Archives for June 20, 2013

A Winter Jacket for Silas

I think that this little jacket is the cutest thing.

The only problem is that I will need to rip out the button band (the most difficult part of this sweater) and knit it again, this time picking up a few more stitches and eliminating some decreases.  I knit the size 2/3 hoping for it to fit Silas next winter, but evidently he has an extra big noggin, and this already fits a little too snugly.  Really, the hood itself should have been knit longer, but in order to do that, I would have to start over, and I refuse.  (Oh wait!  I used  a provisional cast on for the hood so that I could close it up with a three needle bind off, so actually I can undo that and then knit the hood a bit longer.  This just keeps getting trickier.)  I do think that I will go ahead and knit the body a bit longer as well.  Bleh!  If it ends up not fitting Silas this winter, I guess the next baby can wear it, and I will just get to knit Silas something else (maybe a Jeffrey coat?)  Of course, he can always just wear it with the hood down as well.

The yellow buttons really make this jacket in my opinion.  Once I set my mind to yellow, I knew that buckthorn buttons from Wooly Moss Roots were the only ones that would do.  The only problem is that they were all either a smidge too small, or too big.  I placed a special order, and Jeff made me a set in just the perfect size.  The beautiful buttons alone are reason enough to do my best to make sure that Silas gets to wear this sweater!

I will update when I start ripping and reknitting.  I am not looking forward to that.

p.s.  Silas’ green wool soaker is from Rebourne.