to the beach and back

We spent about half of last week traveling to be with family in Myrtle Beach, SC. My dad and his wife moved from New Mexico to South Carolina last year and we haven’t gotten to see them yet so when they invited us to meet them at the beach we were excited.  My sister Sarah and her husband and family would be flying in from New Mexico where they live, and my dad would also be bringing my youngest brother and sister, so it was a good opportunity to see them as well.  We don’t live in easy driving distance of any of our family, so it always feels like a privilege when we do get to see any of them.  I worried that traveling at 7 months pregnant would be hard, and I was right, it was, but it was worth it.  I worried about how my kids would behave because we did a lot of driving for just a couple of days at the beach, but with the exception of major drama the first night everything went really well.  We do have a larger than average family (right?) and I know we can be overwhelming just because of the sheer number of us, so it’s super important to me that my kids behave well.  I want my family to want to see us!  Anyway, it was all very good and I am so glad we went.  I spent most of the weekend in bed after arriving back home late Friday night though, recovering from very sore stomach muscles.  I thought it would be a good idea to play with Beatrix in the ocean, lifting her again and again over the waves.  She was hilarious yelling to me, “Heads up, Mommy!” (I have no idea where she learned that phrase) which was my cue to lift her up as the waves crashed into us.  It seemed like a good idea at the time.  I’m okay now, but I’ll know better next time.

(No, he didn’t just kiss me.  I shamelessly asked him to for the picture!)

That’s my dad with Seth, Gabe, and Keats out in the ocean!  They had so much fun together.

When Keats was three years old he famously cried out to me one day as I was leaving him home with Jonny to do some errands, “Where you go, I go!”  I still think of him as my baby Keatsy.  Now that he is ten years old, he likes to pretend that he isn’t so attached to me anymore.  I know better.

Doesn’t knitting at dusk on the beach sound so nice?  I thought so too.  But don’t be fooled.  I knit about two stitches before Gabe asked me to take him back to the room.  Two days in the ocean wiped him out.  I didn’t mind.  I got to do plenty of knitting in the room and on the drive.

That’s me with my two youngest sisters and my dad.  I miss them already!

(I think I’ll leave out the part of the story about how the six hour drive home stretched to nearly twelve.  That was kind of rough.)



  1. What a great trip looks like it was fun for all. Such sweet pictures.

  2. swooning over that belly hug picture….. so sweet! and the lighting on the knitting in those last few photos is stunning! xo~

  3. We have a grandma in New Mexico and feel so disloyal when we head to Myrtle every year either before or after visiting her. How lucky for you to have your dad at the beach now!

  4. A real Golden day!

  5. Did you guys stay in North Myrtle Beach or in Myrtle Beach proper? We love North Myrtle Beach because of how peaceful it is. 🙂

  6. Looks like you had fun, it’s always good to be able to catch up with family

  7. that kiss photo totally counts *smile*

  8. You’re 7 months along already?! Wow! You look amazing! I wish I looked that lovely at 7 months!

  9. sweet pictures. you look so much like your dad!

  10. Such good pictures, Ginny! You really look like your Dad!

  11. that drive sounds ominious! Beautiful beach photographs… I do love knitting while at the beach – and yes, it does sound more romantic that it turns out! xxx

  12. Just be assured that your children are storing up memories that will seem much larger than the actual time spent, and are truly worth it. My husband used to joke that if you do something a couple of times your kids will later say, ” remember how we always used to ….”. Your kids are going to have pretty fantastic memory banks thanks to you. Well, you will too!

  13. Late last night when all was quiet, I found your blog. When I read about you, I cried. Happy tears as you seemed
    so lovely. After four children, I cry pretty easily. See something lovely, singing in church, watching the children …. After my fourth child, George, I had Post Natal Depression and it was a very dark time for me, so reading about your early struggles was a comfort. Every day becomes such a blessing and you do learn to make more room for the difficult times as they are part of life. Some how that makes the lovely times, lovlier.
    Such a lovely blog

  14. Im so glad you went. It look wonderful in the pictures, and you have a lovely family.

  15. Simply a wonderful post and nice to see you in so many pictures, and so happy!

  16. Reading your blog makes me happy.

  17. Everything so beautiful…love the photos…really love
    the photo of you, your two sisters and your Dad…nothing
    like spending time with family…it all looks so fun
    and I am sure your children will never forget it…sweet
    memories made……

  18. Great pictures! Vacation sounds wonderful. And it’s always so refreshing to see family.

  19. I love, love the colors in these! So pretty.

  20. What a lovely day out, I hope that you are not too worn out after your journey or missing your family too much.

  21. Ginny!!!!! What is up with this photography?!?!?! First of all, your photos are getting RIDICULOUS…in the best possible sense of the word. And where have you been for so long?! I’ve never seen so many photos of you in one post, especially not of your face, and it’s incredible. My favorite picture of you ever is Silas’s kiss ….and you and Keats 🙂 I am inspired to learn photography looking at this post because I think you’re really been able to capture truth through beauty…or beauty through truth…and it’s going to be such an incredible thing when your children are older. You’re retaining an essential part of who they are. I think overall my favorite pictures are of your “big” boys. They’re just at such an awesome age, and I love seeing their independence and interests….

