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Breathing is good

The respiratory thing that went through my kids hit me over a week ago, and unlike them, I didn’t get well on my own.  A few days in, I was sure I’d be fine like everyone else.  I just needed herbal remedies and maybe some raw honey I decided, to build up my system.  We robbed just a bit of honey from our bees and I started eating it by the spoonful, so pleased that what I was sure would be a miracle cure was available in my own backyard.  I discovered that swallowing honey by the spoonful is surprisingly difficult and it hurts my teeth!  And unfortunately, I was forced to accept that my poor lungs just don’t recover that easily anymore, with or without honey.  For the past ten years or so I have become prone to wheezing, excessive coughing, and sinus infections with what might just be a little head cold for the average person.  I have been spared any really bad episodes for the past year or two and I was optimistic this time.  Anyway, bottom line is that the past two weeks of illness have been rough, but I am finally on the mend thanks to my dad’s help getting my prescriptions in order (he’s an M.D. and my number one doctor) and I am very, very grateful just to breathe.  I am grateful that most of the time my neti pot and other natural remedies are enough, and even more so that there are drugs out there to help me when they aren’t.

So some random things:

Jonny and I finished the last season of Doc Martin over a month ago, and haven’t found another series that interests us.  Thankfully, we discovered JP the beeman.  He’s our new favorite.  We now spend a little time each night after the kids are in bed watching JP and sometimes his partner Schawee removing honeybee colonies, and catching swarms.  JP lives and works in Louisiana, which is where Jonny is originally from, and I think that adds another appealing dimension for him.  I’ve got my knitting and it doesn’t take much to amuse me.  A few of our favorites have been this one, this one, and this one.  Sometimes we let Em-Em watch a kitty cat video too just to be fair.  As hard as it may be to believe, not everyone enjoys watching bee hive removals.  Jonny and I are trying to figure out how we could get down to Louisiana to join JP for some removals.  Yeah, probably not happening.

Silas enjoys Em-Em’s kitten hammock.  I can’t believe it holds all 35 or so pounds of him.

Both of the girls’ bunnies have new knitted dresses now.  They were quick and fun to knit.  The only change I made to the pattern was to knit it in the round rather than flat.  That way there is no seam, and no front or back.

Yesterday was my first day halfway back in commission.  I can’t even remember what we have eaten over the past couple of weeks and my first priority was to clean out the pantry and plan some meals.  Once everything was clean, Seth got out the Practical Paleo cookbook and he and the other kids made a couple of the simple, healthy, treat recipes.  I used our first little harvest of yukon gold potatoes to make the first of what will be many of these tortes.  Jonny surprised the kids by stopping at one of the crab houses near us to buy them some steamed crabs.  Jonny hates seafood (not that he’s tried more than maybe one bite of shrimp one time) so it was a big step for him to buy a bag of crustaceans.  Our kids are more adventurous eaters than both of us and have been wanting to try crabs for a long time.  They were thrilled.

Today I need to clean out the fridge, one of my least favorite jobs, and then try to muster up the energy to visit the grocery store, my other least favorite job.

I guess that’s it.  If everything goes well today, hopefully I will be back tomorrow with a knitting themed baby gender reveal!

July Sponsor News

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