The Botanical Cowl is finished and blocked, ready for gifting.  My biggest challenge was finding a maternity top neutral enough to serve as a backdrop for the photos!

Because you might find the entire outfit I was wearing amusing, here’s a full length photo–sort of a behind the scenes peek.  I  ought to submit it to one of those “what I wore” link ups, right?  It’s not that any one part is so bad (not that I can really tell,) it’s just the way it all came together given that I was only worried about my top half in order to photograph the cowl.

Shirt:  Very old Old Navy that I wear as a pajama top.  Cardigan:  Ann Taylor Loft.  Shorts:  Motherhood Maternity from maybe four pregnancies back?  Socks:  Pintoli Style 1020 Women’s Comfy Compression Socks (you know you want some.  They come in four fantastic colors.)  Shoes:  West Indian by Aurora Shoe Company  (nicest things I own.)  I am almost at the stage where I need others to buckle them for me.  Bracelet:  by Sarah.  I won’t bother explaining Silas’ clothing complete with holes.  I will tell you that he is holding up a dead skink.

These are Silas’ favorite reads right now.  We read them at naptime and bedtime, every day.  I don’t mind because Gyo Fujikawa is a childhood favorite, and these little books are really sweet.

We had a full weekend that ended so perfectly.  Keats sat up late with me to process a big batch of Dilly beans last night (our first time–followed recipe from Canning for a New Generation)  About 11:30 p.m. he remembered his 100 day violin challenge, and ran to get out his violin and practice before midnight.  He’s challenging himself to practice his violin for 100 days straight without a reminder.  He is my child who needs the most reminding.  I worked on the beans while listening to him practice first his violin, and then the piano as well.  A large moth landed on the window and I called him to come and see.  He saw it, but it flew away before we could identify it.  He returned to the piano, I returned to the beans.  Everything felt so lovely and cozy, just the way I want our home to be in my kids’ memories one day.


  1. Your photos are great! The cowl is beautiful and your outfit too and so will be the memories of your children!

  2. the cowl is lovely. and you are hilarious about the outfit. that is something i would throw together too, and actually be pretty proud of it. 🙂
    love the little looking into your late nigh. <3

  3. Beautiful cowl! You inspired me to knit one as well. I’ve been reading your blog for a little while now, and love it! You have a beautiful family and home!

  4. I found your blog through the comments section of SouleMama.

    I love the color of your cowl! Greens, browns, yellows… very ‘botanical,’ indeed.

  5. It is absolutely beautiful! xxx

  6. Beautiful cowl and I think you outfit os adorable 🙂

  7. The whole picture of you and Keats with the beans and the violin sounds just lovely; what a wonderful Mama-son moment.

    I had to look three times to spot the socks–didn’t even notice them, and then just thought you had a great tan! Thanks for the behind-the-scenes peek at reality!

    Silas looks so proud of his skink!

  8. well, I think the top matches the shoes 🙂 and the cardigan is in the same colorway as the socks, the cowl just joins it all altogether.
    I never could find maternity shorts that fit, so I wore my husbands old/grey/ kind of jersey knit /shorts when no-one was looking, they had a very comfortable stretchy waist band and I wore them through two or three babies until the elastic wore out, I would have died if anyone had seen me in them, and I almost cried when I had to throw them away
    LOve the photos of Silas’s pants, you would see similar ones here, the favourite pants are the ones from last winter, almost clamdigger length by now and at least one sizable hole in each pair.
    and tell Bea, we call it “Ripping up corn” at our house. We learnt that saying from our Vermont cousins.
    She is a little ripper!!!
    (little ripper having a dual meaning to people from Down Under – very complimentary saying about a kid who tries hard and suceeds at stuff)
    Any interest in a box of scallop shells for painting on, they are probably as big as your hand and very clean. the inside is shiny white, and very smooth.

    • It is so hard to find comfortable maternity bottoms! I just bought some elastic waste knit maternity skirts at Target only to realize that when I sit down the elastic digs in to my stomach. 🙁
      And yes, to a box of shells! My girls would love to have something new to paint! They paint a lot of rocks, so shells would be fun for them!

  9. You look just beautiful Ginny.
    I was able to visit your yarn store the other day, it’s wonderful.
    While my vacation was great, I am sorry we had conflicting schedules. I have plans to be there again in December and I’m not leaving until I can give you a friendly hug!

  10. Beautiful photos and the cowl colors are perfect for you. The garden is lovely too, especially the gutter garden along the edge.

    thank you for sharing.


  11. I happened to think that you and the cowl are absolutely beautiful!!! (and I am told by a few people I know what I’m talking about) 🙂

    Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful week!

  12. First of all I love the new banner. Perfect. The cowl is pretty and I love how you shared the other photos. I’m way to vain. The bitty board books seems so sweet and I enjoy your telling your evening with violin and piano accompaniment. What a blessing.

