Archives for July 5, 2013

this, that, and a hat

More random things this week, as I try to type on my laptop that is now missing several keys (Silas!)

Trudy and Em-Em still haven’t made friends.  Em no longer seems very afraid of Trudy at all, but Trudy is still afraid of her.  I’m a little worried, but maybe when Em is a little bigger they will work things out.  Trudy isn’t afraid of our adult cats who live outdoors.

I made these “healthy” truffles.  Very simple, and very good!  I used semi-sweet chocolate chips rather than dark chocolate, so I don’t know that you could necessarily call them healthy.

I set out to knit myself a hat, my one stipulation being that it not be a slouch hat because those mostly look really silly on me.  I am not sure what happened because I ended up knitting The Big Easy, a slouch hat.  I guess the word “easy” drew me in.  I think this one will go to Seth, which is a little sad for me because I love the color of the yarn so much.

I swatched for Little Ancolie.  I am really excited about knitting this sweater for Beatrix!  The yarn is Madelinetosh Pashmina, and the color is Curiosity.  When I knit for my girls I try to choose colors that they will love.  I am not a purple person, but this is a particularly gorgeous purple.

I hope those of you in the U.S. had a great 4th of July.  We watched fireworks with friends, which was simple and perfect.  We have hiked on the 4th the past couple of years, which worked out well because the girls were afraid of fireworks.   But, they have outgrown that fear, and Silas wasn’t the least bit afraid.  He cheered and shouted, “Boom!” as they went off.  He’s such a bold little guy.

I think I’ll spend today giving CAT tests (we live in a state that requires standardized testing for homeschoolers.)  Fun, right?