I wanted to create one of those clever posts with a little caption under each photo, such as:  eating::  Macedonian Quinoa Salad (that goes with the first photo) but then I realized I had too many cute kitten photos and it kind of messed up my plan.  I guess I could have put just one of the photos of her along with the caption petting:: Em-Em.  But I couldn’t choose just one photo.  And then what was I going to do with that bee photo?  watching::  bees bearding, followed by harvesting::  yellow beans whose name I can’t remember.

But the best would be wearing::  therapeutic knee high sockswith firm compression.

I’m getting varicose veins in my legs.  They hurt, and I’m not happy about it.  I know that I should be grateful that this didn’t happen sooner (my mom got them terribly during her very first pregnancy-with me,) but right now I’m still busy being a little upset, and trying to figure out how to best take care of myself over the last three months of this pregnancy.

I’m making an effort to elevate my legs as often as possible.  Because even when I am trying to rest I like to keep my hands busy, I am very grateful for knitting::  a botanical cowl.


  1. Melanie says:

    I’ve been meaning to comment for days. Sorry about you varicose veins. Hope you are feeling better. I know cypress essential oil and lavender oil help with varicose veins. Here is the combo: 30 drops cypress, 20 drops lavender and 10 drops of any citrus oil in 2 oz of either coconut oil, grapeseed oil, sweet almond oil or olive oil. Apply morning and evening.

  2. Well they look smashing 🙂
    Just being silly really….. they must be hot 🙁 At least you’ve got a good excuse to knit and relax…. take care…

  3. Kate Talley says:

    Dear Ginny, the sweet pictures of Em Em made my little Emme girl cry. We just found a home for two rescued from the dumpster kittens…we had been clear with the kids that we were not keeping them, but falling in love with kitties is so fun and EASY. Especially when you are an eight year old girl! My sweet husband had to stay firm with the “No Cats In The House Rule” but even Eldon was sad to say goodbye. He isn’t a cat hater, quite the opposite…I have the strong tendency to be a crazy cat lady, and at one time we had WAY too many feral cats that scratched, sprayed, and generally ruined carpet, bedding, couches… So when we moved from our old fixer upper farmhouse to a newer home with brand new carpet we agreed to limit our permanent feline residents. It’s a good agreement. I needed one, too. I still can’t leave a creature to suffer or die though. Learning to balance a tender heart and the desire to do good with my own limitations and obligations is really hard! I appreciate the lessons learned, every time, even when it does make us cry. Well, again, a goofy comment from me! Thank you for the mini therapy session. I will pray for your sore legs. Love, Kate Talley

  4. You all have my sympathy- didn’t get varicose veins in pregnancy and you don’t want to know that.. so I will SAY that the food picture looks amazingly delicious and the kitten is so sweet. Hurrah for more knitting time at least!!

  5. I’d say you can put in as many pictures of that cute kitty as you want!

    I had to wear compression socks at about week 26. My feet and legs were so swollen and I was on my feet all day at work. It was laughable watching me struggle to get those dang socks on! I finally stopped wearing them when I could no longer get my work shoes on and went on maternity leave. I hope they help you! I love your mary janes. What kind are they?

  6. That is one cute kitten! And you know, everything old is new when it comes to fashion these days – you can totally pull off the look.

    Bees bearding – what is bearding and why do they do it?

    • I am not sure why the bees do it, but they do it when it’s hot outside! Must have something to do with keeping cool!

  7. Your kitten photos are making me totally want a kitten. And I’m a dog person 🙂

    I think the picture of you with your socks on is adorable! It makes you look like a cute librarian. But a young, super cute, hip librarian.
    Also, as someone who is currently in yoga teacher training, I feel obliged to say-do some restorative yoga poses! This is going to sound weird, but putting your legs up the wall (like, lie on your back on something comfy and just rest your legs up the wall) is REALLY beneficial to your legs. Especially if they are swollen, tired, etc. Plus, it’s really relaxing and feels great!

  8. Brigitte says:

    Hoping for the best with your leg situation. My mom had them, eight kids to,her credit though. Now I am amazed that she never complained. I never saw her without the stockings unless she was sick. I can only hope treatments are better now, 50 plus years later.

