Archives for October 21, 2013

Final Days

During the final days of pregnancy I have a hard time focusing on anything else but the upcoming birth and baby.  My mind becomes suspended in a way.  Everyone else though, they are moving right along, busy busy.  Seth keeps himself occupied with projects lately from dawn to dusk, complaining that his schoolwork is getting in the way.  The other boys are getting near the end of their first season of travel baseball and I am still somewhat shocked by the amount of time this new part of our lives occupies.  Much has fallen to the wayside because of the baseball schedule.  Larkspur has planted a garden in the dirt in our front yard.  Some seeds are in egg cartons, some in little peat pots, some directly in the ground, all labeled with little wooden stakes.  She knows that frost is coming soon, but she just can’t help herself.

I am not able to do all the crazy deep cleaning that I usually do before a baby arrives, so I try to just do one small thing each day towards getting ready.  I want my bedroom and bathroom to be clean and pretty.  I can ignore the rest of the house, right?