A Bed and a Blanket

It’s late.  Past bedtime for the girls, and just about the time that we would typically be ushering the big boys to bed as well.  There’s a meteor shower tonight though, and they are all in the backyard, spread amongst quilts and blankets.  I just sprinkled nutmeg on egg custard cups before slipping them in the oven while listening to their excited cries:  “I saw one!”  and “There’s another!”  I made extra custard, so I can have some for breakfast tomorrow.  The way I feel right now is far from where I was a week ago.  In the span of a few days I have had a lesson in Faithfulness, and one of my children, a lesson in Grace.  Of course that’s the short version.  Thank you for your words, your support, and the prayers you have shared with us.

And now, as crazy as it may seem to totally switch gears, I just have to tell you about the latest products of our Date Nights!  Remember, I mentioned that Jonny was working on a headboard?  He finished it!  I included the last photo in this series so you can see how it’s constructed.  He bought a solid wood door on Craigslist for forty dollars and turned it into a headboard using wood he already had on hand, so this was a pretty inexpensive project.  We’ve never had a headboard before, just mattresses on a metal frame.  It seemed like a pretty simple project from my position as bystander (not that I could do it myself.)  He trimmed the door to size with a big saw, removing beat up edges in the process, and then added the wood to create the frame.  He drilled holes and used dowels and glue (you can see that in the picture at the end of this post) to hold everything together so there wouldn’t be any screw holes to patch, and the clamped everything together to dry before painting the whole thing.  He screwed our metal bed frame to the headboard to hold it all together. Now he’s talking about building these on the side for extra money…you know, in his spare time.

Now that we have a headboard, I may actually invest in some shades for our windows.  For eleven years now we’ve been covering our bedroom windows (there are five of them!) with blankets and towels to block the early morning light.  I was convinced until recently that we needed wooden plantation shutters like those that my grandparents had in their house when I was a little girl.  We’ve never been able to afford them, so we’ve just gone the blankets route, which of course is really unattractive.  It dawned on me though, that in our dusty old house, those shutters would accumulate dust like crazy, and then I’d need to dust them.  Between our bedroom, and the kids’ room next door, that would be ten windows with dusty shutters to deal with.  So, now I am looking for room darkening pull down window shades made of some sort of white fabric.  Where do you buy those?

I guess you’ve already figured out what I finished: the baby blanket shown off by, my far too eager to have her photo taken, dear Beatrix.  I am completely in love with this blanket and told one of my friends that I may keep it for myself, and not share it with my new baby.  I have slept hugging a blanket since I was a very small child, and this one is so devastatingly soft, and the colors remind me of my long ago disintegrated first blanket, the one I named, “Favorite Blanket” and carried everywhere as a child.  I managed to make myself tuck this blanket away though, and I am sure that when my baby boy arrives I won’t have a problem sharing it with him.  My first baby to be wrapped in a blanket knitted by me!


  1. Beautiful headboard. You could time share the blanket, if you sleep with it now before the baby arrives it will pick up your scent and it will be a wonderfully comforting thing to wrap your bub in.

  2. Tonja Pizzo says:

    Jonny did a BEAUTIFUL job with the headboard. How crafty he is. Also, roman shades might be cute on your windows. http://www.marthastewart.com/271995/make-your-own-roman-shades

  3. My parents ordered cordless pulldowns shades for the babies room from Lowes. They aren’t room darkening, but they work. And you don’t have to cut the shades to fit since they are made to order. I know JCPenney’s also does made to order and with coupons and sales you can get a screaming deal.

  4. I made some really simple blinds several years ago, and them bought one or two floor length white blackout curtains from Walmart , cut them to size and stitched them into the blinds I already had.
    I will take a few photos and email to you
    We have very few choices for fabric and supplies locally, so I wanted simple and fast. They are washable and going strong after at least five years

  5. beautiful blanket, beautiful daughter and beautiful headboard 🙂

  6. I made some Roman style shades by taking some of the cheap mini blinds and covering them with a beautiful fabric I picked out. It looks wonderful and gets the job done and wasn’t costly. Just google or look on pinterest for a tutorial. (If you even have the energy to attempt such a project right now!) 😉

  7. I love Bea’s bouncy, beautiful face. In these particular pictures she looks remarkably like Keats, especially through the eyes. I’ve never noticed it before. I love the headboard!

  8. I saved up and bought black-out shades from Costco. They are Hunter-Douglas and are not inexpensive, but they have a 15 year(!) warranty and the company will measure, custom cut, install, and take down and dispose of your old coverings for you. They are great for our living room which is south facing and used to get super hot in the summer. Now, when I close all the blinds, even in the early afternoon, it’s so dark you would think it’s the middle of the night. I love love LOVE them.

  9. That headboard is so simple and so perfect. I love creative people who can envision such things. If I were to look at a door I’d see…a door!

