A Little Gown

On the way to Myrtle Beach I started knitting a little newborn gown.  Well, actually I ripped out a little newborn gown that I had started the week before but wasn’t happy with, and began again.  By the time we were driving home, I was on the body of the gown, round after round of simple knit stitches.  It was the perfect distraction during that drive that ended up being far longer than we had expected, between all the bathroom breaks (many of them because of me!) and some really nasty traffic.  I added sleeves this week, and now this gown is finished.  I knit it using yarn whose color that I didn’t originally love; yarn that I dyed about a year ago using yellow dock seed.  But a funny thing happened as the gown came together, the color grew on me and now I do love it.  This little gown is really sweet.  (And those are buckwheat flowers.  All the buckwheat I planted for our bees is blooming profusely right now.)

Yesterday was a good mail day:  yarn arrived from Quince & Co.  Inside my package there were two little gray skeins of finch that will become baby pants, and a whole lot of Osprey yarn in Winesap, chosen by Larkspur, for her new Phoebe’s Sweater.  I tried to convince her to go for a neutral color this time, but she wouldn’t have it.  She chose exactly which red she wanted from the swatch card, and as soon as I saw it yesterday, I knew she was absolutely right.  Lark has very good taste.

Based on the state of my pelvis this week, it appears that I will be spending the next two months resting.  Walking is sort of out.  I’m trying not to think ahead too much (or about the state of my house,) focusing on one day at a time and the gift that we will receive at the end of these weeks.  And in the meantime, I’m going to be knitting.  There’s going to be a lot of knitting, which is certainly something to be glad about (thank you, Pollyanna.)


  1. PS: I meant to say that your knitting is beautifully even. I love seeing it and the lovely styling.

  2. The winesap is the colour I would have chosen too. I don’t think children gravitate towards neutral colours, especially not girls.

  3. Ginny – Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions. This should be quite a project for me!

  4. I enjoy reading your blog, but I generally do not comment. Your life fascinates me – you do things I never had the courage to do! (I’m a grandma now!) May God bless you and your precious family!

    I have a knitting question for you – I hope you don’t mind. I have been knitting for many years, but it’s always been easy things with very inexpensive yarn . I want to make a Phoebe’s sweater for my granddaughter, and love the yarn you refer to in this post. What kind of changes do you make since the pattern calls for a bulky yarn? I would imagine a lighter weight yarn would affect the finished size and/or you need to use a different size needles. I would really appreciate your help with this! Thank you so much!

    • Hi Debbi! The yarn that I bought to make the Phoebe’s Sweater knits up at 3.5 sts / inch on size US 11 needles, so other than knitting a gauge swatch to be sure about needle size, I am not planning to make any changes. I am hoping it works out!

    • Also, a safer choice from Quince & Co. for this sweater would be the Puffin. It is a true bulky yarn. If I am not happy with my swatch in the Osprey, I will be exchanging for the Puffin yarn.

  5. oh goodness; bed rest. I wish for you the smoothest possible next two months. Your knitting is lovely, as always, and it will be a treat to see more of it for a bit. And then baby pictures!

  6. Love that little gown. It looks so snuggly! And Faith would LOVE that red yarn! I haven’t started a Sunday sweater yet. I think she may have grown out of the pattern. Again! I may have to wait for grandchildren to knit that one.

  7. Your newborn gown is so sweet and I love the soft brown color. Try to enjoy this time as you wait for your new arrival. Rest and knit on. Your new yarn looks luscious, I’ll have to check out their yarn. Blessings. Heather

  8. The gown is really sweet. Take care and rest. I hope you get a lot of knitting done. I love the new yarn colors.

  9. What a sweet newborn gown! Rest up.

  10. The gown is perfect and precious! I’m sorry you have to rest, but only because it will drive you crazy! Enjoy the rest, please, as you’ll be very busy after your new “gift” arrives. Blessings to you today from the German/Swiss border!

  11. That gown is so adorable! I can’t even imagine a cute tiny baby in it because it will just be too sweet. That color is perfect for Larkspur!

  12. Ginny,

    Do you need anything while you are down & out? Meals, kids taken anywhere, play date, someone to help clean the house? Seriously, I’m close now & I’d love to help & I know that my kids would love to play. Message me & we can talk!

    Love the gown too!

