Larkspur’s Sunday Sweater is blocked and ready for buttons.  I also finished knitting a little dress for her bunny.  Now I am working on one for Beatrix’s bunny.  Knitting for bunnies is fun.  I have so many knitting projects swimming around in my head these days.  Last night it was feeling a little crazy in here and I told Jonny that I needed to sit back and close my eyes and just think about knitting for a few minutes.  That helped, but actually getting up, doing some straightening, and putting everyone to bed helped even more.

A few weeks ago, Jonny answered an ad offering guinea eggs for sale.  He bought ten of them for one of our hens who was broody, thinking it would be fun if she actually hatched some guineas for us.  (Don’t ask me why.  We made a firm decision not to get guineas for various very good reasons last year.)  The eggs were due to hatch any day now, and mama hen was doing a fine job of sitting on them;  until a couple of days ago when we noticed she wasn’t sitting on them anymore.  They were cold, and we assumed she had given up.  But then, to our further dismay, we discovered a trail of feathers next to the chicken coop and realized that she didn’t actually abandon her eggs, she was dragged off of them by a predator.  We are all so sad for her, and so disappointed that the story ends this way.  It’s just so tragic.

On a happier note, there are new kittens in our neighbor’s barn.  Silas calls them “Em-Em’s.”  The kittens are far from being ready to leave their mama, but the begging has already commenced.

Oh, and that is a rough sketch above of the window seat that Jonny is going to put in our living room sometime in the near future.  If all goes as planned, there will be an observation hive included.  We’re excited. I bought Jonny a stack of books, many of them bee related, for Father’s Day.  I think he was pleased.

I’ll show you what I am making with the pretty yarn on the swift on Wednesday!


  1. You have such a great way of capturing the little moments throughout the day. Beautiful.

  2. Love the bunny sweater!! And the shot of your cute belly. You are inspiring and I’ve loved following your blog! We are heading out on a road trip this weekend, and I’ll be starting my first Sunday sweater. I think I’m more excited about the knitting than the CA beach!! ;). Thanks for sharing your beautiful life with us!

  3. So sorry about your broody hen; we’ve had the same tragedy here on our small farm, and it is never a pleasant discovery. I’m going to check into Alphabet Glue for my daughter-in-law who’s due with our first grandbaby today; sounds like something she’d really enjoy (eventually!). Blessings, ~Lisa

  4. your girl in the bucket and your baby bump are swoon-ably cute captures!

  5. An observation hive!?! How fantastic!

  6. Lovely knitting! Such a cute bump!

  7. Kittens! Too cute! We just had some begging for kittens going on here today also. They are cute, but I hope to never get another kitten again. I prefer older cats, who don’t destroy Christmas trees and so forth. Our two are almost nine years-old and have just started to settle down lately. Love the bunny dress!

  8. Lovely post. Thank you for sharing those items with us. Kitties are adorable! No wonder the begging has began! You look well! 🙂

  9. Jennifer says:

    Breathe a sigh of relief on the guineas. We had them and they were noisy and once out of the hen house, never went in it again. They set up a racket every time my husband went out to work on something, not so much with me or the kids. They were supposed to eat ticks and such, but I could never tell that they were any benefit. They’re cool looking when they run in a group, but the racket is just not worth it. Once they’re established, they’re very hard to get rid of, unless predators whittle away at them.

  10. Thank you for giving us a “baby bump” shot. 🙂 The yarn cake looks lovely, too. You have a gift for photography and a mother’s keen eye for her children. I’m not sure which picture is my favorite today–Bea in the bucket or Silas’ gentle sleeping face.

    The “Someday Bench” is really exciting and a great design. I can’t wait (because I do not have a household of active children with another on the way…) to see it grow from idea into a finished object.

  11. Sweet little bunny in her cute knitted dress.
    Love the kitten pic.

  12. Oh! how I wish I could knit. Such beautiful things you create. 🙂 I have a friend that would teach me, should take her up on it. So sorry for your hen and eggs.:( we just said good-bye to a mama wren and her three babies who nested in a hanging flower plant on our porch. They come back every year. You look wonderful, hope you’re feeling well.

