Friday Ramble

Today is Jonny’s birthday!  I made pies last night (chocolate eclair pie from The Grit cookbook–He wants that one every year.  It’s soooo good), his gifts are hidden in my closet, and I even made a breakfast casserole last night that could be popped in the oven this morning to save him from his usual job of cooking breakfast.  Considering how non productive I have felt lately, I feel pretty good about all of that.  I am hoping to make him a batch of samosas tonight for dinner.

Larkspur had a pet baby brown snake for about a week before letting it go.  She adored it and named it Francis, for the pope I can only assume.

In an effort to entertain Beatrix and Silas with more than just Starfall this week, I made a bunch of recipes from The Artful Parent (actually Jonny even helped during one late night session.) There’s been air dry clay, fingerpaint, cloud dough, and play dough of both the cooked and uncooked variety.  I was reminded that after a decade or so of making homemade play dough, I am no longer able for some reason to make a  batch of the cooked stuff that doesn’t end up being a big sticky mess.  Somewhere along the way I just lost that skill.  It’s kind of weird.  Anyway, I’ve spent most of the week with white flour smeared across my already very conspicuous stomach.

As far as pregnancy goes, I realize that I only have two pairs of maternity pants that aren’t totally uncomfortable.  I refuse to buy more at this point.  It’s going to be a month of high fashion for me as I alternate between deep teal and brown velour elastic waste maternity pants.

I pulled a bunch of yarn from my stash hoping to accomplish lots of knitting over the next month, but I am having a hard time making decisions and settling down with any real focus.  I started a Milo for Silas yesterday, and since it’s something he actually needs, I will maybe just focus on that for a few days while I try to decide what I want to have finished before the baby comes.  I’ve got a month.  That last photo is of about 440 yards of sport weight baby alpaca that I have had for years.  It is incredibly soft and such a nice blue.  I found a very pretty baby blanket on Ravelry that someone knit from the same yarn (with the same yardage,) but I am not sure I have the attention for that right now.  Any ideas?


  1. I knit my best friend a zig-zag blanket with self striping yarn, but it was a mix of garter and stockinette, so I think it would also work with a solid yarn. I can’t access Ravelry at work, so you’ll have to check out my project page for the pattern link. It was a freebie, easy, but not too boring! (sjn821)

  2. Loved the pics, but still can’t like the snakes. good you taught your children better.

  3. I will definitely have to check out that cookbook. It looks great.

    I’m trying to pick a new knitting or crochet project myself right now. Spent the last week frantically crocheting three cloche hats with crochet flowers attached. I made my daughter one to go with the poncho I made for her a while back. She wanted to make them for her friends birthday party today. Got them done early this morning, just in time. Was worried about if the girls would like them or would be less than impressed with a handmade present. But, when I picked up my daughter after the movie they went to, the 3 birthday girls were all wearing their hats. Success! The hats were a pretty quick project and didn’t use a lot of yarn, but they use a bulky yarn, no sport weight. I did just make myself some fingerless mittens with a sportweight yarn. Found the pattern on Ravelry.

    Now I just have to decide what to do next, too.

  4. Which recipes do you use for the breakfast casserole and samosas? Thanks! God bless.

  5. I used to love The Grit cookbook, but somehow I forgot about it over the years! I’m going to my shelf right now to find it again- thanks for the reminder!!

  6. A very Happy Birthday to Jonny! May theevening be filled with wonderful memories of family and fun.

    As the summer ends, that first picture really captures how much Silas has grown….he looks like a little boy now and not a toddler. While I will miss the wonderfully expressive toddler, I love seeing him running after the big kids, wiggling himself into the group to see what’s happening. He is all boy.

  7. happy birthday jonny 🙂
    love your mantle o yarn ginny, and i bet you are looking truly beautiful in these last months, no matter what you wear!

