Archives for October 17, 2013

October Scarf

After working on those little lace repeats for a couple of months, I finally finished my scroll lace scarf last weekend.  The back and forth knitting once you finish the lace works up really quickly.

I love this pattern, and love the Orange Flower Yarn that I used (MCN light sport in Copper.)  I loved laughing while Jonny tried to help me arrange the scarf to cover my protruding belly button while he took these photos, saying “You don’t want anyone asking about your third nipple.”  No, of course not. (Thanks, Jonny!)

As a matter of fact, I did have an elderly librarian recently approach me pointing to my belly button, saying, “They never tell you that’s going to happen…”  I just laughed and said, “No they don’t!” not being the type to discuss things like that with strangers typically and finding it all kind of hilarious.