Archives for August 13, 2013

Loves the outdoors

Jonny misunderstood something I said yesterday.  I can’t remember what I was actually saying, but he thought I said something about putting myself on “eHarmony” which is an online matchmaking service.  I laughed, and said, that yes, I sure was because I’d obviously make such a good candidate:  “Married.  Six kids.  Pregnant (third trimester.)”  Jonny chimed in with “loves the outdoors…but only from the indoors…loves to see the outdoors through the window.”  I was sprawled on the couch unable to move at the time.  I spent half the day cleaning the room that the girls share with Keats.  While they do clean it themselves, it’s never really clean unless I do it.  And when I do, it’s back breaking–all that bending over to pick things up, wondering where all these things came from and why we have them.  I feel like I am very limiting of my girls’ possessions, yet they are still totally capable of covering their entire bedroom floor with stuff.  Anyway, it’s very clean now and that is worth the backache.

I was able to put my little Artful Activities list to use yesterday when Beatrix requested “a craft.”  I was worn out from cleaning her room and didn’t really want to prepare “a craft.”  But, I consulted my list and was able to pull something super quick and easy together for her.  Basic drawing with glue, sprinkling it with salt, and then adding watercolors.  She thought I was the greatest.  I did feel pretty good about it.

Larkspur has created a little “home office” for herself in the living room.  I scolded her a bit today for the messy state of her office.  She turned to me with a smile and exclaimed with what I do believe sounded like pride, “It’s just like Daddy’s office!”  I suggested then that maybe she should move her office into his since they are little peas in a pod.  Then I suggested that she clean her office space.   She did.  The last picture is her “after” shot.  See, why I have to clean her room?  My version of clean is obviously different, although you wouldn’t guess based on the current amount of clutter on my dresser.  Larkspur took it upon herself to go through my dresser top jewelry bowl yesterday.  She lectured me on the fact that I don’t wear it all, and I let my necklaces and rosaries get tangled up, and I have too many.  She sounded remarkably like me when I am lecturing her.

Seth has what I believe is a pretty impressive marble collection.  It’s impressive because he has found all of those marbles in old dumps and homesites in the woods around our property.  They’re so pretty.  Also pretty are miniature roses which were on sale at the grocery store for 2.99.  For that price, I don’t mind that I will ultimately most likely kill it.

Oh–knitting!  After finishing the baby blanket over the weekend, I cast on two new projects!  One is a scarf for me in a gorgeous copper colored yarn that makes me dream of autumn.  I’ve been stalking the Orange Flower Yarn shop for some time, and finally splurged on a single skein for myself last week.  I’ll share my other new project tomorrow for Yarn Along.