Little Spruce Organics {winter woolens giveaway}

Fall has arrived along with cooler temperatures in my neck of the woods, and I thought this would be a perfect time to invite Bethany from Little Spruce Organics to share a bit about her business and specifically woolens for babies and children:

Little Spruce Organics is a small, family-run business that offers a unique selection of organic wool & cotton apparel for babies and children, organic cloth diapering products, breastfeeding apparel, and natural toys.

We specialize in woolens for babies and toddlers and are committed to carrying only apparel & cloth diapering products that are made from organic and natural fibers.

We love woolens for babies and children for so many reasons! Wool is nature’s perfect fiber for bundling up your little ones for the winter months. There is no better way to keep your child at a consistent temperature while playing outside in the cold and snow, going for walks, hiking and camping, riding in the stroller, sleeping, and just about anywhere! Wool is excellent for playing outdoors on damp, chilly days because even after becoming wet, wool will absorb a great deal of moisture before feeling wet or cold.

Unlike synthetic long underwear, a high quality wool base layer still allow your child’s skin to breathe, preventing your child from overheating or sweating. This is excellent for newborn babies who are unable to regulate their internal temperature or let us know when they feel too hot or too cold. This also makes wool excellent for sleeping- babies and children sleep so comfortably in wool.

A lovely single-knit wool shirt or leggings are perfect for use either as an underwear layer or even just on their own. For very chilly days, a snug layer of wool or a wool/silk blend will keep your child insulated underneath regular clothing. Wool outer garments, such as jackets, buntings, pants, sweaters, hats, and gloves are wonderful for winter as well and work wonders against the elements.

On our blog we provide information on the benefits of natural fibers, instructional articles on cloth diapering and using wool cloth diaper covers, as well as a glimpse into our family life. We invite you to visit our Facebook page as well!

Today we are giving away a pair of Engel Organic Merino Wool Leggings to one winner.

In addition, we are offering 15% off of your purchase with the coupon code “LT15”

For your chance to win, please leave a comment on this post.  One comment per person please!  Comments will close and a winner will be selected via random number generator on Monday, September 23.  The winner will be announced within this post and notified via email.

Comments are closed and the winner is Brooke:  “Thanks for the giveaway! Woolies are the best!”

Thanks, Little Spruce Organics!

Little Spruce Organics


  1. I am looking forward to using wool on my newborn, due in December!

  2. Those all look so cozy and snuggly! I love putting my babies in wool in the cold winter months!