this, that, and a hat

More random things this week, as I try to type on my laptop that is now missing several keys (Silas!)

Trudy and Em-Em still haven’t made friends.  Em no longer seems very afraid of Trudy at all, but Trudy is still afraid of her.  I’m a little worried, but maybe when Em is a little bigger they will work things out.  Trudy isn’t afraid of our adult cats who live outdoors.

I made these “healthy” truffles.  Very simple, and very good!  I used semi-sweet chocolate chips rather than dark chocolate, so I don’t know that you could necessarily call them healthy.

I set out to knit myself a hat, my one stipulation being that it not be a slouch hat because those mostly look really silly on me.  I am not sure what happened because I ended up knitting The Big Easy, a slouch hat.  I guess the word “easy” drew me in.  I think this one will go to Seth, which is a little sad for me because I love the color of the yarn so much.

I swatched for Little Ancolie.  I am really excited about knitting this sweater for Beatrix!  The yarn is Madelinetosh Pashmina, and the color is Curiosity.  When I knit for my girls I try to choose colors that they will love.  I am not a purple person, but this is a particularly gorgeous purple.

I hope those of you in the U.S. had a great 4th of July.  We watched fireworks with friends, which was simple and perfect.  We have hiked on the 4th the past couple of years, which worked out well because the girls were afraid of fireworks.   But, they have outgrown that fear, and Silas wasn’t the least bit afraid.  He cheered and shouted, “Boom!” as they went off.  He’s such a bold little guy.

I think I’ll spend today giving CAT tests (we live in a state that requires standardized testing for homeschoolers.)  Fun, right?


  1. Love the hat and I think it would look so nice on you with the slouch effect. Have you tried the wurm pattern? It’s very flattering on many heads (promise). I’ve knit it a few times and I love it!! Happy fourth a few days late.

  2. I’ve been typing on my computer with mangled “A” key for months–my one year old decided it would be fun to pick at it. 😉

  3. Looking at the pictures of your kids, and knowing you are pregnant again… I was wondering, when will you know you are done? This is a questions I am asking all the women I know lately as my husband and I try to decide if we are going to go for number 4 or not. It feels like a monumental decision, one that will impact and change our family forever, whatever we decide. I don’t feel capable of making this kind of decision! (So for now it’s on the back burner… but eventually I will have to decide.)
    I was just curious how you came about your decision to have more.
    Oh, and yay for baby boys! (I have three!)

  4. Beautiful post! Love that hat….I do believe all of the Ravelry designers love your posts….I put them right into my library! 🙂

  5. Ginny,
    I like the name of this post.
    That little Ancolie pattern is so pretty.

    Tomorrow night we are bringing Bracken to see the fireworks for the first time! I’m excited.


  6. Blimey testing I would hate that and my children too, I’m glad we don’t have to here. My daughter loves purple too I have just cast on a purple sweater for her!

  7. That’s such a pretty cardigan pattern you’ve chosen, I knit in colours my children love too, I’ve got a very monochromatic wardrobe, so it’s a bit of a stretch sometimes, but they love it, and the scraps always make a very eloquent jumble.

  8. I love the title of this post-I’m a sucker for clever rhymes.

    That hat is sooo cool! I’ve been dying to have a slouch hat (even though I’m sure it will look awful on me). I love the swirl in the back!! It’s awesome! Seth is lucky if he gets to be the hat keeper! 🙂

    Ahhh Silas! He’s so precious! That’s so cute he cheered at the fireworks.

    Is that first picture a tent the boys are building with sticks? Too cool!

  9. Silas looks suddenly, shockingly so much older! He’s prepping for the new little one. <3

  10. Love the photo of the cat and dog looking so intently at each other. Our cat is able to scare one of our dogs but they do play together. The other dog is just insanely jealous of the cat and she is the dog who met her when she was just a baby and loved her then.

  11. Oh that hat turned out so beautifully!
    Fortunately, we didn’t have to do any tests here in Michigan. The girls had to take their ACT to get into college, but that was it. I know your kids will pass with flying colors!

  12. Good luck with the testing. when we were in VA over the past year there was much discussion about CAT versus evaluations. I am glad we live in a non-testing state when facing all that. Love the colors of the yarn. Too bad about the hat – I love the perfect spiral.

  13. That purple yarn is beautiful.

  14. virginia does not require testing for homeschoolers…that why we love living in this state.

  15. We’re just introducing a new cat to our dog, too. It’s been an interesting 3 weeks as the cat is scared and feisty and the dog is scared and fed up of taking a pounding – the other day the cat attacked me by mistake and shredded my leg through my jeans, with blood everywhere. But it’s the sad dog we can’t quite take :o(

    We’ve been prescribed a feliway and a DAP plug in diffuser to calm the cat and the dog, and we’re starting the animals (both our dog and cat are nervous) on Zylkene (it was that or Calmex) – do you have similar things in the states that you could use? Maybe it would help, especially with a new baby scheduled to come along and make life even more different for the animals.

  16. love all those pictures, especially the watermelon eating

  17. A Little Blue Dragonfly says:

    Hi, Ginny! My name is Lisa, and I found your blog through The Pioneer Woman Homeschooling page. I LOVE your blog! It’s such a sweet little place, and your knitting and yarn choices…yum! I have started a small blog for my friends and family to document our happenings after moving from Texas to Colorado and have added you to my favorite blogs list. Blessings to you!

  18. Watermelon, my son will not walk without taking a bite, he love it so much!

  19. The CAT tests are a necessary evil. So gross though, luckily my kids see it as a game where you get to fill in circles.

  20. Oh little boys…..such fun. Silas looks less and less like a baby and more and more like a little boy every time I see photos. The same can be said for Little Man, though. Oh well.

    I’m surprised that he messes with your laptops. Little Man (generally) leaves ours alone. Our iPads, of course, are a totally different story…

  21. Oh what fun. I love the first picture. The yarn all looks beautiful. Great colors. I thought it would be fun to go fossil hunting yesterday with my boys. But we failed. I’m going to have to wait for my husband to be off work so we can all go together. I guess I wasn’t up for marching off into the woods alone.

  22. I love that Silas looks like a boy version of his big sisters. He is too cute!!

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