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to the beach and back

We spent about half of last week traveling to be with family in Myrtle Beach, SC. My dad and his wife moved from New Mexico to South Carolina last year and we haven’t gotten to see them yet so when they invited us to meet them at the beach we were excited.  My sister Sarah and her husband and family would be flying in from New Mexico where they live, and my dad would also be bringing my youngest brother and sister, so it was a good opportunity to see them as well.  We don’t live in easy driving distance of any of our family, so it always feels like a privilege when we do get to see any of them.  I worried that traveling at 7 months pregnant would be hard, and I was right, it was, but it was worth it.  I worried about how my kids would behave because we did a lot of driving for just a couple of days at the beach, but with the exception of major drama the first night everything went really well.  We do have a larger than average family (right?) and I know we can be overwhelming just because of the sheer number of us, so it’s super important to me that my kids behave well.  I want my family to want to see us!  Anyway, it was all very good and I am so glad we went.  I spent most of the weekend in bed after arriving back home late Friday night though, recovering from very sore stomach muscles.  I thought it would be a good idea to play with Beatrix in the ocean, lifting her again and again over the waves.  She was hilarious yelling to me, “Heads up, Mommy!” (I have no idea where she learned that phrase) which was my cue to lift her up as the waves crashed into us.  It seemed like a good idea at the time.  I’m okay now, but I’ll know better next time.

(No, he didn’t just kiss me.  I shamelessly asked him to for the picture!)

That’s my dad with Seth, Gabe, and Keats out in the ocean!  They had so much fun together.

When Keats was three years old he famously cried out to me one day as I was leaving him home with Jonny to do some errands, “Where you go, I go!”  I still think of him as my baby Keatsy.  Now that he is ten years old, he likes to pretend that he isn’t so attached to me anymore.  I know better.

Doesn’t knitting at dusk on the beach sound so nice?  I thought so too.  But don’t be fooled.  I knit about two stitches before Gabe asked me to take him back to the room.  Two days in the ocean wiped him out.  I didn’t mind.  I got to do plenty of knitting in the room and on the drive.

That’s me with my two youngest sisters and my dad.  I miss them already!

(I think I’ll leave out the part of the story about how the six hour drive home stretched to nearly twelve.  That was kind of rough.)