  10. Both the blanket and the headboard are beautiful. I think Jonny would have no problem at all selling them!

  11. I love the headboard! I want one, too! And the blanket is beautiful.

    We got room darkening shades from Smith+Noble. They are pricy, but good quality, and they periodically have really good sales (like 40% off).

  12. So glad we’re not the only ones without a headboard. Married 22 years and still have a metal frame for the mattress but “real” bed like all the other grownups I know!
    Your husband did a beautiful job on that project. Perhaps I should order one from him!

  13. bahaha – we have had towels and such on our windows for far too long too! We “upgraded” to a length of black out liner with a pocket rod pocket across the top, no hemming – oh my! somehow our bedroom always is last. Great job to your hubby!

  14. So happy to hear you are feeling brighter, and that the Lord has provided just what your spirit needed. Your bed and blanket are so lovely! (so is the quilt!) (so is your dear girl!) (and we love cup custards here too – make us think of Frances) God bless!

  15. I got room darkening shades at Walmart…don’t know if all of them carry them or not.

  16. Hi Ginny, I just found your blog recently and I love it. I shared your post from Friday, about pretty pictures, on my blog today because it resonated so much with me. I’m really glad I found your blog. The blanket is beautiful and your little girl is so sweet playing with it. I love these photos, they’re beautiful.

  17. Looks beautiful!
    Getting some things finished before the baby – you’ll be all ready!

  18. Kate Talley says:

    Beautiful headboard! Good job, Jonny! I love having a headboard to lean against while I read or knit. Your blanket is very beautiful, I love the colors for a new baby boy. It looks so soft and cuddly. I’m going to look into that yarn, I really love it. I’m happy you are doing better. Lessons in faithfulness are SO hard, but Grace is a gift! God is good! I still have a package to send to you…I’ll get it there, I promise. Kate Talley

  19. Bobbie D. says:

    I would totally order one of those headboards!!!

  20. I have to recommend Ikea for the cloth blinds. Ours lasted a few years with two small at the time pulling them up and down daily. Love the headboard and of course, the blanket! Awesome job!

  21. I’m new here, but just wanted to say lovely blanket. I have always loved these crocheted blankets, but never realised how much work they were until I just started my first one, so major kudos on such a lovely thing to have created.

  22. we got the exact blinds you described looking for from lowes. they are made by levolor. they can be a little on the high end for price but they are good quality. there are some things we’d rather pay for quality for then replace over and over and over again. thus, we’ve only done one bedroom and our kitchen bay window so far. but lowes always carries them so we can do this bit by bit.

  23. Beautiful bed. Beautiful blanket. Beautiful Bea.
    Now go to Lowes for a quick, cheap fix on the lighting. Good ol’ ugly vinyl $5 blinds you can use temporarily. Don’t some people spray-adhesive fabric on them?

  24. Beautiful post! What a productive date night you and your husband had! 😉

  25. Oh my! So great to hear the spring in your step! Amazing what a little prayer and love can do to turn things around. Anywho – LOVE both the headboard and blanket! I am wanting to knit that blanket – for nobody in particular but because it is so sweet. I am wondering – WHAT IS THE COLOR OF THE PAINT IN YOUR ROOM??? Love it! And for shades you might try Country Curtains. I had some in our former home in my son’s room (you can attach the cords on the side of the window frame so it is not dangerous). They worked great and looked lovely. Not sure of the price point – we only had 2 windows to cover. Also Pottery Barn kids have some shades – and some might be on sale. I purchased some Pottery Barn curtains from ebay recently for a great price. Good luck!

    • The paint color in our bedroom (and our kitchen walls too) is called Wheeling Neutral by Benjamin Moore. We need to repaint the bedroom and I am debating whether or not to go a little lighter….

  26. Love the baby blanket! You did such a nice job on it. I’m sure your little one will love being snuggled in it. And your husband did an amazing job on the headboard…it complements your quilt nicely (which I’m sure you were thinking of when you bought it ;o) ). Also, recipe for egg custard, please? :o)

  27. Beautiful!!! All of it, just beautiful! I love the how the headboard came out. The room looks so bright and cheerful and light. Of course, Beatrix looks like she is doing her best to add to the brightness! The baby blanket is wonderful. What a treasured gift to give to your baby boy. It looks yummy-soft, even in the pictures!
    “…joy comes in the morning.” 🙂

  28. Just a quick mention, I came upon your website while looking for blogs about knitting and have thoroughly enjoyed your projects and your photos. The blanket and headboard both look great! If you’re looking for feeback on blinds: our family went with Levolor custom sized blackout shades purchased through Lowes. They’re cordless so they are really safe around children and pets, and although a bit pricey, they don’t gather dust because of the cellular construction and they do keep the light out. Worth the investment. God bless you all!

