And on to the garden

Your comments on this post meant so much to me.  I cried off and on all day reading them.  Annie’s “Tomorrow” played on Pandora, and I remembered that being my song when I was about six years old, and then I really cried ( I even begged my mom to try to give me Annie hair.  So she permed and cut my thin blonde hair–it never was like Annie’s, but we did our best.)   Jonny and I sat up late talking and remembering.  Thank you for sharing your stories.  As I read them, I cried just as much for all of you, as I did for me.  One of you said that I was a very brave little girl, and I had never really thought about that.  Yes, it’s true.  I did my share of hurting and of crying, but I really was brave.  It makes me smile to think that.  I was a brave little girl, and I fought back. Thank you for helping me to see that.

And now, because talking about all that personal stuff makes me a little bit squirmy, moving right along to flowers and pretty things.  On to the garden.  Am I the only one who puts seeds in wet paper towels to sprout and then forgets about them?

My gardening pace is very slow this year.  I think everything has gone into the ground later than usual, but I’m growing  a human right now and that’s hard work.  Jonny is doing all the really difficult parts; all I have to do is the actual planting.  The last plants to go in the ground will be my squash plants.  I will try to plant them today.

We are actually kind of excited about our strawberries in gutters.  They are doing well.  But the ultimate test will come next spring, when there are actual strawberries.

Oh, I guess the squash plants won’t be the last to get in the ground.  Jonny cleared this bed outside the garden and behind his office  for me so I would have a big bed to plant sweet potatoes in.  We need to break up the soil a bit and add some old manure and then I can plant them.  I grew my own slips using a few sweet potatoes from last year’s harvest.

I planted a ton of potatoes.  They are doing very well.  We don’t actually eat that many potatoes anymore…but I guess we will!

Corn is up! Time to plant beans. I put my pumpkin seedlings in the ground surrounding the corn (three sisters garden style) last night.

Volunteer borage

Sad looking garlic.  The kids went ahead and pulled it all last night.  I haven’t looked at it yet to see how big the bulbs are. I kind of slacked in the garlic department last fall, so I won’t have enough to last us through the year.

Quick honeybee detour, because we opened up our hives yesterday:

Our bees appear to be doing very well.  We’re really excited.  Jonny’s making big plans for next year, all hinging on these guys surviving the winter, so we’ll see.


We dragged an old mattress coil out of the woods to host cucumbers.

I almost prefer all the flowers to the food.

This was the garden view on May 19.  We’ve done a lot of work since then.  Well, Jonny has–clearing beds so I could plant.

And here’s the view yesterday, June 9.  There’s always work to be done, but we’re doing pretty well this year.

(I’m sorry that I am not hosting Saturday Garden Journal this year.  I’m just not able to be that consistent and committed right now.)


  1. I just love seeing all these pictures of your garden! It makes me so happy since I can’t have one right now!

    And LOOK at all that honey! (it’s honey, right?) How exciting to get to see all the bees-I hope they make it through the winter this year, too!

  2. Your garden is lovely. It reminds me of the colonial-era ones I love at places like Jamestown.

  3. Nancy M says:

    Your garden is great!!! I will have to tell my parents about the strawberries in the gutter. What an interesting idea.

    Just recently I shared an Amy Carmichael quote with a friend going through a difficult time. Amy was a missionary to India. The quote was on Psalm 25:10. Amy was pondering when it says “All the paths of The Lord are steadfast love and faithfulness.” Amy said she realized that all meant all nothin more, nothing less. And in times when the path is difficult and hard we can still trust in our Lord and Savior. I needed to hear that and I think of your childhood and how God protected you and brought you through a difficult path and now He has blessed you with many children to love and nurture and you are doing a great job. You can read the exact quite online by just doing a google search for Amy Carmichael quotes. I just wanted to share a bit with you because of your story you shared.

    I enjoyed all your pictures and your post as usual. Thank you!


