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The Magic Onions Shop {giveaway}

Today’s giveaway is from Donni of The Magic Onions Shop! In her words:

“Hi, I’m Donni. I am mom to two sunbursts of joy, Kitty who is 9 and Teddy who is 6. They make my life a delight. My Magic Onions Shop is filled with toys and treasures for the natural home.  I make everything by hand using natural and eco-friendly materials.  I’m crazy about needle felting.  I start with a big bunch of colorful, un-spun wool that resembles cotton candy.  With my felting needle, I poke the wool hundreds of times until it takes on the form I am aiming for.  It works because wool fibers have tiny, microscopic barbs, similar to the barbs on a feather.  The sharp felting needle has tiny barbs too… these barbs grab the wool fibers and interlock them, tighter and tighter, until a firm, needle felted shape is achieved.  It’s truly like magic; starting with fluffy wool and ending with a beautiful little something!  I love the gorgeous colors of the wool, the noise the needle makes as it enters the wool, the unlimited possibilities of the things I can make. Felted goodies have such an awesome texture and a warmth that radiates throughout a room.
If you are at all curious and want to give needle felting a try, I have DIY needle felting kits available in my shop, perfect for beginners through to more advanced needle felters.”

Needle Felting Kits : The Magic Onions Shop :
“The holiday season is my favorite time – there are just so many magical decorations and ornaments to be made and each year my kids help me to come up with new designs for the shop.  Everything is inspired by what we see in nature… squirrels, pumpkins, owls, toadstools… delightful woodland goodies that are sure to enchant.  I make gorgeous felted garlands in all shapes and sizes, colorful needle felted acorns and flowers and wonderful felted jewelry.”

Needle Felted Christams Ornaments : The Magic Onions Shop :
“My kids are avid crafters too.  We love to use natural materials in our crafts, things we have collected on walks in the woods like leaves, acorns and pine cones.  The pure joy I see in them when they are working with natural materials inspired me to come up with a new product for the the shop called The Magic Craft Box ~ a new concept in seasonal crafting with children. Each season, I put together a box containing everything you’ll need to co-create 4 nature inspired crafts with your children. All 4 crafts are seasonally themed.  These Magic Craft Boxes are available for purchase in The Magic Onions Shop.  You can purchase a box by the season or you can sign up for a One Year Subscription and have the new crafts mailed directly to your doorstep at the start of each new season.”

Magic Craft Box : The Magic Onions Shop :
Thank you for visiting The Magic Onions Shop : I am truly blessed to be able to do what I love.

You can also find me daily on my blog : The Magic Onions, on Facebook and on Pinterest.

Blessings and magic…

The Magic Onions Shop :

Donni is offering one Small Things reader a $50.00 spending spree in her shop!  In addition, Donni is offering a 10% discount on all purchases Saturday and Sunday, October 26th and 27th.  Use the code SMALLTHINGS at checkout.

For your chance to win, simply leave a comment on this post.  Comments are closed and the winner is Danna:  “Oh! We could have too much fun with that!! So fun!!”

Thanks, Donni and The Magic Onions Shop!

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