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We Were Tired of Living in a House

I don’t know if you can tell by looking at these photos, but there was quite a bit of arguing as my boys began building their first tree house.  Jonny and I thought they’d have to quit before they really began.  But with just a little intervention on our part, they have a start (and no one was hurt.)

These photos very much remind me of my favorite childhood picture book, We Were Tired of Living in a House.  Sadly, it is out of print (but there are still used copies floating around.)  Doris Burn’s illustrations are some of the best.  I must have spent hours as a little girl, studying each of the outdoor homes the children create for themselves in the story.  Thankfully, Andrew Henry’s Meadow, both written and illustrated by Doris Burn, is still in print.  Just as a day spent creating a home in a tree is, these stories are full of the magic of childhood.