. It’s just too hard to keep everything else neat and tidy.

  23. Forget the cleaning….take care of yourself

  24. each stage has its own special things! the end is precious because of all the SLEEP you can get before your nights become tiny-baby-style nights again, and all that that entails. your family is so full and rich, and silas really is a little man now! when did that happen??

  25. You can absolutely ignore the rest of the house! You do what you need to do to feel prepared. And a clean bathroom always makes a person feel good.

  26. I wish I were close enough to be your ” white tornado!” When I was young and having babies, my best friend, who also had 4 would come and clean for me and then I would return for her. Those nesting days are hard even when you feel at your best. Unfortunately my nesting days never go away. I am a constant cleaner and tidier!

  27. Yes! I agree! It can wait. Although, I wish I could go back in time and tell my pregnant self so. I’m amazed how badly that I wanted everything “just so”. I have this bad habit of forgetting that it all works itself out when it’s all said and done. Time. Thank you, Ginny. I needed to remember this again today. 🙂

  28. Yes, please wait on the cleaning. Enjoy your knitting and those wonderful creations your kids make. I cannot tell you how many times I have cleared their “mess” off of the table and later on looked at how lovely- how amazing their creations are…it hurts my heart. It amazes me how often I do not live in the moment but rather live for some moment in the future when everything is nicely put away. That moment has never come, and I regret the moments I wasted by looking forward to it. Enjoy your brood.

  29. Travel baseball ended this past weekend for us and to be honest I am not that sad. It was fun and my son had a blast but it does take up a bunch of time. Of course we got an email yesterday saying practice for the upcoming spring season starts Saturday morning. oh dear…

    Rest, relax and enjoy this special time – there will always be time for cleaning later.

    Or, cleaning could be worked into the lesson plan for a time management lesson. How long do you think it will take to clean the room? how long did it take? why the difference? how can you streamline/change it to take more or less time? What unexpected things did you find while cleaning? Everyone gets a different room or section to clean and answer questions.

  30. It’s nice that your crew are all so absorbed in their own work that (hopefully) you can have some peace as you prepare. Silas looks so much older!

    Blessings to you as you wait out these last days!

  31. I can feel the anticipation in these pictures! When my good friends are close to delivering, I go over and do a “white tornado” on their house: I clean up a storm! I’ll get e-mails throughout the year saying,”Can the white tornado come back today???”. Is there anyone who can do a white tornado on you? Maybe someone close by will read this and think it’s a good idea! Also, Larkspur looks like a good little knitter!!!

  32. Ignore the dirt and enjoy these last days! The dirt will be there waiting for you when you’re ready to tackle it.

  33. Ignore the rest of the housecleaning. The baby won’t mind!

  34. I remember this feeling so well- and I recall using those very words: “feeling suspended.” It is such a blessed time. I miss those days!
    Sending peace for the upcoming birth~

  35. I know exactly what you mean! I am right there with you, well maybe a few weeks behind, as my little one is supposed to make her appearance in the middle of November. But I am feeling the end of pregnancy drawing to a close, and somehow with it a strange sense of suspended animation and thought, yet urgency for completion. Does that even make sense? And I agree with Olivia above, deep cleaning doesn’t last long in a house full of children and pets! Oh well we can try for something, right?

  36. I love the busy-ness of your home. Not the travel ball busy, but the kids diving in and exploring and doing busy. Sending a little prayer your way today that you are able to get the rest you need midst this busyness. I’m excited for you all. xox

  37. It’s hard not to think of it day and night in the final days. So exciting! And scary.
    I can’t wait for Spring to arrive. I will be interested to see which of Larkspur’s plants make it through the winter. Maybe she’ll be pleasantly surprised…

    Deep cleaning is great, but it will just be dirty within a couple days after anyway, right? 😉

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