  8. How about a sleep sack for that yarn? Just a little variety on a blanket. Alpaca would be nice and cozy!

  9. I don’t know if New Little Man needs another sweater, but I think this one is so cute:
    I just love a nice squishy garter project! 🙂 And I can imagine this with some Sitting Tree buttons. You’d have leftover yarn, maybe for a little baby beanie?
    But I’ve always thought the Baby Chalice blanket is pretty, too. I can’t wait to see what you decide to do!
    Happy Birthday, Jonny!

  10. Although it’s a pretty little baby blanket, I am always concerned that baby fingers would become tangled in a lace pattern like that. Does anyone have experience with that? Maybe I’m worried for nothing. I always think Milo is a fun knit, so agree with you on that one! Oh yes, love Larkspur’s snake story and pictures! Little expressions of wonder on Silas’ face is adorable! Happy Birthday Jonny!

  11. No ideas from here, but I’m going to watch the comments and see what other people suggest. We already have 3 babies on tap in our circle next year, so I’m itching to start planning.

  12. I love that top picture of the 3 of them. And Beatrix with the bun. She looks so old! Francis the snake <3 He would love that.

  13. What samosa recipe do you use? I’ve never tried it, but googled it and now I’m craving it!!

  14. Happy Birthday Johnny! Your plans for him sound so sweet! Breakfast?! Eclairs?! Awesome!

    I love seeing Beatrix’ hair in a ponytail/bun. She looks so cute!

    If you haven’t already, please please please knit a baby hat! There is almost nothing cuter to me than a tiny baby with a cute tiny hat. Sigh. I want a baby! 🙂

  15. I just finished the baby chalice blanket (my husband’s niece is expecting her first baby next month). It was a very quick and easy knit and didn’t’ take long at all! I recommend it

  16. Martha Stewart’s recipe for playdough is the best! 🙂 The cream of tartar is a must though….. found out the hard way. 😉

  17. What about the garter rib baby blanket? Looks easy but interesting and a simple one to fix if you knit something wrong??

    I just dug through my yarns and have oodles of ideas but I did not writing any of them down, so now I’ll have to do it again. Poor me 😉

  18. I’ve gone back and forth about that same blanket. It’s lovely and I know any baby will squish it forever but I get so bored with blankets. ::sigh::

    I need to start knitting baby things again (no, I’m not pregnant)…..but I just haven’t.

  19. Well, happy birthday to Jonny! It sounds like you are well prepared for it.
    Your children are so adorable with that little snake, but I must say that I am
    most inspired by that Fall mantel photo…that mantel with all that yummy wool on top of it!
    It’s just the best Fall mantel I have seen yet!…love the pictures behind the wool too!
    I am so glad to hear you are able to be up and around and doing some things still.
    One more month….you’re almost there!

  20. I love the Chalice blanket. I knitted one a few years back for my best friend in a really pretty goldenrod color. It was a fast and simple knit and such a pretty finished product. I highly recommend it! 🙂

  21. Sounds pretty productive to me, Ramble on, I love to read it!

  22. I’ve just had my 3rd baby one month ago- but the first born since I have become a Knitter.! I have a little stack of knits- only time will tell which are the most useful but the darling (free!) pattern for a heart warmer, called Larkrise (which obviously adds even more aptness to you in more than one way) has been fantastic. It’s just semisweet and vintagey looking- and useful- a key point i keep reminding myself!

    Also- I had pretty bad SPD this time. Was immobilised. It was v hard at first but you adjust and it’s ok. So I’m empathising with you and wishing you well. Getting comfy in bed must be well nigh impossible at this point for you.

    Love seeing your baby-knit choices… Keep em comin.

  23. Happy birthday to Jonny. Birthday’s are so much fun, and it’s all because of the cake!

    I am about snaked out in my home, but then all the snakes we have been seeing are poisonous. I broke my long standing rule and got a cat yesterday to help with the snake problem.

  24. Sounds like you were very productive:) SO a month left? I think we need some belly pics. Hope you’re feeling well.

  25. Oh the sweetness! I am all over the place with my knitting right now, too. I have way too many projects started but with all the stress going on right now I just can’t seem to stop!
    I am casting on another milo for my Little L, too. He just out grew his “one skein warmth” one that I adore.

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