Silas and my Seashore Cowl

I finished my Seashore Cowl weeks ago and excitedly blocked it. I wasn’t sure it would fit right, or be a knit that I would actually be able to wear.  As soon as it was dry I nervously pulled it over my head and totally fell in love.  It is so soft and drapey and pretty.  The only problem is that it I don’t think it “goes with” any of my clothes (I seem to have this problem with a lot of my knits,) including my limited maternity wardrobe (that gray dress? I have two of them and wear them all the time.)  But really, that’s okay.  It doesn’t need to match anything.  It can be the pretty, special cowl that I pull on over whatever I’m wearing this fall and winter for a little extra warmth and coziness.  Fashion has never been my special talent and maybe the cowl will help to shift focus away from some of the bad creative outfits I put together.  I’m thinking that it might just work nicely as a nursing cover too in the early weeks while my new baby is still small.

Silas, joined me for photos yesterday.  The flies were really biting, but didn’t seem to be bothering him nearly as much as they were me.  Silas begged Jonny and I to pick mulberries from a nearby tree for him between giving out messy hugs and kisses, my favorite kind.


  1. Gorgeous cowl! And it matches beautifully with that dress.

  2. Ginny,
    These pictures are just precious. Your cowl turned out so beautiful, it looks so pretty on you. I like the texture and the colors together.


  3. Samantha says:

    You always seem to have the right perspective(s) about life, and help ground me when I loose sight of the truly important things (the “small things”) like messy hugs and kisses. Thanks for the free therapy!
    PS – the fluid movement in that cowl is killer.

  4. Your cowl is gorgeous!

  5. I finished my cowl also, but did mine all one yarn so the lace doesn’t show up as well. Like yours better.

  6. the cowl is lovely….and so are the pictures.

  7. What a lovely cowl. I think I may have to add that one to my queue.
    I was picking and eating mulberries with my little one today, too. So cute.
    Also, you are beautiful. Don’t ever let anyone tell you differently.

  8. The color of that cowl is so pretty. Silas is such a beautiful boy, I could stare at his happy pictures all day, makes me smile.

  9. I really love the cowl <3

  10. Helen Caudill says:

    You look lovely in your Seashore Cowl …

    enjoy your weekend and thanks for sharing your lovely family with us, your followers

  11. I agree, I think it matches wonderfully … maybe that is just the color on my monitor… but it looks beautiful. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cowl worn as a shawl this way and it is amazing. Now I want to knit one. l So beautiful!

  12. lovely cowl and I think it matches what you are wearing! Messy kisses are the bestest sweetest kind 🙂

  13. So beautiful, as usual…
    I just read every day, your blog is beautiful, very inspiring … thank you for sharing!

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