  13. So sorry to hear about the guinea eggs!! That’s so awful. But new kitties is exciting! I would be begging for a kitten too, and I like dogs better 🙂

    Your baby bump is so cute!

    An observation hive would be so cool! What a great idea.

  14. Ginny,
    I love all the pictures in this post.
    Beatrix in a bucket made me smile.
    That window seat looks amazing! How fun to be able to watch the bees from in your home. More room for books is always nice too.


  15. So will the bee side of the window seat open up to the outside? I love how it looks! That would be really neat 🙂 Anytime I have seen hives in observation boxes I thought the humming coming from them was very relaxing, I guess it’s a sign that I should keep bees someday lol.

  16. Your baby bump looks so lovely! Pregnancy definitely seems to agree with you!!! I hope I look that beautiful when I’m pregnant a few kids down the line. 🙂

    • Thank you! But in all honesty, this is just 21 weeks for me–by 30 weeks people start telling me that my baby has dropped and I will surely “pop” (I hate that term) soon. I get really, really big and carry really low.

  17. I am excited about the observation hive, and the whole window seat bookshelf is amazing too.

  18. Those kittens are too cute.

  19. Marilyn says:

    Cutest pic of Bea, ever!

  20. Please tell us how on earth that girl got into that bucket? I love it!
    I’m totally new to knitting, but I seriously can’t wait until I try knitting for my daughter’s dolls. Too cute.
    You look great by the way!

  21. Aw, sorry to hear about your hen, though it’s lovely that your babes had the treat of meeting kittens at the same time; the ol’ cycle of life.
    Love the bee observation idea, that will be amazing!
    And I hope you are getting the quiet moments you need, pregnancy with a house full of littles is no easy feat!

  22. So sad that the mother hen is no more…I was hoping there was a happy story. A window seat would be lovely and I’m reading between the lines….but I guess the house hunting is taking a back seat?!?!

    • We’re talking about an addition, with work beginning maybe in the spring? It would be a lot of work, but we really love our community here and I would like to stay (trying to convince Jonny!)

  23. I wish I could knit like you do! I currently have to many things on the go (One of them being a study at home mama), but one day soon, I will take the time to learn how to do such fabulous things 🙂

    I bet that window seat is going to be fabulous!

  24. I love your blog so much . . . just coming here for a moment fills me with peace and gratitude . . . for the small things. Thank you, Ginny.

  25. lovely pictures! so sorry for the hen and eggs 🙁 wishing you a beautiful week. It is so good to get things done and straitened…

  26. I’m so sorry about your hen, that is such a shame. I hatched four of the seven turkey eggs I had, only to have them eaten by a snake within a week. I cried for a whole day! Now I have been given two turkey’s so my fingers are crossed. Love seeing the baby kittens , they are so cute and I would beg for one too.

    I gave My Mike bee books for Father’s Day too. I finally talked him into hives [I’ll carry an epi pen] so we’re getting ready!

  27. So many exciting things around your home. Thanks for sharing! (and I can totally relate to thinking about knitting. sometimes I will sit with a frown on my face for several minutes, lost in thought, and my husband worries something is wrong. I just say “I’m just thinking about a project, the yarn, colors, all that”…he thinks I’m weird. 😉 )

  28. Oooh, I love windowseats! How exciting!

  29. awwww, look at the baby kittens!!!

  30. Green yarn in front of your belly is that a clue?!

  31. A window seat would be lovely! I also have an amish swift and love how it winds.

  32. I love window seats so much! Only you would think of an observation hive, what a wonderful idea.


  33. I dream of a window seat! My Maggie arrived last week… I’m excited to start! Xxx. Night night

  34. We must sit down at the computer at the same time, even though we are on different sides of the country!

    I had my sad face on today because of a kitten! We have enough animals for now 🙁 but they are so sweet!

    I truely love your knitting, its so very neat!

    Ok, I am off to bed!

    Have a wonderful day


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