    This post made me super happy and I’m going to come back to it whenever I need a pick-me-up. Thanks.

  22. Our trip home from Delaware ended up with a long unscheduled detour that took an extra hour and a half, so I feel your pain on that one.

    How beautiful you are pregnant and you so don’t look 7 1/2 months. I look like that at three 🙂

  23. Charlotte says:

    Wonderful pics. You all look so happy. Happy memories for everyone i bet!

  24. Christine says:

    I would love the story on the drive…it is those stories that are the most interesting!! Great family photos as always. Your kids are adorable.

    • In this case it wasn’t anything interesting–just lots of bathroom stops (most of them because of me!) and some really bad traffic. We sat for over an hour at one point and only moved two miles. I thought I was going to have to get out of the van in front of all those stopped cars to go into the woods and use the bathroom–the big pregnant lady–it would have been so obvious and so embarrassing. Thank goodness I was able to hold it!

  25. Those pictures of all of you on the beach are so sweet. I especially like the one where Beatrix is touching your belly.. she wanted to pose with her little brother!

  26. What a wonderful day at the beach. Your pictures are beautiful. Blessings for a great week. Heather

  27. It sounds like you had a fantabulous time 🙂

  28. i just love the beach, looks like your family had a great time. must have been wonderful to see all your family. 🙂 and a 6 hour drive turning into 12… esh. that would be a rough one for sure.

  29. You guys look like you are having so much fun I can hardly stand it! I LOVE the picture of Silas with Johnny and of course the one of you getting a kiss!

    Playing in the water was one of my favorite things to do with my mom. We used to go to the pool and I used to ask her over and over again to let me swim through her legs. I’m sorry you’re store, but so glad you got to play with Beatrix!

    Your family is so beautiful! I think your dad kind of looks like Tom Hanks! Just me?

  30. Silas doesn’t have a pink swim shirt anymore 🙂 It looks like such a fun trip. I am so glad to hear you had a wonderful trip visiting your family. Hopefully the 12 hour ride was a good chance to get some knitting done.

    • I know–I had to order him a proper bathing suit because the bottom we had to go with the pink swim shirt was a blue polka dotted skirt and it was just too ridiculous. **lots of knitting :)**

  31. Just lovely Ginny! Beach vacations and family are the best was to end a summer! With taking care of so many grandchildren now, I am curious as to what kinds of cars large families use. We are considering making another purchase. Can you share?

  32. Lovely photos, looks like so much fun! The drive is always the worst part, right? 😉 I really like the honey bee fabric on your knitting bag, where did you find it? Hope you have a wonder-full week ahead! I always enjoy reading your blog and your pictures. Thank you for sharing.

  33. It sounds like a beautiful trip! I’m so glad you shared it with us!

  34. I feel so rested just being at the beach through your photos. Why is it every time there is a vacation drive something happens to make it longer. We went to N. Myrtle Beach, SC last year and passing DC going to and coming from had us lose 1 – 1 1/2 hours of time. We are thinking when or if their is another time we are not going through or near DC but I bet something else will mess it up.

  35. what a beautiful family you have and my that beach looks so inviting! I was actually born in Myrtle Beach, but we moved shortly after so I have no memory of it. I’ve always wanted to go and visit. It looks lovely!

  36. Thanks for sharing! Any travel with kids can be questionable regarding their behavior. We have 1 child and he gets so excited before you even get going that it can be a bear to deal with but the memories and joy after you get over worrying about that … irreplaceable. Grandparents are so important for our kids – Glad it was a great trip – great photos!

  37. What a wonderful time on the beach. Some of our best times are at the beach in Florida. Families and beaches are the perfect venue. Love your pictures.

  38. I love going to Myrtle Beach!!! It’s about Three hours from where I live. Your photos as always are beautiful. I’m glad you had such a great time with family. Six hours in the car would drive me crazy so Twelve I could not do. I hope twelve means you had a lot of very interesting stops.

  39. Extra beautiful photos today Ginny. I’m glad you had such a great time at the beach and time with your family.
    12 hours? Sounds like what happened to us on our way back from Va. Blah!

  40. what wonderful pictures! umph, 6 into 12 hours. yep, rough. I bet your kids will remember this time for years and years. My times as a kid at the beach on lake MI is one of my still happiest memories; one that comes back in dreams where all is so, well, happy. Will pray for you to recover fully from the exhaustion… you all look so very beautiful in these pictures…

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