Just the flowers

Because yesterday, five o’clock saw me curled into a sobbing ball on my bed.  Sick mama, some kids not at their best, etc. etc.  I won’t bore you with details.  Just the flowers today, a bit of yarn, and a snapshot of the brief moment I spent knitting on the porch last week.  Much nicer than yesterday.


  1. I hope you’re feeling better by now. I’ve been praying for you. Please let me know if you need anything. xoxo

  2. Aw, hugs.

  3. I hope you are feeling better!

    …those flowers…georgous… 🙂

  4. Beautiful pictures. Sorry you are not feeling well!

  5. Samantha says:

    Oh Ginny,
    I don’t know how you do it all!
    You have accomplished so much raising all those beautiful children.
    It’s so challenging so often….. But you can do it because you must…. Take baby steps with your babies.

  6. P.S. Those yarn colors are SO gorgeous – some of my favorites!

  7. Breathe in, breathe out… Praying that today things look better.
    The flowers are lovely and look soothing to me!
    I hope everyone gets well soon! I wish I could give you a hug!

  8. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pics. LOVE your porch. Pinned it for a future project at our house.
    The yarn is so lovely. Lucky babies you have!

  9. how horrid for you, it’ll pass but it’s awful at the time.
    Those flowers Nigella are called ‘love in a mist’ in the UK, it’s quite appropriate for the hard times isn’t it, the love is still there, even if it is rather fuzzy.

  10. So sorry you feel so sick and at the same time you share your beautiful photos with us. Thank you and I hope you feel better very soon!

  11. Wonderfull land !

  12. You take suck wonderful pictures. The flowers a very pretty and the yarn is lovely, but what I enjoy the most is Silas. How very big he has gotten. Independent but never far. 🙂

    So sorry you’re sick and overwhelmed at the same time–yuck. I pray that these days are short and few.

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