  13. Love that sleep gown and the yarn is beautiful I actually really love the color. So pretty . I’m going to just keep making everything you make sense you are on a roll!
    The winesap is a perfect choice ~she really does have good taste, that beautiful girl of yours,.
    I hope there are some house angels about who can help ease your load the next two months. But just remember its the live they will all remember down the road, not if the floor was always picked up or laundry folded 🙂 rest easy xoxo

  14. What a lovely gown! I hope one day to be able to knit something so sweet for a baby. I don’t know why I wasn’t getting your posts in my in box, but I am again, thank goodness. They bring with them a calm that I need and missed. Thank you! Will pray to St. Gerard that the rest of your pregnancy goes well and for a safe delivery.

  15. Love the gown! How sweet 🙂 and you’re right it is a great color.

    And definitely be careful with the pelvis thing! My sister’s fractured during her 3rd trimester and is still technically broken. Hoping the best for you.

  16. I second the chiropractor for pelvis problems in pregnancy, it made a huge difference for me in my last pregnancy! Try and find one who has a special training in pregnant woman and newborns if you can! Mine even adjusted my newborn! so gentle! The main technique is the webster technique. worth a try! no side effects! I read your blog daily but felt compelled to comment this time! good luck!

  17. I like Larkspur’s choice! I’m still working through my stash… Desperately need to trim it down so I have an excuse to buy some of that Winesap! 🙂

    Your baby gown is lovely!

  18. If I was nearby, I would come over and be your legs for you 🙂

    I love seeing the yarn you pick out. Maybe someday you could do a post on how you select yarn for what projects, and caring for handknit projects long-term?

    <3 <3 <3

  19. Anne Marie says:

    If I lived nearby, I’d come clean your house! Take care of yourself, Ginny.

  20. The gown is darling! If you are homeopathically inclined…..I have quite painful pelvis issues during pregnancy and with my last two pregnancies pelvic bone pain caused me to have to rest most of the time. My last midwife recommended hyoscyamus niger 200ch and her directions for taking were to put three in about 1/2 cup of water and sipping for two hours. I cannot tell you what a difference it made. I have already dug out the remedy at the waiting for this pregnancy! I hope you get some great rest (and looks like there is a little knitting to be done).

  21. Heather m says:

    Have you thought about a chiropractor? I always see one while pregnant and it makes a world of difference! I see a Gonstead style chiropractor .

  22. Once again beautiful photos! Here’s wishing you health, peace and happiness over the coming weeks.

  23. so pretty! prayers for you all and wishing you moments of much rest.

  24. Such a simple, natural, perfect newborn gown, Ginny.

    One day at the time is a good way to envisage life generally I believe! 😉

  25. I love that gown! So simple and classic and yet beautiful. Good job.

  26. Goodness Ginny! You must be the worlds fastest knitter 🙂 Love the baby gown and knitting is a great way to pass these next two months. When I am making a gift for babies or older people I often say the Hail Mary as I knit that way there are numerous prayers woven into the garment. You will be added to our rosary list! Stay put, take care of you and your little one. The house will still be there when you are able to get it back together again. It is also a great time for our other children to learn more patience and charity by having to pitch in more than they usually do.

  27. The nice part about being on bed rest for awhile is that you can still give orders to others…things like cleaning rooms and such 🙂

  28. That gown is so sweet, Ginny. It will be even sweeter with a tiny brand new human in it. I am in awe of your knitting productivity, I bet having a fall/winter baby helps inspire you too….. he will be so warm and cozy wrapped in his mama’s love!

  29. What loveliness! And the colour is gorgeous, and you died it yourself, wow! Using your down time knitting is a lovely plan too. Just enjoy it!

  30. yarn mail is the bestest mail. I do love to knit with Quince and Co. The gown is beautiful! Rest up it’s going to get crazy busy in a month or so 🙂

  31. The gown is wonderful, and I agree Lark has excellent taste. I know that sitting down is hard with a family and home to take care of. I’ll pray for you.

  32. That little gown is so beautiful in its simplicity and functionality. I love it! The quince & co yarn is beautiful too. I was on bed rest for 10 weeks with my first. It was no picnic, but I read and crocheted and caught up on nearly every movie I ever wanted to see. 😉 Your attitude will help immensely.

  33. I agree…Larkspur has good taste! I don’t know why, but I have a thing for red yarn. 🙂 The gown is precious. I love the color and the buttons. How sweet will it be all filled up with newborn baby?! I so wish I had known how to knit when I was pregnant. Praying for you and your Little Ones as you rest, knit, and take care of yourself. *hugs*

  34. What a great little knit! Lovely work, Ginny!

  35. I love “The Glad Game!” I play it all the time 🙂

  36. LOVELY!!

  37. That little gown is adorable. I love the color. A few months of resting and knitting sound like the perfect medicine to me 🙂 That new yarn is beautiful too.

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