Archives for August 19, 2013

Late Summer


While it’s still technically summer, we’re feeling the coming of fall here in many ways.  I can feel it in the air, and also see it on my calendar.  The days are full as we have just added travel baseball for two boys to the schedule.  It seems there is so much going on all around us, and this homebody is doing her best to go with the flow.

Just a few very random notes today:

~goggles~ worn by my children when onions are being cut

~tell me a story cards~ one of Beatrix’s favorite activities to do with me

~winding~ yarn that I bought with a gift certificate ages ago, and finally got up the nerve to wind this week.  I’m going to attempt to knit myself this.  However, my knitting over the past few days has not left me feeling very confident.  I’ll save details for Yarn Along

~bees~  We have at least one queen! Remember the swarm?  We’re still watching the remaining bees to see what will happen.  We split them and the queen cells up between two hives, and now we wait.  We’ll open them up today and take another look.

~those two girls~ There is so much fighting at bedtime that Jonny is building them a bunk bed.  They look so angelic sleeping though, and last night Beatrix said that she’ll be too scared to sleep without Larkspur.

~Silas~ and just like that, he’s talking all of a sudden, and much of what he says is along the lines of “what about me?”  and “where’s mine?”  He’s not about to be left out, including those times he sees an opportunity to swipe a swallow of my tea.

Happy Monday!  I’ll be back here tomorrow with something fun.