  13. For the record, you look great! I totally wouldn’t have noticed the compression socks (though I noticed those cool shoes right off the bat), without you telling me to look for them, lol!
    Pregnancy after multiple births isn’t kind to our maternity wardrobe. Our overripe bellies become magnets for every food stain imanaginable. I have also noticed that modern maternity wear is reeeeely form fitting, and for those who have given birth more than twice, well, that look doesn’t work so well. You just want to be comfortable and yet your belly is peeking out from under the shirt or *gasp* your tush is visible when you crouch down, or the adjustable waist band is poking you 🙁
    So, you end up throwing together these “looks” that you get a little embarrassed about when you pass by the mirrior cause you put on the “comfortable” pieces form the closet. But don’t worry! We love the beautiful pregnant lady way more than her wardrobe!

    • Thanks, Alie! Yes–I am having such a hard time dressing myself this time around–I think the combination of warm weather maternity wear with my yes, multiple pregnancies body. My stomach wants to hang lower than most maternity shirts–and when I went searching for some longer ones I found that they almost all have elastic along the side seams making them really tight and form fitting which is not what I need! Long dresses seem to be the best choice, but it’s a challenge to find them in fabrics that aren’t too clingy. SIGH!!!

  14. Beautiful scarf! I’m going to put that in my queue for next winter.

  15. jacquie says:

    I’ve mentioned before just how much I love “small” books (and especially boxed sets). I’ve never seen the ones you featured today. Gyo Fujikawa and “small”? That’s a confluence of two favorites!

  16. The cowl turned out beautiful! Oh, I wish I could knit faster! And I so enjoyed this post. “Everything lovely and cozy”. Yes, indeed. 🙂

  17. I adore your cowl – pattern and yarn look perfect x

  18. I never had a fall baby so I can’t imagine going through the summer heat with a belly. I imagine I would have sewn up some very light weight, sleeveless tent style dresses to live in.

    Love the cowl.

  19. The cowl is beautiful!!!

    (I just got a pair of West Indians for myself. I’ve only had them about 2 weeks but they are hands down the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever had. I said to my husband last night that I want to start saving for another pair – this time Middle English in burgandy!)

  20. The yarn and color you chose suits it very well – nice!

  21. Such a beautiful cowl to finish and photograph on a beautiful day. Blessings, friend!

  22. The cowl is lovely! I never notice you are wearing socks until you mention it 😉
    I have a desk just like yours (or nearly so!) It was my parents’ – so I guess that practically makes it an antique *yikes!* Mine is solid cherry. A really beautiful piece of furniture!

    • I am pretty sure my dad built this desk (also cherry) from a kit many, many years ago! It has a cabinet that sits on top as well, but we don’t used that part. I shouldn’t be so self conscious about the socks, but I am!! It’s really just too hot to hide them under pants though.

      • A kit? wow! I know my folks purchased their furniture. Yuppers – they could have purchased the top ‘hutch’ part, but chose not to. They did get a sofa (with a cherry frame), a chair (I’ll get this from my Uncle eventually), 2 end tables (we still have one) and a coffee table (we still have that too). My folks were so practical! My Dad asked my mom if she wanted a diamond or new furniture. *grin* You just don’t see quality in furniture like these pieces any more!

        Are you able to get your feet up? I had to spend the last 8 weeks of my first pregnancy with my feet elevated. I spent way too many hours on the sofa with a pillow under my legs and all propped up on the arm rest! I feel your pain!

  23. The cowl came out lovely. Somebody is getting a great gift! I like your maternity shirt. Your baby bump is just precious!

  24. I love those cozy times too!

  25. I love your new banner!!!

  26. The cowl is beautiful.

  27. the cowl is beautiful! love that profile of your growing belly too….. so sweet~~~

    • Thank you! But, oh my goodness Stephinie, can you imagine what it’s going to look like in three months when I’m due? People are already assuming based on the way I look that I will be having this baby any day now! Oh dear!!

  28. The cowl looks beautiful and I kinda like your outfit. Old comfy clothes are the best and being comfortable is very important if your clothing sensitive (me!). Tags, elastic you name it and it bugs me. Also I can only wear 100% cotton or wool near my body. Polyester drives me nuts I feel like my skin can’t breathe.

    Cute socks, you might be starting a new craze 🙂

    • I can’t wear polyester either! Even 10% polyester–same reasons–can’t breathe. I don’t like my clothes touching me either, which is hard when pregnant! And maternity clothes always have weird ingredients (wrong word, but you know what I mean) making them stretchy, but suffocating.

      A friend and I were discussing the fact that it is unfortunate that they don’t make the compression socks with stripes or something to make them look a little more intentional. Oh well!

  29. The cowl is beautiful and I think your outfit looks cool and peaceful, like you could just flow through the day! BTW. The site just started working for me after about 10 hours! I think the gremlins were working over here!

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