Like Kefir for Chickens

 Sometimes I share kefir with the girls. They love it, and it amuses me (and Keats the giggler) to watch them drink it.


  1. Oh funny! Taking great of the chickens!!! They’ll thank you for it!


  2. my chickens love yogurt, so i am sure they would love kefir too. in fact, what don’t they love?! 🙂

  3. I love how one shakes her head and it splatters on the next so she shakes her head too. They are pretty funny 😀 I hope I can live somewhere that I can have chickens someday, I really don’t like store bought eggs (they tend to make me sick).

    I grew up in MA and we had the cicadas most years. It used to bother me how loud they are back then, but now, living in CO I miss them a lot. It was like they were singing in the summer.

  4. Those crazy chickens… Gotta love ’em :-).

  5. That’s so cute! Your chickens are beautiful. I need some more. I met some people up the road last night and might get some from them soon.

  6. Haha that video is so cute! I love Keats giggle! 🙂 They are so messy with it haha but I guess if I only ate worms and grass all day, I’d be pretty excited to get some kefir too 🙂

  7. And the title of your post made me smile, too….

  8. Cute! Those cicadas are a wee bit scary, no?


  9. We used to clabber our excess milk for the chickens and pigs, and watching the chickens is always fun. I can well imagine that I will have to keep at least a few hens right up until the day I die…

  10. I love all these cute pictures, but especially the second one. It’s so summer.

  11. I desperately want chickens. And sheep, and llamas, and alpacas, and goats, and cows, and..

    Well, you get the idea.

  12. They are so pretty. Like works of art.

  13. Is all the noise from cicadas? I think I would go nuts!

  14. This is so cute! I recently put my empty glass of kefir on the porch and our cat started licking it—but her head was too large to get to the bottom so she started scraping it out with her paw. It was entertaining.

  15. Awesome! I just fed mine an old kombucha scoby and few days ago and they went nuts for it! Your chickens are beautiful! Next time I want to get a heritage mix.

  16. LOL Do they get a buzz off’ve it? I’ve never had it, but understand it has a really low alcohol content? And it’s cute the way they’re taking turns.

    Are those cicadas I hear in the background?

  17. Are those kefir splatters I see in some of the photos, both on the feathers and in the air?!?! How great is that!

  18. At first, before I saw the pictures only the link at FB I thought you meant your human girls, and I was woundering what was so funny;)
    Now I see…

  19. Seriously, chickens are great! everyone should have them!

    Yours look like ladies drinking tea and gossiping 🙂

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