    • Your mom sounds amazing. I am going to do my best not to complain!

      • Brigitte says:

        I hope you didn’t take my comment wrong! You just reminded me of what she must have gone through. She is still around at 91 and still doesn’t complain about any of her ailments. A real inspiration. I am afraid having all of us took quite a toll on her body. But her basic health is quite good. You inspire me too! Thanks for sharing your life.

  9. So sorry about the veins…I had them with number one but with number two they were unbearable – I literally could not walk or stand. They were everywhere and I had to get the full-on compression tights, ugh. What was a godsend for me was Wintergreen essential oil from Young Living – you should be able to get it on Amazon ( 5 drops per leg in a carrier oil – I used coconut – and the pain was almost entirely gone. I stopped wearing the tights! (I still have half a bottle if you want to give it a try, I’d be happy to give it to Eve or Lori!) The veins still looked bulgy and awful but as soon as my water broke they went down. I still have spider veins from number 1 but the varicosity went away entirely. Hang in there! Prayers for you!

    • Kara, I’d love to try it and would love it if you passed your bottle to Eve or Lori for me!! Thank you! Thanks also for hope that the varicose veins will go away after this baby is born! The spiders can stay, but these others are nasty! Right now I am feeling very sad that I can’t work in my garden and I have been having dramatic thoughts along the lines of, “I’ll never garden again….” 🙂

  10. Melissa says:

    i see your jobst firm knee high, and raise you a jobst extra firm (30-40) thigh high. 🙂

    i have a fainting/blood pressure disorder and get to wear theses legs of squeezen awesomeness while pregnant. my condition is mangeable normally but goes to pot when i’m with parasite. which i am, 10 weeks, we just told family today!

    pregnant catholic homeschooling sisters of the therapeutic stockings UNITE!!! seriously we should get to be super heroes having to wear these in the summer! are you rocking the “silky beige” it is ever so natural 🙂

  11. Jeeze! Like women’s lives aren’t hard enough! Of course, if men were having babies, every family would only have one child! Hang in there.


  12. Meh, the double colon would have confused me – I’m not cool like that. Em-Em (two caps in one name!) is just so sweet.

  13. Jennifer K says:

    I am still wearing the thigh high version of the beauties and baby #3 is already 5 weeks old. I understand how you feel, mine always creep me out too. I just try to focus on the amazing little blessing that is now here. Best wishes!

  14. Ginny,

    I knew exactly what those stockings were as soon as I saw them! I have varicose veins, and have since my first pregnancy at 24. I always found that putting cold packs on them at night helped ease the pain and made it easier to sleep. As I’m sure you know, most of the bulging and pain goes away after you give birth.

    As usual, your acceptance and peace about any daily difficulties are beautiful.


  15. Always fun to visit your place! Sorry about the varicose veins, that is a bummer. But your legs look lovely in your special hose 🙂

  16. Amy DelaTerre says:

    Ginny, “legs up the wall” pose (yoga pose) really helped me with varicose veins during my pregnancies. I imagine you can google it to get specific instructions and a visual, but the idea is to put a firm-ish pillow against a wall, sit on it with your side against the wall, and then lay down and kind of scooch/turn your body, and swing your legs up and against the wall. So your butt/low back is slightly elevated on the pillow, the rest of your torso on the floor (or on a bed is nice if you have one pushed against a wall), and your legs are vertical, against a wall. The cushion is to elevate and tilt your uterus so it’s not pressing on your vena cava, which would be bad for you and baby’s blood and oxygen supply. You can experiment with how high up you need the pillow to feel comfortable. It is nice to also take a yoga strap, belt or some sort of scarf and tie your legs together loosely above the knee. Stay like this for about 5 min… all the blood will flow out of your legs, relieving the pressure on those veins… it’s good for water retention in the legs too. Come out of it slowly, first bending knees with feet flat on wall for a couple of moments, then rolling onto your side and resting there a while before getting up. It is very awkward to get into the pose, lots of scooting and wiggling needed to get into position with your bottom and legs directly against the wall, especially with a pregnant belly. But it’s worth it– once you’re in it, it feels really good and can halt the worsening of varicosities. I did it every night before bed. Good luck!

