Archives for July 2, 2013

A baby…

We are expecting another baby boy this fall!  We couldn’t be more excited.  Even Beatrix who did literally storm out of the ultrasound room at the “boy” announcement, now tells people that the new baby is going to be her birthday present.  Jonny and I don’t have quite the energy that we did ten years ago when our first pair of boys was small, so this will be interesting.  While he is adored by everyone he meets, a close friend of ours has described Silas as “feral.”  He is rather active to be sure.  He just needs a little brother to play with!  The girls are counting down the days and weeks until the baby arrives, while Jonny and I are wishing that the days would slow down.  There is so much to do around here to get ready!  Hopefully I’ll have time to get him covered in the hand knits department.  I’m certainly trying!

Ravelry notes for the baby knits:
Milo Vest (I used leftover yarn from this shawl)
Lil’ Midi Bean
Perfect Fit Newborn Socks

My other knits for this baby are in this post.