Big Brother

Keats and Gabe have baseball practice two nights each week.  For the first couple of weeks, Jonny took all six kids to the practices because everyone wanted to go and it gave me some quiet evenings.  A couple of weeks in, Seth decided it was boring and decided to stay home with me.  Larkspur soon followed suit as she realized that staying home meant special time with me.  However, I noticed on one recent evening that it might not just be me she was hoping for some time alone with.  Seth doesn’t appreciate the fact nearly enough, if he even realizes it, that he is adored by most of his younger siblings.  On this particular evening I heard her ask him if he wanted to go outside and play only to be rejected by his words, “No, I’m reading.”  She lingered near me until Seth changed his mind, remembering a grass fort that had been started earlier in the day.  They headed outdoors into the twilight to work on it.  Eventually I shuffled myself out to watch them.  I overheard Larkspur saying to Seth, “What if you had a fourteen year old sister and you wanted her to play with you and she said she wouldn’t until she finished reading her page.  Wouldn’t that be boring?”  I am not sure if she was referring to Seth’s bookworm habits or if she was trying to make her 7 year old self seem more fun than an older sister would be.  Seth replied, “Or even worse would be a fourteen year old sister who wouldn’t come and play until she was finished putting on her make-up.”  They both laughed and I saw the sparkle in Larkspur’s eyes, so grateful for this bit of attention and camaraderie with her older brother.  It may have been a brief half hour or so that they spent working together, but it will be an evening that she remembers.


  1. Love it! So sweet. Such great pictures of them having fun together. And that fort is so awesome!

  2. This is sooooo sweet. Love it.

  3. Such good memories. Love the pics.

  4. Such sweetness Ginny! Larkspur’s delight is evident in your photos!
    You, and that so growing baby in belly, and all your dear family, are in my thoughts.
    (Maybe I will manage an email before baby arrives!)
    Lots of love to you,
    Renee <3

  5. Simply beautiful. Thank you.

  6. I love this post!! I am the older sibling to seven year younger sister. I remember these times. I had a question on your photos. Do the kids notice you are taking them? They always seem so natural and unaware you are snapping away.

  7. Oh, I wish I had an older brother. To this day, I wish I had an older brother !

  8. So lovely–the sweet sibling camaraderie and your pictures…

  9. Now that is sweetness. I have noticed my two younger kids have bonded a bit this week for some reason. They’ve been walking around outside together, just talking, walking side by side. Now that warms a mother’s heart.

  10. beth lehman says:

    oh, so special. the best part of having kids is watching their relationships with each other. and when it’s good… it’s SO SO good. (and these images in dim light are fantastic!)

  11. cirila cerilo says:

    adorable! You have a beautiful family.

  12. Ginny,
    The way you present your images…the sequencing of events… always tells the story perfectly. As a dance/choreographer major (oh so long ago) I enjoy it.

  13. Such a cute little story of a memory being made. Also, bravo on your in-focus dusk pictures. Don’t know how you pulled those off!

  14. Hi. I’ve been reading your blog here intermittently for the last few months (blame Mary at Better Than Eden :]), and all of your posts are lovely, but this one is very special, I think. I have an older brother (8 years older) and I remember being that annoying little sister and every little bit of attention he gave me when we were younger is burned into my memory like a treasure. Your daughter is going to love these pictures when she’s older.

    Now I’m the older sister with two younger sisters (8 years younger – not sure how that happened again), and trying to be more cognizant of the kind of relationship they want with me. They’re at that angsty high school phase so it’s hard sometimes, but this is a good reminder of how special sibling relationships can be.

    So thanks.

  15. Love it! Special bonds, I love when they changed their minds and go make memories without planning it.

  16. So so sweet. What a blessing to have siblings to share with!

  17. So very sweet. She is a lucky girl.

  18. How beautiful, Ginny! Keep cherishing those special moments like you do! ~x~

  19. There’s 8 years between Gemma and Sebastian and she still sometimes gets him to have tea parties with her. And it’s always wonderful to behold…

  20. my oldest son is totally adored by all the younger kids. it is so sweet <3
    love those pictures and how they are spending that time together.

  21. I’m sure it’s wonderful to hear these types of comments between your kids. And yay for quiet evenings. 😉 (sjn821 on Rav)

  22. Don’t you just love it when they get along and actually LIKE each other?! Wish it happened all the time! 😉

  23. that is lovely and so good that you have it here to be remembered.

  24. Haha! He tied the bucket of grass/hay to her and she’s dragging it! Love it! I remember special time with my older sister. She doesn’t, but I do. And for some reason, that’s ok.

  25. I love it that she is wearing a jacket and knitted hat, and he is wearing shorts, and a short sleeved shirt. A true testament to this time of year and how boys resist the transition to long sleeves and long pants. Great grass fort!

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