Archives for October 14, 2013

Found Them

A little over two months after one of our beehives swarmed, we found our swarm.  Actually, Gabe is the one who found them.  He came inside from playing in the backyard and excitedly told Jonny, “I found the bees!”

Evidently the bees moved from the original tree they landed in, to one maybe fifty feet away–so very close.  They must have been concealed by leaves for us to have missed them.  And those silly bees, they decided to just start drawing out comb right there on the high branch they landed on.  So basically, they were doomed.  I suspect they would have died the first cold night that comes our way.  They may still die.  It was an ordeal for Jonny to get them out of the tree (in the drizzle and rain no less–it has been raining here for a week or so) and we don’t yet know if we have the queen.  Honestly, it would be better if we don’t because then we will just carefully combine all these bees with the ones in the original colony that they left.  If we do have a queen, we should squish her and recombine as well, but Jonny and I probably aren’t queen squishers.  So Jonny is coming up with all kinds of plans to try and overwinter this weak little colony that has basically nothing.  We’ll see.