  17. I don’t comment nearly as often as I intend to, but I had to on this post. I love the picture of your stockings! It has such an old-time feel to it. Awesome! And there are never too many kitty pictures! We are sharing in your kitty bliss as we just added one to our home. So precious and entertaining!

    Praying you see results with the stockings. And do take care of yourself! 🙂

  18. Em Em is so adorable! She is really growing. I love the way kittens have those big ears and eventually seem to grow into them. This is my very first post to you. I discovered your blog about 6 months ago (I don’t remember how I came upon it). You and I are nothing alike: I am older, have only one child, have no interest in knitting or religion or gardening or anything organic, etc etc, but for some reason I really like reading about your life and family – maybe because it’s so different than mine! I always enjoy your photos, especially since Em Em came into the picture.

  19. Aloha,

    Ouch, sorry to hear about your vein problems.

    Mille grazie for the link to! As a beginning knitter I so appreciate free patterns, tips & techniques to further my skills.

    You rock!


  20. Have you tried upping your Vitamins E and C to help with vein elasticity? Regular chiropractic adjustments, especially in the lower back and hips, also seems to help. Maybe a nice massage with some essential oils as well? Socks are no fun in the summer. I hope you get some relief!

  21. Haha! That would have been so funny to see those captions! I never had the veins, but I’ve heard they are no fun- I’ll pray for healing and rest for you in the midst of all the busy 🙂

  22. what a sweet kitten… makes me want another cat,almost. lol
    you must take care of yourself. keep those feet up, which is soooo easy to say and much harder to do when you have a house full of kids. i know! lol

  23. when I was pregnant with Owen I had to wear stockings like that, but because I was swelling so bad. they are no fun, especially in this heat, that’s for sure!

  24. I’ve had varicose veins for years. No, I’m not joking. I started getting a few during my high school years…it was from years of sports and working on my feet. As I got older, they got more pronounced…not protruding but you can see them. My husband thought they were bruises. Mine don’t hurt, though….

    It’s because of my weight (which I’m working on), and spending years working as a waitress and sports where I was running and jumping and sliding…

    I hope to never have to wear those stockings.

  25. Aw! I had vein problems, too. Hoping that you can rest and take care of yourself; isn’t it hard when you’re the Mama and are needed to take care of everyone else? Does it help at all that you look ADORABLE in your sock and little black shoes?! 🙂

  26. Hey Ginny,
    Just had baby #8 the other day… And I have struggled with the vein issue for the past 3 pregnancies. My kineselogist put me on nutri-west adrenal support. It has not gotten rid of all the ugliness ( birth does that) but it has taken away any achiness. Also what helps is being really diligent about only getting sea salt. Any other salt or processed food wrecks everything. Watermelon helps too.
    Never wore the stockings…. I was lol to vain for that… (Excuse the vein/vain pun)
    T @ aseedinspired

  27. How much do I LOVE YOU for taking a picture of yourself with your fancy new socks!!! 🙂

    THIS is why we all come here every day. You are a treasure. Now go get off your feet you wonderful person!!

    Much love!

    Kim in MA

  28. I have a varicose vein in my left leg which gets more itchy than painful. My daughter had hers stripped but then we found out that if you do that you are more likely to get more varicose veins. Makes sense as the remaining veins have to deal with extra blood flow. Good thing you have knitting and you do such a lovely job of it too.

    • The memory of my mom recovering from having hers stripped when I was a kid is kind of traumatic for me. And yes, she has gotten new ones. Mine aren’t itchy–it’s this weird pressure/pain and I am super hyper aware of it right now. I am hoping that I can stop thinking about it! I have a bit of a vein/blood phobia though, so it’s hard!

  29. always new challenges in the area of needing to take care of one’s self! hope you feel better soon or that things can at least be kept at bay… kittens are so beautiful. glad for every good thing that you have been given.

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