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important things


Our entire house is pretty much a big mess, but I don’t care.  Let’s say that it is all sparkly clean and tidy before the baby arrives.  Once he’s born, I’ll be in bed with him upstairs, while the kids make fresh messes downstairs.  So really, we’re beyond the point where there is any reason to try to make everything perfect.  Our bedroom on the other hand is almost totally ready. We’ve even pulled all the books down off of the shelves and dusted them. We cleaned out under the bed–just everything. We finally took the big plunge into official window coverings, trading in blankets hanging over windows at night for roller shades. I have no idea why we didn’t do that sooner. It’s made such a difference, being able to wake up in the morning and open the shades and let the light in. I ordered pretty baskets to store things in: important things like newborn diapers and skeins of yarn. There is a stack of books by the bed, so I’ll have plenty of reading material: The Dirty Life, Angle of Repose, The Worst Hard Time: The Untold Story of Those Who Survived the Great American Dust Bowl, The Yarn Whisperer, The Knitter’s Book of Socks, To Kill a Mockingbird, and Knitter’s Almanac.

The balloon baby pants and the blue gown are both finished. When the boys saw the finished gown, Gabe asked me, “Is that for Silas?”  I guess it is a little big.  I asked Keats to hold up the balloon pants so I could take a picture.  He was preoccupied but still commented, “These are huge.”  Maybe so.  The green milo vest that I knit for Silas is also super big and will definitely fit him better next winter.  I guess I’m just knitting everything on the big side lately.  Thankfully, some people remember that newborn babies are actually small.  Sweet Gretchen sent me that adorable pair of little striped baby booties.

The farmer’s market had a deal going on apples.  I got an entire box full of Cameo’s for twenty dollars, which is a great deal.  Cameos are my favorite.  Stocking up, going big, that’s my theme here.

Last night was our first really cold night and today it’s still really chilly.  Jonny, who might be having some sort of a hair crisis (first time with a beard and moustache of sorts and today he was wearing his wig, the one he’s had since high school,) set up our little lost swarm in the currently empty hen house.  They can come and go as needed through the little chicken door.  We do have the queen bee and since we didn’t want to squish her, we are going to try our best to help this weak little colony overwinter.  The hen house itself is insulated, and Jonny insulated the hive as well and set it up so that we can feed them all winter.  We have high hopes!  Our other two colonies look good.  It will be so exciting if we have bees make it through this winter!

So, I guess between having our bedroom and the bees all set, we’re ready to have a baby.  Keats and Gabe have their last baseball tournament of the season this weekend.  It’s local, and I’m sort of hoping to be able to go to at least one of the games.  We’ll see.

Oh, and most importantly, yesterday Jonny and I celebrated the fifteenth anniversary of our running off to the mountains together to get married next to a waterfall in our sneakers when we were far too young and foolish to understand what we were getting into.  To celebrate Jonny made cupcakes and bought me flowers.   We just kept looking at each other all day and shaking our heads and smiling.  No regrets of course, but we had no idea…oh my goodness, we’re about to have seven kids.