Welcome to the Jungle

Otherwise known as the fall garden.

Amidst the weeds there is some food there:  mainly sweet potatoes, butternut squash and a few pie pumpkins.

The sunflowers are nice, and if you want marigolds, I’ve got plenty.

Now I’m just laughing because I can’t think of anything else to say about this overgrown mess.  Again, please note the lovely sunflowers.  The end.  (till spring?)


  1. Do you save the sunflower seeds?

  2. So glad to see reality instead of picture perfect gardens at this fall season! My banana squash plants took over half of my garden this year actually taking down the 12 foot sunflowers and over the fences the runners went! It was like kudzu in the south! Got a lot of squash though!

  3. The lush-ness is beautiful! 🙂 I only have herbs in pots by the back door (and a few of them aren’t looking so good…) (sjn821)

  4. I think your garden looks great actually. My garden is literally a jungle right now. Before my husband passed away a few years ago, we had a fairly large garden for an urban area. I’ve never been much on working outdoors, I wilt fast in the heat. But he would prep and plant and weed. I would harvest and cook and preserve. Since he passed, we have not used the garden, nor have we maintained it at all. There are huge weed trees and it is just completely overgrown. As much as I’d love to try gardening again next year with the kids, the idea of cleaning out that mess is so overwhelming. I might try to put that cleanup on our fall to-do list anyway, see how much progress we can make. Maybe I’ll be posting my fall garden pics next year.

  5. Oh, how I love these pictures! Our garden turned jungle awhile ago. We’re actually making plans to switch our garden next year to more of a layout similar to yours, with some sort of pathways between beds. I just got “Carrots love Tomatoes” or something like that, and we want to try some more companion garden techniques. I figure if you’re pulling out a crop, it doesn’t matter what it looks like!

  6. I think it’s beautiful. I live in a concrete jungle right now – ok, it’s the beautiful city of Boston, but still, your jungle looks like paradise to me! 🙂

  7. Yes, the sunflowers – I should also say, the photos of the sunflowers – are fabu! And so many sweet potatoes! If you need ideas for those, I substituted them for the regular potatoes in a salmon patty recipe. I liked them much better.

  8. My husband joked this year about how he had to plow our garden with the weed eater!!! We had so much rain, we couldn’t get in the garden to gather what little produce we had!! Thanked God for what we managed to salvage, though!! Love your sunflowers!!

  9. I am really considering using space in my flower garden next year for veggies!

  10. You are so awesome. So happy to get to read a blog that doesn’t sugar-coat (too much, anyway). Love your sense of humor about this messy life!

  11. Tee hee that is exactly how my garden looks at the moment too. I keep finding produce!

  12. Love the pics the sunflowers are beautiful. Just enjoy. God be with you.

  13. Lovely pics. Do you make sweet potato fries in the oven? Just wash, peel, slice like homestyle potatoes, drizzle with little olive oil and small amount brown sugar. Turn oven up pretty high turn part way through. They’re wonderful.

  14. Holy moly sweet potatoes!! That’s awesome!

    The sunflowers are so beautiful! You can have fresh flowers for weeks! I’m jealous. It’s a cool jungle. With flowers and food. I would totally want to get lost in there.

  15. lol!! I could have posted the exact same thing! I call mine the weed patch that we get a few vegetables from. I can’t even find the onions. I think you are getting more veggies from yours though. Pregnant summer for me as well. Here’s my question, now what do we do with all those weeds? Mow it down this fall? Or spring?

  16. LOVE, love, love the sunflowers! I know that Meg Ryan’s character in “You’ve Got Mail” says that daisies are the friendliest flower, but I think it should be added that sunflowers are the happiest flower. They always make me smile. 🙂 Oh, and I really want your sweet potatoes.

  17. Enjoy, every stage has its beauty!

  18. Thank you for sharing your jungle. I needed this little walk through your garden this morning.
    God love you, Ginny.

  19. You don’t have to say anything..the pictures are enough….just
    beautiful!!!! I love your garden, weeds and all!!!
    loooooooove those sunflowers!!!!!

  20. That’s the beauty of a fall garden. You don’t have to work–just gather. I’ve loved sitting back this fall and just heading out when I need something for dinner. And I think even the messy garden is beautiful–especially lined with flowers.

  21. The title of your post caused an instant ’80s flashback, Guns N Roses. It’ll be in my head all day! Beautiful pictures. I envy your garden space.

  22. The sunflowers and marigolds are beautiful! Enjoy them!

  23. Beautiful. That’s the life cycle of a garden alright. Thank you for sharing. Looking in on your world always makes me smile.

  24. We call our garden our jungle as well – completely out of control. And we don’t have lovely sunflowers to redirect attention! They are so lovely! Do you have a particular end of season routine in terms of how you put your garden to sleep for the winter?

  25. Would love to come and visit you! You have such a cozy and beautiful garden… Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures.

  26. Those sunflowers ARE amazing! Such a lovely jungle you have. And the piles of food! Fantastic!
    How oh how do you keep the deer away?

  27. Thanks for the pics Ginny. I’m a city girl now and miss my big garden. Even the jungle phase!

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