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A Bed and a Blanket

It’s late.  Past bedtime for the girls, and just about the time that we would typically be ushering the big boys to bed as well.  There’s a meteor shower tonight though, and they are all in the backyard, spread amongst quilts and blankets.  I just sprinkled nutmeg on egg custard cups before slipping them in the oven while listening to their excited cries:  “I saw one!”  and “There’s another!”  I made extra custard, so I can have some for breakfast tomorrow.  The way I feel right now is far from where I was a week ago.  In the span of a few days I have had a lesson in Faithfulness, and one of my children, a lesson in Grace.  Of course that’s the short version.  Thank you for your words, your support, and the prayers you have shared with us.

And now, as crazy as it may seem to totally switch gears, I just have to tell you about the latest products of our Date Nights!  Remember, I mentioned that Jonny was working on a headboard?  He finished it!  I included the last photo in this series so you can see how it’s constructed.  He bought a solid wood door on Craigslist for forty dollars and turned it into a headboard using wood he already had on hand, so this was a pretty inexpensive project.  We’ve never had a headboard before, just mattresses on a metal frame.  It seemed like a pretty simple project from my position as bystander (not that I could do it myself.)  He trimmed the door to size with a big saw, removing beat up edges in the process, and then added the wood to create the frame.  He drilled holes and used dowels and glue (you can see that in the picture at the end of this post) to hold everything together so there wouldn’t be any screw holes to patch, and the clamped everything together to dry before painting the whole thing.  He screwed our metal bed frame to the headboard to hold it all together. Now he’s talking about building these on the side for extra money…you know, in his spare time.

Now that we have a headboard, I may actually invest in some shades for our windows.  For eleven years now we’ve been covering our bedroom windows (there are five of them!) with blankets and towels to block the early morning light.  I was convinced until recently that we needed wooden plantation shutters like those that my grandparents had in their house when I was a little girl.  We’ve never been able to afford them, so we’ve just gone the blankets route, which of course is really unattractive.  It dawned on me though, that in our dusty old house, those shutters would accumulate dust like crazy, and then I’d need to dust them.  Between our bedroom, and the kids’ room next door, that would be ten windows with dusty shutters to deal with.  So, now I am looking for room darkening pull down window shades made of some sort of white fabric.  Where do you buy those?

I guess you’ve already figured out what I finished: the baby blanket shown off by, my far too eager to have her photo taken, dear Beatrix.  I am completely in love with this blanket and told one of my friends that I may keep it for myself, and not share it with my new baby.  I have slept hugging a blanket since I was a very small child, and this one is so devastatingly soft, and the colors remind me of my long ago disintegrated first blanket, the one I named, “Favorite Blanket” and carried everywhere as a child.  I managed to make myself tuck this blanket away though, and I am sure that when my baby boy arrives I won’t have a problem sharing it with him.  My first baby to be wrapped in a blanket knitted by me!