  4. Very nice garden, I like how your beds are laid out. Strawberries in gutters? What a cool idea! Is it supposed to increase yeilds? or is it just to keep a tidier appearance? Gardening is one of my favorite things to do. Being connected to our food is so nourishing.

    • I think it’s more about ease of maintenance and harvesting, although they have to be watered nearly every day.

  5. I like your garden! it looks so beautiful and natural!

  6. Elizabeth says:

    I love love love your garden posts. Thank you!!!

  7. I am just in awe of your courage both as a little girl and as an adult in sharing this part of your life. Your words brought back so many memories, both happy and difficult (though my recollections are also few and far between), that it’s taken me some time to even leave a comment. I wanted to acknowledge that strength, though. What a gift and grace- it brings me hope.

    It was so nice to meet you at the picnic yesterday – hope to see you around the parish sometime. You and your little one (and your garden) look beautiful,

  8. I love watching your spring and summer garden when we are at the start of winter! The start of this post sprouted tears in my eyes, we were brave. I remember one of the children’s pediatricians telling me it wasn’t my fault. Wow – that was liberating! xxx And yes, growing a human – oh my – that is like growing the most beautiful flower in the garden! xx

  9. Love in the mist (the blue plant 3 from the bottom) the seeds are most yummy on bread! Just sprinkle a few on before baking. They taste slightly curryish, traditionally you find them on turkish breads.


  10. Ginny,
    Your garden looks beautiful. I’ll be curious how you like growing the strawberries in the gutters. I’m still waiting a bit before we pull up our garlic. We can never plant enough garlic, we love it so much.
    I like your cucumber trellis. Glad the bees are doing well!


  11. Your garden looks amazing, Ginny! You and Johnny have done such a great job. Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures. I would love to continue to the Saturday Garden Journal on my blog if you would like to pass it along for a while.

  12. Lookin great!! I love the old matress spring. We had to um burn my sons last year because it was too pitiful to send to the dump due to “accidents” and I think it looks like art in the garden though I like yours better 😉

  13. Looks lovely. Potatoes are really great and easy on a GF diet, so its nice that you have those. Keep on keeping on!

  14. Your garden is beautiful and I love seeing your bees. I hope to get bees someday. We don’t have much of a garden this year – I am content with a few rhubarb plants and my herbs. We have lots of flowers on the farm but they are wildflowers so I can’t take credit for growing them. 🙂

    I love your honesty, Ginny. Thanks for all that you share here.

  15. I am so jealous.. Living in an apartment, I don’t get to have a garden, and vegetables never seem quite as happy in containers.

  16. Your garden is looking very nice! It’s good to set healthy limits. I stopped blogging for six months bc we needed to carve more time out for our family’s needs. Wish I could take over the garden journal for you while you need to step back, but life is very, very full here, too. Just barely getting back to blogging at all –

    Don’t worry about setting some things aside in this season of life. You are taking time for your children and moms are only human, too. Hope your week is a restful one.

  17. We don’t quite have the yard for a garden. Perhaps if our side yard wasn’t covered in wood-chips, we could do it there…but it would be the work of weeding and getting said items and growing items and making sure all the neighborhood critters don’t get into it…::sigh:: No garden.

    And don’t worry about being as consistent as you once were. You’re growing a human and that’s difficult work, even if it doesn’t seem like it sometimes.

  18. How many sq ft. Would you say your garden is? It looks great. I have not put anything in mine this year and it is depressing.

  19. It looks beautiful! Gardening is not only creating beauty, but it is nourishing to our bodies, encouraging and being gentle to ourselves, and providing for many! My husband and I dream one day of not living in the city and of having a garden. You are very blessed! So glad for your gardens!


    And yes, you were and are brave. Fully. Your words bring hope and remind us of the goodness that we have. 🙂

  20. Ginny, you don’t have to apologize for anything as your garden is light years ahead of mine! My hat is off to you!

  21. Your garden looks amazing… mine is so tiny this year. Being pregnant and due in the fall made me cut back this year. I admire your hard work!

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