Sometimes, the last thing I want to do is leave the house.  Okay, maybe most of the time.  But yesterday, in the face of an empty house, and the opportunity to attend Mass alone, I made myself go.  After Mass, which was especially nice, I walked the grounds of a local historic home for about half an hour.  I never do things like that alone.  Have I ever done that before?  Maybe not.  I enjoy going places with my kids.  But last night, that solitary walk was just about perfect.


  1. We moms need to go to mass at least once a year alone. I think it is necessary. To just be at mass and not worry about everyone else. Just spend a moment with the Lord. Gives us strength to carry on, especially when we have had one to many mass days that are stressful.
    Hoping things are smoothing out for you. I think this time of year is such a mess sometimes, for everyone. God bless!

  2. Katharine Whitmore says:

    Love the photo of the Cleome. Some people call them Spider Flower, but I like the name an elderly woman here in Durham taught me — “Old Man’s Whiskers”. Isn’t that a great name?

  3. What a beautiful place to walk! So glad you had that reflective time. Have a great week!

  4. That house is HUGE! And gorgeous. What a fun place to walk around all by yourself. I love the first photo-I’m a sucker for things in focus in the foreground and then blurry backgrounds. There’s probably an actual term for that….:)

  5. Beautiful, beautiful pictures, Ginny! And that walk you took sounds so wonderful!

  6. Such beautiful pictures. You deserve peace and quiet….enjoy! Refresh.

  7. What a gorgeous place to wander! I always wish for some time “alone” and then as soon as I manage to get an hour or two, all I do is wish I was sharing it with the family too.

  8. I know it is very hard, but do try to feed yourself with times like this. My husband and I have spent a week cleaning out our house readying it for sale. Memories and stuff from raising four daughters. I needed a break too and we just got back from a very peaceful walk In our nearest nature park. it restores the soul and lends perspective.

  9. last weekend, I had an hour or two on the blueberry barrens, with just the bugs and the breeze
    I came home with about 5 quarts of wild Maine Blueberries, such bliss to have a little pocket of time alone.
    That house and garden you visited looks delightful.

  10. Thats sounds amazing.You deserve some peaceful time once in a while.You should do it more often!!!

  11. You really are a gifted photographer.

  12. Simply beautiful. 🙂

  13. It looks wonderful!

  14. wonderful! what house is this?

  15. 7 years ago, when I was pregnant with my 2nd child & living in MA, I spent the day alone at Edith Wharton’s country house, the Mount. I can still recall with clarity the peace, beauty, and nourishment I received in those hours…thoughts which have helped center me on more chaotic days. I hope you can enjoy the same refreshing memories from your solitary trip!

  16. So glad you did that for yourself. Only recently have I taken the time to do something for just myself. It makes me calmer, which makes me a better wife & mother.
    Have a wonderful weekend!!

  17. And really, you had someone with you!

  18. Melinda C says:

    So important to take time with our own selves. Congratulations. Not only did you benefit from the mass and walk, but God (who was with you as always) enjoyed it too. At least I think so. Thanks for sharing this meditation.

  19. dairygran says:

    Enjoy some time for yourself. It’s important. Mass can calm and heal.

  20. Alone time is so important. I talk to myself and solve all the world’s problems !

  21. I love those times when I can get to Mass and just sit and pray in peace too. It always brings peace to my day. I’m glad you had the opportunity for quiet time

  22. Bobbie D. says:

    Awesome house. If those walkways could talk…

  23. I thought maybe you were going to say this was your new home. I was going to cry for joy for you and then a bit from bitter envy. I do relish my morning walks which I take alone. When exploring I like my family with me in some form to share the event. Sometimes by yourself opens up things you never imagined though.

  24. Awe inspiring place! Thanks so much for sharing! Hope you are feeling refreshed!

  25. That house is gorgeous! I’m glad you got some time to yourself! Did you enjoy it? I always feel so much more excited about my life (and my 2 year old son!) when I get a few minutes to myself! 🙂

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