Archives for October 8, 2013

Little Red


I get asked sometimes about how I photograph my kids, generally speaking.  I am not a huge fan of portrait type photos, just my personal preference.  I like photographs of my kids just being themselves, doing whatever it is that they are doing.  Most of them don’t even notice my camera anymore or they are just really good at ignoring me.  And while it must seem like I am constantly taking photographs, I’m actually not.  My camera is usually tucked away in its case.  My kids like to have me photograph their projects or good finds (“Get a picture of this snake, Mommy!”) and that is oftentimes why I get it out out to begin with.

I did ask Larkspur to wear her new Phoebe’s Sweater so that I could take photos of it for my Ravelry page.  This is usually what I do to get photos of finished knits, so an exception to my typical photos.  Photographing knits on older children is sort of difficult though.  I mainly get photos of the back of garments.  Larkspur doesn’t have the same “Look at me!” personality that Beatrix does.

Anyway, here it is!  I knit this sweater in Quince & Co. Osprey yarn in the Winesap colorway, which is an absolutely beautiful red.  I don’t think my photographs do it justice.  (I find taking photos of anything red to be a challenge.)  Because the Osprey is technically an aran weight yarn rather than a bulky one, this sweater isn’t as dense as Larkspur’s last one.  It really is pretty though and I thoroughly enjoyed knitting with the Osprey.

This was the biggest project on my Fall knitting to do list, and I am so pleased to have it finished!  Larkspur loves it and I know she’ll be wearing it all winter.

(The pattern can be purchased here.)