Archives for July 8, 2013


Busy weekend, and I was thinking I’d just post photos today (tired brain,) but some of them need a little explanation.

Let’s see…

I used to make paper dolls for Larkspur.  Now she makes them herself.

I’ve redone Silas’s brown sweater and I think it fits him much better now, but oops–there seems to be an issue with buttonhole placement now.  I’ve also started another knitting project.  I am finding that this pregnancy requires me to be still quite a bit.  I don’t like being still.  The knitting helps.

Truffles aren’t very photogenic, but they are yummy.  The kids are teasing me and saying that I have a “problem.”  I’ve only made two batches, and it’s not like I eat them all myself.

Baby is due in less than four months.  I like to think in months, because that sounds longer than weeks.  Jonny and I are making lists of what needs to happen before he arrives.  Jonny requested that I give him no more than three things for his list at a time so that he can stay focused. Over the weekend, he started redoing the interior of one of our two closets.  The girls will soon have a new place for their clothes.  While they don’t know it yet, they will also be taking charge of their own laundry, which will be sort of great.  They might learn to reconsider some of their midday outfit changes (Beatrix.)

Right now, what I want most is to get out of here for a day and go to Big Meadow.  Looking back at the photos from the last time we went, I started to cry last night.  (Currently I’m an emotional wreck:  pregnancy does that to me.)  I’m trying to figure out how to make a day trip happen, but our van is making a scary noise.  I’m really hoping we can get that straightened out this morning.  Clearly, if looking at pictures of the meadow is making me cry, I need to go there as soon as possible.  We haven’t been in almost nine months, and I want to see the spotted fawns, before it’s too late.