  29. I love it! My husband just made us a headboard out of an old barn door a few weeks ago!(http://www.betterthaneden.com/2013/06/from-barn-door-to-headboard.html if you’re interested) It’s our first headboard, too, and it feels fancy to have one 🙂

    JCPenney’s has the best priced and quality pull down shades. I actually got that recommendation a few weeks ago as well. When they’re on sale ($10 and up depending on size), they’re cheaper than Walmart AND they cut them to size for you. I do have to exchange a few because their hardware to hang them is different than normal shades we have and I measured incorrectly. Let me know if you want more details! Hope you got to see a great show last night!

  30. PS Great job on the headboard and the blanket! I bet you could tuck it around your knees while baby is nursing.

  31. In our second home we had shutters that were just frames with fabric panels. They were MUCH less expensive than plantation shutters and the fabric was easy to clean (though I don’t remember doing more than giving them a quick swipe with a vacuum attachment). I bet Jonny could even make them. They were attached to the window frames with hinges — just like door hinges and attached to each other that way, so they could open. I loved them. I have white wood blinds now and they are a *bleep* to clean. 😉

  32. What is it about baby blankets that just makes them so irresistible? I have made a few for friends and every time I’m like maybe I should keep it…..

    Get some window shades, woman! 🙂 Dark rooms are required for sanity when trying to sleep.

  33. The blanket and the headboard are beautiful. I have to make that blanket for our next little one, gorgeous!

  34. Lovely blanket and post. I still have my childhood blanket. Well, shreds of it. I called it Blue Blankie… and my kids LOVE when we dig out those childhood treasures for them to see and feel.

  35. This post was so worth the wait! Love the bed, love the blanket! I meant to stay up for the meteor show last night, but I just couldn’t do it!

  36. This blanket is so amazing! I love the colours, they are very you. I’m sure you and your new baby will love it. Jonny did such a great job! I never would have guessed it was a door before.

  37. The blanket is lovely. The girl is adorable. The headboard is awesome! I’m inspired 😉

  38. We have wooden blinds–beautiful but a total pain in the rear. I spent 1.5 wiping them down on Sat. 🙁

  39. Wow! The headboard is gorgeous!! What talent! And I love the blanket. Knitting for babies is the best! (I just finished my first Sunday Sweater for my baby’s first birthday! yay!). We just did a huge remodel in our home and ended up choosing custom roller shades. The brand is Hunter Douglas and we love them!! We did a linen-looking white fabric. The bedroom shades are backed with blackout material. They are low maintenance and very functional. And I love the way they look too…clean and unobtrusive! Ikea has some great window coverings for a better price point as well. Good luck! Your house is darling, as is your cute family. Have a great week!

  40. I love the headboard! So wonderful to add a little something new to a bedroom. We rearranged our bedroom furniture to account for our baby hammock ad it was so refreshing.

    We are looking for blinds now as well. I’m planning on making roman blinds – hoping I can make them thick enough to be dark without resorting to vinyl or coated fabrics. Curious to see what you decide to do!

    • There are room darkening drapery linings that look and feel just like white fabric, but if you use them on lighter fabric the fabric will not look like it does because the light shining through the weave is part of the the way the fabric looks. Does that make sense? In other words, it’s better to choose a darker fabric if you are using room darkening liner.

  41. i am so glad to hear that things have turned around. ((hugs))
    the head board turned out fabulous! really beautiful work your husband did.
    and the blanket is perfect. 🙂

  42. We have always bought our room darkening shades at Home Depot. They tend to be very plain themselves but I pair them with sheer inexpensive curtains or window topping curtains. They can be a little spendy if you have very large windows but they sure help curb early, early rising by already early rising children.

    Love the blanket, I still have my blankie. It actually helps me when I feel blue and overwhelmed to go to sleep with it. I am also nearly 40 so obviously you don’t always outgrow your security object.

  43. beautiful headboard! It’s amazing what a headboard can do for a bed too! I’m hoping my husband will someday make something similar for ours (we’ve never had one either). Now we have two mattresses on the floor pushed up against each other. Oh the sexy life of co-sleeping. 🙂 The blanket is divine! Your little one will have so many special knit things!

  44. Beautiful! I made our headboard out of a door a couple years back. Here is mine: http://lusaorganics.typepad.com/clean/2011/08/upcycled-door-headboard.html . Just yesterday I was contemplating painting it white as well. Love the details on your door.

    Sending love to your sweet family today.

  45. That headboard is gorgeous! I have custom pull down shades that I ordered from jcp.com. They were a little pricey, but I ordered them as I could afford them and I haven’t regretted it. Mine are vinyl with a fabric trim, but you can get them as all fabric as well and in all sorts of colors.

  46. Oh my gosh–that headboard is gorgeous! Your hubby has now added an item to my hubby’s “to do” list. Glad this week is looking better.

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